WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

VooPoo Alpha Zip review and instructions. A Comprehensive Review of the VooPoo Alpha Zip

26th Aug 2021 | 77 | upends v

The VooPoo Alpha Zip is the newest product release in the alpha mod series, starting from the alpha one. The alpha zip is available in two designs, and vape users can use dual-18650 zip or alpha with a 4400mAh battery which appears to be smaller than the initial 18650 battery.

Both these versions have the VooPoo GENE.FIT chip that allows the users to vape on outputs up to 180W. The GENE.FIT allows the users to use proprietary mods to regulate the flavor, large clouds, and good battery life. 

Features and specifications

  • Gives an output of between 5-180W
  • You can use dual-18650 external batteries
  • Built from zinc allow, combined with stainless steel and plastic
  • The device is fitted with an OLED screen for display purposes
  • The resistance ranges from 0.05-5ohm
  • Has a temperature range of between 200-600

Build and design quality

The design and build quality is well-structured and appears to be a get-go device. The finish gleams on the metal parts, and the decorative battery plates are colorful with sophisticated designs. The buttons are also not hard to miss since they are eye-catching and appealing. Each button has grooves on button that give the tactile feeling. 

The magnetic holders can hold the pods in the battery bay and secure them without any rattling. The screen size is good, and it only displays relevant vaping information such as the wattage, voltage, battery life, and resistance. The whole unit stands at 90mm tall with a width of 25.5mm.

The dual 18650 battery looks gleaming and utilizes a removable magnetized battery door panel. The alpha zip appears to be smaller than the alpha one, only that it does not have the straight-edge formations, apart from the angled edges. 

There are selected colored options that make the device stand out compared to the original monochrome exterior. You get a five-color option which all have their distinct aesthetic. The whole model is made from zinc alloy, and they hold well in the structure without popping out so much.

There is also an OLED found on the side of the panel, and it resembles so much the original screen size. There is also the three-button configuration with the firing button and adjustment knobs below the OLED. The USB port allows you to connect to a computer and update the firmware.

How to use the alpha zip

There is nothing unique about using the original alpha that you do not already know. The device can be activated by clicking the button five times, and three clicks on the button open up to the extra menu. Users can then device which vaping mode they want to choose among the three. The GENE assists this.FIT chip. 

You can see the three settings, they are labeled 1, 2, and 3, so the selection can be made in the order of;

  1. Battery life
  2. Better flavor quality
  3. High cloud size

The three modes perform their selected functions well, but many vape users find that it lacks power in flavor. By maintaining the vaping wattage and temperature, you might have a shot at getting the most preferred vaping experience. Users can press the up and down button to allow more temperature settings, such as resistance. 

You can also lock the mod to prevent changing the settings. To engage the lock feature, press the up button and the firing button at the same time. Users can press the firing button and hold it down to rotate the screen orientation.

Flavor and vapor quality

When vaping at 55W and the airflow open up, you will get a warm vape full of flavor. The vapor is also dense from the moment you take the first puff. By ramping up the watts to 80W, which goes by 10W increments, you will realize that the vapor does get hot just like the tank. However, if you are using the SS tank, it can cool easily. 

The flavor somehow peaks at 70W, and it is better if used at 65W. So, you will be able to get the same level of vapor even after two weeks of vaping. The flavor does not go down even after you vape for a very long time.

VooPoo alpha mini vs. VooPoo Alpha Zip mini

The alpha is available in two variations, and they do not differ so much from each other. You get a dual 18650 battery mod, and the zip has a 4400mah battery.


The mini version has a dual 18650 battery and with the GENE.FIT chip which is to enhances the performance of the MAAT tanks and coils. 

The alpha mini also uses the initial control pane that has three-button controls with a small OLED screen. The zip mini can output up to 120W a d has a control temperature suite. 

Performance of the VooPoo Alpha Zip

If you have used the VooPoo drag 2, then taking the alpha zip for a session will feel the same. It just involves quick firing and reliability with a different kind of battery.

There is no specific wattage setting that would give you a battery performance, but somewhere around 80 W feels like is the right spot. But keeping your wattage at an average of 60-70w can get you definitive results.]

This device passes the durability test, and it works like a charm. There are no issues with malfunctioning or anything out of the ordinary that would bring down its ranking.

In addition to this mod being a good device, the MAAT tank is more impressive and reliable. You can start using the MT-M1 single mesh coil, which gives the most amazing flavor. At 80W using this coil, you get a much warm and dense draw.

The MT-M2 coils give a more improved performance. The 75W was the perfect setting that allows a warm vape full of flavor. These coils, therefore, are an important addition to this series.

The MAAT performs better when the airflow is wide open, and it still gives a restricted draw. By closing the airflow, it becomes too restricted to vape on. The vapor is also hotter, and this might not be attractive to every other vapor. 

Pros and cons


  • High-quality design manufacture
  • Well and improved design
  • The unit is very easy to use
  • Easy to understand and read the menu system
  • The battery is long-lasting


  • The battery door gets loose at times
  • The device does not have a lock feature
  • The MAAT tanks consume a lot of e-juice
  • The screen sometimes is not visible

FAQs about VooPoo Alpha Zip

Is the VooPoo Alpha Zip worth it?

Yes, it is. The alpha is a product from the VooPoo line of products, and they are believed to be among the most dedicated vape companies to ever exist. The VooPoo alpha is well built, and the performance is impeccable. You will find that it is also high-quality and durable with the material design selections. You also get two tank options that you can choose to satisfy your vaping cravings. Therefore, you can consider it.

How do you charge the VooPoo Alpha Zip?

The VooPoo Alpha Zip has a USB charging port at the bottom which can be used to recharge the device. When your unit runs out of power, plug it into a charging port and let it charge for less than two hours. The device will run for a very long time before it completely drains its power.



The Uppen has a fulfilling vapor when you take the first draw, thanks to the innovative Etchip coil. It has an enlarged heating section with advanced heating efficiency.

The mesh coil is of high resistance and has a satisfying and fulfilling vapor from the initial puff you take. When the coil was developed, it was tested with all the mainstream e-liquid worldwide.


The VooPoo alpha zip is one of the best units that you can trust as a starter kit. You are assured that you will get a fulfilling vapor and performance by using this unit every day. The delivery of the unit has been good, and the GENE chip does a perfect job in regulating the functions of the device. This unit is highly recommended for anyone who wants to get a good vape performance.