VooPoo Argus Air Review. All You Need to Know About the VooPoo Argus

    VooPoo Argus Air Review. All You Need to Know About the VooPoo Argus

    The Argus air is a vape pod from the VooPoo Company and sold under the Argus series. The Argus air is a flexible AIO design pod that uses two types of pods. One pod uses the plug and okay coils that can be replaced, and the other is a disposable pod without any replaceable coils.

    The two pods both have a capacity of 3.8ml, which is somehow too much for a pod. This is true for those who use nicotine salts. If you direct to lung vaping, you can use the device with the PNP coils, provided they are at 0.6ohms and above.

    The Argus still has the same airflow system that is available on the Vinci air. The air holes can match or close up when the pod is placed in either direction at 180 degrees. This idea is simple yet brilliant.

    Considering it runs on the Gene chip, you are sure that you are well-taken care of on issues such as over-charging, short circuit protection, and many more. You get a micro USB-C fast charging feature and a 900mAh battery with an adjustable wattage from 1-25 watts.  

    Features and specifications

    • Built from zinc alloy and leather material
    • Power ranges between 5-25 Watts
    • It has a holding capacity of 3.8ml
    • Can output power up to 3.2-4.2 volts
    • The battery is a 900mAh built-in cell
    • Compatible with all PnP coils with 0.6-ohm and beyond

    The Argus air is lightweight going by its size and weighs around 68 grans when the pod is installed. When on itself, it weighs 54 grams. Compared to the Caliburn, it is twice its initial weight and lighter compared to the original Nord. The USB-C port is found at the bottom.

    You have color options that you would choose from. The form factor looks like the Nord but is completely covered by leather and metal trimmings. It stands at 95.3mm tall, 31.4 wide, and 19.3 mm deep. 

    It can perfectly fit in the palm and can easily slip into your pocket, and you will still feel it. The build quality is somehow snuff compared to the previous devices from VooPoo. It appears to be straightforward, and for the price, it is justified and has a high-end look.

    The unit is sold with both the pods in place. And one is non-replaceable 1.2ohm, and the other is a 0.6-ohm coil. If you want to adjust the airflow, you do that by flipping the pod. You can get the restrictive lung hit and a real MTL. Additionally, the Argus air has a LED screen that looks good and is very easy to read.

    How to use the pod

    If you are using a disposable pod, you only need to fill it up and drop it in. other pods work similarly to the Nord-style pods. Just push in your coil from the bottom, and the O-ring will handle the rest. They are known as the PnP (plug and play). The process of filling the pod is very easy. Take out the rubber steel and refill. The fill port can accommodate the fine tip droppers or the regular size droppers. 

    It is advisable to tilt the pod to allow better filling of the e-liquid. Almost all these pods come with a tint, but it does not mean that you will not see the liquid inside. The pods are held in with magnets, which are strong for this model, and they grip well. The Argus air also uses the single button operation.

    It can detect your coil resistance automatically and appropriately adjust the wattage when you activate the unit. If you try to swap while it is on, it will not react in any way, so try to avoid blowing your coils accidentally. 

    To lock the device, you cannot do it at an instance. You have to navigate through the menu. This process gets wonky because you can accidentally fire the device a few times unless the pod is removed. It could also happen when you select your wattage by holding it down.

    The LED screen can show all your information from wattage, puff count, coil resistance, and the number of seconds taken for each puff. The battery indicator at the top is also easy to see. Follow these steps to use the device.

    • Turn on the device by clicking five times.
    • To adjust the wattage, click three times on the button
    • The wattage will move from 1-25 watt ranges
    • To lock your setting, press down the fire button
    • Click five times when the device is on to lock in the setting
    • Hold down the fire button to cycle through options
    • Unlock the device by pressing the fire button five times

    Battery and charging of the air

    The Argus air comes with a 900mAh built-in battery. The LED indicator tells you how much battery level is left. You will have to charge it immediately when it drops to one bar since you cannot have a pass-through charging.

    The power does not wear off at any point towards the end. You can get through a whole pod with a full charge and the 1.0ohm coils. The battery life is also dependent on the type of coil in use.

    Charging the unit takes less than an hour, let’s say 75 minutes. This figure is not bad going by the battery life. It would be better if it allows vaping as you charge.


    The Argus air has two firing capabilities, the automatic draw and the button draws activation. The coil comes with a 0.8ohm MTL coil that can be disposed of. The flavor is on point, but you will need a day or two for the plastic taste to wear off.

    You can choose to clear it by washing the coil since it is removable. The MTL has good airflow, but you can get more of it with the DTL airflow setting. The MTL draw is pretty nice and has an impressive throat hit with the 30mg menthol flavor.


    The 0.6-ohm coils seem to have a battery throat hit that is above the 0.8-ohm coil. It also has a less restrictive lung hit when both configurations are activated. From a 25mg nicotine level salt, you get a smooth and flavorful taste. It can also work well with 3-mg liquids, and it works great.

    The temperature is cooler when using this coil because it has more airflow and a lower throat hit. The cloud production is heavier at 25W and more satisfactory at 0.8ohm coils at 12watts.

    Pros and cons


    • Built with high-end aesthetics
    • Works with dual firing
    • Adjustable airflow system
    • The OLED screen is clear and bright
    • Coils can last for a longer time
    • Fast charging USB-C port


    • Pass-through charging unavailable
    • Flooding of pods when not used for long
    • Disposable pods may stop working
    • One-button operation
    • Slight plastic taste from the pods

    Frequently asked questions

    Is the Argus air worth it?

    Yes, it is. The Argus air has been ranked as one of the best AIO devices, and it has so much power and versatility that it would work better for any vapers. You can use this device with disposable coils or permanent coils for better performance.

    How much is the Argus air?

    The Argus air is sold at a price range starting from $34.99. You can get them in seven color ranges: black, vintage brown, vintage grey, desert camouflage, red n black, snow land camouflage, and carbon fiber. 



    The UpOx features the Etchip 2.0 flavor master coil, which makes it compatible with most mainstream e-liquids. The coil has an improved heating efficiency and gives you a flavorful and original vapor from the first puff.

    The pod can be connected inverted using magnets. This means that it can protect your kit from dust and lint when you place it in your pocket. 


    From the points above, we can see that the Argus air has so much activity going on. If you are looking for an AIO device, then it would be advisable to consider this unit. It can hold in a lot of juice, especially with the 3.8ml and 900mAh battery. It has an RBA option for advanced vape users who like modifying their coils. You can try the PnP coils and see how it works for you. Generally, this device is a high-end unit and worth the penny.


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