VooPoo drag Nano review and instructions. Design, Build Quality, Features, and Specifications

    VooPoo drag Nano review and instructions. Design, Build Quality, Features, and Specifications

    The VooPoo Drag Nano is a vape designed to resemble mods' popular Dragline. The Drag Nano, in particular, resembles a tiny version of the Drag Platinum, lacking the buttons and screen. The Drag Nano can wear a supplied stainless chain-link necklace if you ever wanted to wear a Drag.

    It's far superior to some of the standard lanyards seen in kits—though I'm not a fan of vapes as medallions. As its name suggests, the Drag Nano is extremely small, despite its 750 mAh battery capacity. 


    The VooPoo Drag Nano is a little pod vape designed to resemble mods' popular Dragline. The Drag Nano, in particular, appears to be precisely that. The new VooPoo GENE powers it. Pod chipset and comes with one pod with a volume of 2 ML. 

    This chipset, according to VooPoo, features an "intelligent cold boost pattern" that keeps the vape level and tasty from start to finish. Modifying the device for higher-strength juice and nic salts, but it's unclear whether it'll work with other liquids. The DRAG series has already provided us with several mighty mods with a beautiful design and a sophisticated GENE chip.

    Design-Build quality and design of VooPoo Drag Nano

    If you're familiar with the VooPoo Drag series, you know that anything bearing its name will be well-made. It's the same with the Drag Nano. The finish is lovely to look at, and it feels fantastic in hand. The resin is genuine, and the colorations are attractive to the eye—unlike some other resin designs we've seen, which become muddy due to poor color choices. 

    I chose the aurora hue, which reminds me of abalone. However, because the remainder of the device is polished zinc alloy, it attracts fingerprints like crazy. The Drag Nano is a small device. Not counting the pod, it measures 11 mm x 40 mm x 55 mm.

    With the pod in place, the mouthpiece only protrudes about 10 mm from the device's top. Except for the pod, which I'll discuss later, the device looks pretty sturdy and perfectly balanced, even though it only weighs 60 grams.

     Finally, because it is an automatic draw device, there are no buttons, resulting in a cleaner exterior. Even though the LED is small, it is easily visible when you need to check the remaining battery life. The VooPoo Drag Nano comes with a lovely chain that may be used as a lanyard, as previously indicated.

    A tiny little ring that comes with the necklace connects the Nano to the chain. If you want to wear this around your neck, ensure the keychain-style ring is still attached to the device. 

    Otherwise, it will be far too simple to lose. The DRAG modifications' miniature version has kept a lot of the original forms and resin panels. Each device has a different pattern with different colors.

    VooPoo Drag Nano Features

    • 54.5mm by 35mm by 11mm Dimensions Integrated 750mAh Rechargeable Battery Voltage 3.2-4.2V output range 1.8-ohm resistance
    • Construction of a Zinc-Aluminum Alloy Chassis
    • Indicator Light for LED Battery Life
    • Firing Mechanism that is Draw-Activated
    • Cold Boost Pattern with Intelligence
    • Control System for Precise Output Power
    • Timer for Switching

    VooPoo Drag Nano Specifications

    • 54.5 x 35 x 11mm Dimensions
    • 750mAh Integrated Battery
    • 1mL Vape Juice Capacity
    • 55g Weight
    • 3.2-4.2V Output

    Performance of VooPoo Drag Nano

    The Drag Nano has a good performance. So far, I've gone through four refills. I used high PG juice with 24 mg/mL and nic salt with 50 mg/mL. Both fluids were wicked and vaped well, but nothing special. The flavor it does provide is adequate, but there isn't much of it. It vapes smoothly, but there is no throat hit. I also have a few gripes about the performance: 

    The appeal is that it's more of a restricted-lung hit than an MTL hit. . I shouldn't have to use my breath when using an actual MTL device. I have to use my lungs to pull with the Nano.

    Despite this, I am still able to consume high-strength liquids. Lung hits with restrictions aren't all made equal. Even though I have to draw on the Drag Nano with my lungs, the total force of the impact is so low that it's still suited to higher-strength juices.

    The temperature of the vapor: The Nano Drag isn't quite as warm as I'd want. But I wouldn't call it excellent. It becomes a little more generous if you take long drags, but not by much. It may be due to the GENE.

     The Pod chipset controls the constancy of the hit from beginning to end. I'm not sure. I'd prefer it to improve by the end. Apart from the concerns, there hasn't been anything else I noticed in terms of common issues with pod devices. There is no leaking or dripping of juice in the mouth. Furthermore, the pods vape silently.

    Battery life and charging of a VooPoo Drag Nano

    The  VooPoo Drag Nano has a 750 mAh battery, which isn't particularly large but enough for the size of the gadget. It has pass-through charging, which is convenient given that a full charge takes an hour. The small LED lights up when you take a drag will tell you how charged your battery is. 61 percent -100 percent green

    Blue represents 21% to 60% of the total. On a single battery charge, I was able to get through two and a half refills. The pod, however, only stores 1 mL of juice. Per charging of an everyday pod gadget, that's just around one complete pod, which is about the average battery life of most pod vapes on the market.

    VooPoo drag pod review

    Voopoo's Drag Nano Pod Kit is a small drag pod. With a built-in 750mAh battery and a one-hour full charge time, you won't have to wait long to unlock its full power.


    The Gene chip is now standard on Drag gadgets, and this one is no exception; it also includes five built-in safety protection modes, and a triple LED light that indicates battery power.

    There's no mess or time wasted with a patented 1mL vape juice cartridge that's easy to slide out and refill, making it ideal for on-the-go vaping. The cartridge includes a 1.8 Ohm coil that is ideal for nicotine salts

    Pros and cons


    • Exceptional finish across the device
    • Natural resin has a beautiful feel to it.
    • The tiny LED is unobtrusive but noticeable.
    • Simple to draw
    • The flavor is acceptable.
    • Hit with ease
    • There's some wiggle room in the pod.


    • The vapor isn't hot enough.
    • Only one pod included.
    • The refill port maybe a little bigger.


    What's the best way to use the VooPoo Drag Nano Pod?

     It is a draw-activated pod device with simple operation. Make a draw to start the game. Get your device out of the way and get down to business. There aren't any knobs to tinker.


    UPENDS Upcott

    The Upcott is a great value pre-filled pod system and has utilized the best and innovative structure design. The pen is very cheap and you get an enjoyable experience by spending so little.

    Compared to other vape pods, the Upcott is 50% cheaper and holds up to three times of regular vape pods.       


    The VOOPOO DRAG Nano features a built-in 750mAh battery and the excellent GENE Fit Chip for battery-efficient outputs with several power settings to power the UFORCE T2 Sub-Ohm Tank. The DRAG Nano takes an hout to fully charge at 5V or 0.5A.

    It has a reduced profile to fit comfortably in your palm while preserving the visual prowess that VOOPOO's gadgets are known for. With the addition of different output power changes such as Flavor Mode, Cloud Mode, and Battery Mode, the inside GENE Fit Chip is quite dynamic and suitable for battery efficiency.


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