WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

VooPoo Argus Review and Instructions . The Design Quality, Battery Functionality, PnP Pods, and Alternative Vape Pen

26th Aug 2021 | 22 | upends v

VooPoo is a famous and well-appreciated vape brand in the industry. They have a display of products ranging from pod systems, starter kits and vape mods. The pod systems are some of the most spectacular products ever released to the market.

The company not only focuses on performance, but safety for the products they manufacture is also a big deal for them. They come in small portable sizes, fully compact and with portability features brought about by the lightweight material composition. 


The VooPoo Argus has two PnP Pods that allow you to switch between sub-ohm vaping and Mouth-to-lung vaping. It is powered by an inbuilt battery of 1500mAh, a wattage output of up to 40W, and a coil recognition technique. It is suited to users of any level. 

VooPoo Argus Design Quality 

The Kit is constructed from zinc alloy and a leather patch on the grip to deliver comfort when in use. Besides that, the construction's sleek design and lightweight design make it very portable and easy to carry around. 

The aluminum alloy always gives the users options to attach the pod kit to a belt useful outdoors. Additionally, the Kit is designed with a gene chipset that allows variable wattage mode and smart modes. 

The Kit is designed to support two pods, each 2ml and mesh coils with different ohms. The PnP VM1 0.3 Ohm and PnP TR1 1.2Ohm. Additionally, the Kit comes with a USB cable and user manual. 

The LED lights indicate the battery percentage when it requires charge and when it is charging. The VooPoo Argus comes in different colors so that you may choose which style favors you. 

VooPoo Argus Battery Functionality

VooPoo Argus has an inbuilt battery of capacity 1500mAh which support fast charging. It is normally charged using a Micro USB cable which might take very few minutes to charge it. 

The gene chipset gives access to both smart mode and variable wattage mode and offers a range of protections for a secure vaping experience. Some of the protections are short circuit protection and overcharge protection.  

The PnP Pods

The pods are equipped with a 0.3ohm coil of wattage that ranges between 32-40W and a 1.2ohm coil. It allows an airy vape with massive clouds and good flavor production. The pods are only compatible with the entire PnP coil range. 

Both the pods feature a 2ml e-liquid capacity whereby the PnP Mouth to Lung pod tank adopts a thinner chimney design to focus on MTL flavorful vaping.

Refilling the pods

To refill the pods, unplug the silicon stopper on the base of the pods. Fill in the pods with an e-liquid of your choice. Once done, return the stopper and be careful it does not leak the e-liquid. 

Replacing the VooPoo Argus coil

It may be the best time to change the coil if you experience a change in flavor and make vaping less enjoyable and experience a burnt taste when vaping. Remove the pod from the VooPoo Argus main kit and invert it to the cylindrical pod face up. Wiggle the coil gently to detach it from the pod.

Discard the coil and insert a new coil into the pod. Refill the pod and allow the pod to stand for 5 minutes before continuing vaping.  

How to use the VooPoo Argus Vape? 

Once the pod is already charged and filled with the e-juice, the vaping process is about to begin. Press the fire button rapidly five times to turn on the device.  Once it is on, the Pod kit automatically recognizes the connected atomizer’s coil and sets itself to the appropriate wattage. 

You can inhale, or you can hold the fire button to vape. 

VooPoo Argus User Manual and Instructions

To turn the device on, press the fire button rapidly five times. 

To change the device’s wattage, press the fire button three times quickly, and an interface appears, select power regulation mode. Click the fire button again to select the wattage, hold and wait for 1.5 seconds to confirm your selection. 

MTL/DTL Warning:

Keep in mind that the pod kit features two types of coils designed for both direct vaping and Mouth Lung vaping. In that case, it means that you may have to use different types of e-liquids with each.

The Mouth to Lung coils will support e-liquids which are 50% PG with a resistance of 1.0Ohm, whereas the coils with a larger wicking cavity will support e-liquids which are of high VG with a resistance of 1.0Ohm. 

It is always recommendable to check the manufacturer’s guidance for appropriate e-liquids before use. 

VooPoo Argus Pod Kit Review

The Kit comes with two pods and two mesh coils. The two pods have a capacity of 2ml but work differently; one only works mouth to lung, and the other works direct vaping. The coils have different resistance for the mesh coils, that is, the PnP VM1 0.3Ohm and PnP TR1 1.2Ohm. 


The Kit comes in different colors to suit any of your choices. 

VooPoo Pod Tank

The tank is well compatible with all VooPoo PnP coils from other devices, thus giving the user lots of options. The tank is fully enclosed, and there is no drip tip on this tank. However, there is no spare pod provided in the package. Refilling the tank is easy; just removing the silicon stopper and putting it back after refilling. 

FAQS about VooPoo Argus 

How long does a VooPoo Argus battery last?

This will depend on how frequent you vape and at what wattage. For example, at a wattage of 35W, it may last for quite some time. When it comes to charging, it takes very little time to charge using the Micro USB cable. 

How would you know if the VooPoo Argus is charging? 

The onscreen battery indicator indicates how much power you have left. Once it goes up to one bar, you will be required to charge it quickly since it does not do pass-through charging. 

What are PnP Coils?

They are adaptable ranges giving you various options from e-juices to nicotine salts. Usually, they come in a MAAT technique that avoids any time-consuming mess, making the system easy to use and work with. 

PnP is VOOPOO's PnP series coils which are also known as Plug 'n' play coils.  They are available in single, mesh and ceramic coils designed differently to fit your preferred vaping style. 

Pros and Cons


  • It is lightweight due to the material used to construct its casing. 
  • It is very comfy in hand. 
  • It has five color options, giving you a choice to choose the best. 
  • The smart mode could be very useful to beginners. 
  • It has a visible color screen
  • Its quality is good.
  • Inbuilt battery which keeps power for long and it is long-lasting. 
  • Cons 

  • Coils don’t last for long; they have a short life. 
  • There is no spare pod provided. 
  • The TC mode does not work well.

  • Alternative vape: UPENDS


    UPENDS is the new rising e-cigarette brand. With this device, you can put the flavor of your choice. UPENDS is still the leading brand and wholesaler of vaping products. 

    Upone by UPENDS is a disposable vape with a prolonged nice vaping experience. It comes with an in-built battery and a capacity of 4.5 ml, giving you a long-lasting operation. 

    The Upone has been made using thick cotton-base soil, ensuring that you, as the user, get superior and stable vapour on each puff without leakages and popping.


    VooPoo Pod systems have been leading in the vaping industry for quite a long period. The VooPoo Argus is one of the unique vapes that the brand has ever had since it has two pods, ensuring the user has a different choice for vaping. The above article depicts that using the VooPoo Argus is easy both using and refilling the pods. 

    The chip ensures you get the same consistent flavor and does not fade away, and protects the Kit from any damages brought about by the heat.