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Volcano Vape Review. Get to Learn More About the Volcano Vape

10th May 2021 | 126 | upends v

What is a volcano vape

Since the Volcano vape was introduced in 2001, we have experienced an influx in the number of vape options you can choose from for your experience. The volcano has stood out for being consistent in producing high-quality, smooth vapor without much effort.

Many years have gone by, and we still see that the Medical grade components and the fine German engineering still take the lead when matters of lab tests and certification are involved.

The volcano has a great reputation regarding exceptional performance when you fire it up, with less fuss and set up. It comes so easy to assemble, load, fill up bags and make a cool, comfortable and tasty vapor that satisfies your thirst for a vape.

Its versatility allows it to hold through a full bowl with three to four bags at once. You can blow just enough for a hit full of flavor, allowing you to save for the rest.

There are two available types of the Volcano vape, the classic and the digital. Both of these vapes have similar functions and usability.

They both have similar amounts of vapor production, and they come with a three-year warranty.

Despite the long list of similarities, there are a few evident differences, such as the digital interface and the updated features, not forgetting the $100 price tag.

How to use volcano vape

You will find the vaporizer kit, an easy valve starter, a filling container, and the chamber clips in your volcano package—a ring, a pad of concentrates, an air filter kit, and a two-piece herb crusher.

Before putting the volcano into use, please do a quick burn-off session to eliminate any remnants from the manufacturing or shipping. Turn up the heat to the maximum depending on whether you are using a classic or a digital vape. Place your filling chamber onto the volcano, turn on the device’s fan and leave it for approximately five minutes.


Both Volcano chambers have the same control system. So you will have to press the red button to increase the heat. The orange light indicates warming up, and it will shut down when it attains its maximum temperature.

Every vaporizer comes with a two-piece grinder, and even though it looks small, it successfully produces herbs with a fine consistency that are perfect for the volcano. For a four-piece grinder, place them upside down and twist it a little bit. Do this a little longer than in a normal rind, then go ahead to turn it upright.

Take the grinder contents and place them on any perfect material for funneling into your filling chamber. The volcano will work better when the chamber is filled, so you do not have to load less.

When the orange light goes off, you can start vaping. Take off the mouthpiece attached to the easy valve and stretch out the bag gently. Insert the orange mouthpiece onto the vaporizer chamber and ensure it grips tightly on the top ring. To fill up the bag, press on the green button and watch the fan turn on, and only push it again if the amount of vapor satisfies you.

Once the fan is turned off, take out the bag from the filling chamber and place the black mouthpiece onto the easy valve. Detach the filling chamber from the volcano. A press on the mouthpiece will let o t vapor by opening the valve, and you have to press your lips on it to draw to your liking.

It is advisable that after every usage, you can do some light cleaning. First, clear out your filling chamber, then get the brush found in the package to dust off the screens and inside the filling chamber. This saves you from thorough cleaning of the volcano vaporizers.

Here are the two common types of volcano vaporizers; take a look at them

Volcano classic vape

The classic version of the volcano requires you to switch it on and off manually. It comes with a Knob on the front of the device to control the temperature settings.

It gives you complete convection heating, completely vaporizing the natural products with minimal wastage. This is the most basic version of volcano’s desktop collections. It has been in the industry for two decades and has impacted the market for having the best quality of vapor, durability, and longevity.


  • It is hard to get better tasting and purest form of vapor with other vaporizers in the market
  • Innovative and advanced temperature control systems, together with a forced-air system, do away with the risk of combustion.
  • The vaporizer bags makes drawing easy to improve the vaping experience.
  • Any other vaporizer cannot match the level of craftsmanship used on the classic volcano in the market


  • The high cost is the biggest disadvantage
  • It is hard to tell what the temperature setting is at.

Volcano Digital vape

After some time in the market, the volcano vaporizer had a more up-to-date version. It is also referred to as the volcano digital with many tweaks and features you cannot find in a classic version. This particular model has a digital display format with a touchscreen control system good for your optimum and accurate temperature control. Besides having the balloon system, this vaporizer has tubing that can be used for vaping. The tube resembles a hookah pipe that is essential for passing the vape around when vaping in groups.

The addition of Bluetooth technology alongside the volcano app has improved the preference of the volcano among people. These tools allow you to control your vaporizer wirelessly. You can control the display brightness, auto time controls, and fan and temperature settings. The sealing valve comes with a rubber ring essential for protecting your fingertips when the device gets hot.

Pros of digital volcano vape

  • Any other brand cannot match the taste and vapor quality in the market
  • There is little to no risk of combustion
  • Easy and convenient enhanced by using the balloon system. Additionally, it is easy to clean

Cons of the digital

  • The price is much higher than what people are willing to pay
  • There is nothing much different than deserves such a massive price increase
  • The two-year warranty is low compared to other brands.

FAQs about Volcano Vape

How much is a volcano vape

An original volcano vape retails at $770, and for a discounted price, the best you can get is $650. The digital vaporizer is the most expensive among the pricey vaporizers in vape shops. This price tag is a disadvantage to beginners because they cannot decide whether they will be actively into vaping or not. The classic is sold at $130n less the digital.

Is the volcano vaporizer worth it?

The answer is definitely yes! This particular vaporizer has been on the market for two decades, and the fact that people still love it and it is getting a lot of attention means that there has not been any good quality desktop vape to match the volcano



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After looking into the details of a classic and digital volcano vaporizer, we can conclude that these two are the most convenient selections when you want to use with friends. Its performance and delivery style cannot be found in any other type of vaporizer. All you have to do is pass the bag to someone, and all they have to do is take a hit. Most vaporizers are either complicated or technical to use, but with the volcano, you get a set up that is ready for you.