VooPoo DRAG 2 review. The Features, Specifications, Build, Design Quality, Battery, Ease of Use, and Performance

    VooPoo DRAG 2 review. The Features, Specifications, Build, Design Quality, Battery, Ease of Use, and Performance

    The VooPoo DRAG 2 is the product release that came after the original VooPoo DRAG. This happened when the DRAG made a massive impact on the industry, which is why they had to come up with the second version to improve a few things that were not included in the DRAG.

    Besides boosting the level of power output, they also reduced the weight and size of the device. Additionally, the VooPoo DRAG 2 uses the GENE.FIT is the improved version of the GENE chipset. This chip is special because it took almost 15 months going through research and development.

    This whole process proved to be successful in maximizing the device's performance by focusing on the battery life, flavor, and vapor clouds. The "FIT" function protects you from getting burnouts, improving your device and coils life span, and ensuring you get constant performance. But if you want to know how good this design works, you can go through this article and see if it intrigues you.

    Features and specifications of the VooPoo DRAG 2

    • Works with dual-18650 batteries, which are bought separately
    • Built from zinc alloy and resin material
    • Can give a maximum output of 177W
    • The resistance range is from 0.05-5 ohm
    • Temperature ranges range from 200-600°F
    • The firmware of the device can be upgraded
    • Runs on the GENE chipset
    • Weighs a quarter less than the original VooPoo

    Build and Design quality

    The VooPoo DRAG 2 focuses on its appearance more than anything else that the unit has to offer. It comes in eight different variations of the resin type, and they all bear the words "DRAG” written on the side of the unit. The shape is a straightforward box design, standing at 8.8cm tall, 5.1 cm in width, and 2.6cms. But this seems to be working perfectly for this unit. 

    The front side panel bears two adjustment buttons taking a circular shape, just below the rectangular-shaped screen and a big fire button above it. The metallic color on this part blends with the black frame of the mod. The tank is placed at the edge's center, and the resin design mouthpiece looks like the mod panels. Generally, it looks good but it is different enough to avoid overcomplicating issues.

    Most of the time, you will be using the frontal interface of the device, especially the front panel and screen. You will also be amazed by the good grips. The OLED display is very basic compared to other devices but it has a good way of making sure the users can easily read all necessary information. The main setting is displayed on the right side of the device, with tow battery indicators on the left.

    The resistance and voltage and the puff timer are beside the left panel. The buttons appear small but they press in so well and even the fire button has a good indentation that makes it easy to operate. The DRAG 2 operates on 18650 batteries and they are visible when you open the magnetic enabled panel found on the side of the device. It is the one with the “DRAG” writing on it. You can trust the magnets to keep the unit tight enough especially after replacing your batteries.

    Vapor and flavor quality

    The device uses the UForce T2 tank which is included in the kit. It is well designed and operates with the top-fill tank, which needs you slide the top-off cap to the side. This makes it easy to refill, and you need to unscrew the base to change your coils.

    The glass tubes hold 5ml capacity, but you can also get the 3.5ml variating included in the kit. This is enough to hold good amount of liquids. That can serve you for a very long time, and it has a three-hole airflow that can be adjusted for MTL and DTL vaping styles.

    The MTL is good for giving a huge amount of vapor, while the DTL gives a flavorful vape with the best flavor profiles. You can be sure that you will get the desired satisfaction that you seek.

    Battery and charging

    This device uses two 18650 batteries which are inserted through the battery gate at the bottom. The battery door is fitted with magnets that can hold them into position without falling off or rattling. The batteries can last you for a full day with a full pod on them when fully charged. But the performance depends on your vaping activities. If you are a heavy vape user, you will find that the unit runs out of power easily. 

    When vaping moderately, you can get one and a half days, or two full days with the unit. Just ensure that you keep it charged. When the DRAG 2 runs out of power, you can charge it using the USB charging port found at the bottom of the unit. It will charge in less than two hours to full power.

    Ease of use

    Besides the mod basics, the only issues you have to deal with are changing the coil of the tanks and refilling them. Both of these processes are easy. Top refill, you have to push back the top cap and insert the spout of the juice bottle into the hole. Fill it up and close it when you have poured in the desired amount of liquid you want to use. 

    To change the coils, you have to unscrew the bottom tank when it is empty, then take out the coil from the base. Place the new one in the same spot and prime it before starting to vape. Generally, the mod is very easy to use and can compete well with other units.


    The VooPoo DRAG 2 works perfectly on the VW mode. The mod has a quick response and can manage all kinds of wattage settings all through. You will find that vaping at 40-50W will always be your special spot for the ultimate vape.


    It has been proven to work well with any tank or atomizer you place in your unit. Be sure that it will give you a hard-hitting vape that is responsive. The UForce tank works well, with the 0.2ohm and 0.4ohm coils giving a rich vapor and performing exceptionally in flavor production.

    The coils tend to take so much liquid quickly, but there is nothing much other than a standard sub-ohm tank. The fit mode is similar to the VW mode, but a little tweaking of the unit can maximize the battery life. Giving the best flavor or clouds, all modes work well and the standard approach has so much freedom.

    Pros and cons


    • The paint job was upgraded
    • It has rounded edges
    • Can fire fast and accurately
    • A varied option of resins to select
    • Airflow is adjustable and smooth
    • Minimum wattage use and dual parallel coil


    • The 510 edge is raised to give a gap
    • The watt on TC mode is limited
    • The batter door rattles
    • Tank is not compatible with other tips

    Frequently asked questions

    How much does a VooPoo DRAG 2 cost?

    The VooPoo DRAG 2 mod is well priced. Its stated price range is indicated to compete well with the other units being sold in the market. The device costs roughly $81.99, and you might be lucky to get it on offer.


    The Uppen Plus also uses the Etchip flavor master, which gives an extreme taste experience you can find on the Uppen Pod. It has a perfect original taste and fresh taste.

    The Uppen plus can satisfy you with the very first puff you take. The pod is very versatile, and it can be used with any e-liquid.


    If you do not like using high wattages on the TC mode, this device will be good. The chances of you enjoying this vape pen are very high, and the price tag is very attractive. It works perfectly, just like the DRAG, and it gets the job done. The UForce tank exceeds expectations with the triple-mesh coils. You will enjoy this device.


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