Voodoo vape. A Review and Instruction About Voodoo Vaporizers

    Voodoo vape. A Review and Instruction About Voodoo Vaporizers

    What is voodoo vape

    Voodoo vape is a company that manufactures vaping products such as vape mods, vape pods, e-liquids, cartridges and essential oils. They have been good with their trade and are winning many people's hearts with their products.

    Voodoo has been involved in making capes for the past decade, making them the best on the vape scene. Voodoo is a trustworthy company that deals with manufacturing innovative, premium-quality vape pens and mods.

    Their manufacturing is top-notch with cutting edge features that are perfect to the detail. Since the introduction of their chipset, they managed to grip the vape market by its reliability, stability, safety and super-fast response rates.

    Their incredible line of vape mods has been widely recognized worldwide and are the most sought after today. Voodoo continues to stay ahead by creating some of the best quality vape mods and systems compatible with liquids,  nicotine salts and their vast collection of coils that deliver the unique taste and flavor one would ever find in a vape pen.

    Voodoo vape mods

    Voodoos Drag series is a line of mods and are very common among people who vape. It began with the initial Drag that could do up to 157W fires. People loved it for its looks, output and a whole collection of mods.

    Voodoo Drag S pod vape kit

    Features of the Drag S

    • The airflow system is adjustable to the user's preference
    • The ergonomic build design perfectly fits into the hand
    • A lightweight vape device that seems to be bulky
    • Fast charging mode is available
    • You can adjust the airflow and the wattage
    • Compatibility with the voodoo pnp coils

    Being the leading force behind popularizing vape devices called Pod mods, Voodoo has realigned their most selling Dragline of box mods and reinvented it to be a sleek pod mod. The pod still boasts the same power and functioning, with boosted creative ergonomics and a long list of advanced features.

    The Drag S pod has gone through good finishing with the best quality of materials, including alloy and smooth leather, giving it a good feeling when in your hand. These materials have been selectively used to achieve a subtle rugged look with a touch of elegance. The beauty is further enhanced by the curves of the magnetic pod top.

    The Drag S is also equipped with a voodoo excellent airflow system, enabling you to get a smooth draw by gently sliding the switch to your desired position. Combined with the detailed industry's best PNPZ  coils, the Drag S gives you unlimited power to personalize your vape to your liking.

    In addition, the VM 1 0.3 ohm coils and the VM 0.2 oh coils are innovative additions that are guaranteed to improve the production of flavor to give you a complete vape hit.


    • The vapes are stylish and attractive
    • Discreet and not easy to notice when placed openly
    • You get a carrying case for your vape pen
    • Has the best flavors in the market


    • A vape pen is considered slightly bulky.

    Voodoo Drag Max

    Features of a Voodoo Drag max

    • Equipped with a GENE.FAN 2.0 chipset
    • Powered by two batteries fixed separately
    • Has the Smart mode and RBA mode
    • Installed with voodoo pnp coils
    • Prevents from over-discharge
    • Has a good temperature regulation system
    • A superb magnetic connection for the pods
    • USB charging port with charger
    • Prevents overuse by having an overtime feature

    This particular pod mod is sleek l, good looking and feels comfortable while it is in your hand. The Drag max adds up to be a very light mod despite being a dual battery carriage. 

    Regardless of your color selection, you get a nice matte black finish on the frame, and the buttons that have some slight chrome made ring. When you hold the Drag Max, you feel the comfortable, cushion-like leather grip that Feels is of high quality.

    The Drag Max uses the famous superior GENE.FAN 2.0 chipset but still does not have extra modes, making it a disadvantageous selection for advanced vapers who are used to having many options. This makes the Drag Max a perfect kit for beginners.

    The Drag Max mod has only two available modes, the Smart and RBA modes. On the drag mode, the drag max can fire up to 177w, but when on the intelligent mode. The firing can be limited by the max limit of the pnp coils available. An automatic wattage setting protects your coil from burning when you move from a higher resistance coil to a lower one.


    • It might appear to be bulky, but its a lightweight
    • Made with a great design and its good looking
    • High-quality paint that does not seem to fade
    • It is easy to operate the device with assured quality delivery
    • It is compatible with a wide range of coils


    • The pod looks more considerable compared to the smaller ones being released currently
    • There is no 510 threading for voodoo vape
    • The options and modes are limited, not matching user expectations

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    FAQs About Voodoo Vape pens

    How to charge your Voodoo vape pen

    The voodoo line of vapes is charged through a USB type C port. You are recommended to use an external charger for 1 hour 20 minutes. This is guaranteed to fully charge your 2000mAh battery and last you longer in your vaping.

    Where can I buy a Voodoo Vape pen

    Voodoo vape pens are primarily available on the company's website. You can also check at your local store or other online shops that sell vaping products. Be sure to check out other Voodoo products because they also stock quality e-liquids, Cartridges and waxes that are compatible with your Voodoo Vape Pen

    Voodoo vs JUUL

    JUUL is a pod device that is disposable and comes with non-refillable tanks. On the other hand, Voodoo is a vape mod with a tank and a separate battery that you have to connect for you to vape.

    Why is my vape pen not working

    There could be many radons to why your vape pen may not be working. The first reason could be, your Vape pen has run out of charge after usage. The second reason could be that your Vape pen had a damaged battery that needs a replacement. To be sure that your Vape pen battery is genuinely faulty, Try plugging it into the charger for a few hours and test run it.

    Alternative Vape: UPENDS


    Your indispensable MTL open pod system

    This pod gives you a fulfilling vapor from the first draw, and this is because of the innovative Etchip coil with a large heating area and better heating ability. The high resistance mesh gives you a fulfilling vapor from the first puff.

    The coil has been tested and confirmed to be working well with most mainstream e-liquids around the world. This was created to give users an all-round performance with vape juices they want to try

    The Uppen cap effectively protects the vape juice from getting exposed to air when it is not being used. This mechanism also proves good in preventing oxidation of the e-liquid from maintaining an original fresh vapor flavor.


    The Drag Max is a kit that seeks to satisfy vapers seeking to enjoy low resistance PnP coils and do not have issues walking around with significant vape devices.

    Considering you get so much battery life with this pod, you also need to remember that it is a go-to vape for people who expect a lot from a vape without actually complicating things.

    The voodoo vape pens have been tested and confirmed to be good choices for beginners who want to try vaping.


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