Vision Vape Pens. A Complete Guide About the Vision Vape Pens

    Vision Vape Pens. A Complete Guide About the Vision Vape Pens

    What is vision vape pens

    Every vape enthusiast has heard about eGo cigarettes. These are fixed cigarettes by putting together a customizable battery and a tank or clearomizer to create a body and battery cylinder.

    The vision brand is a strong associate of eGo batteries, and their batteries are known to outdo several eGo batteries for many reasons.

    The vision vapes have battery ratings between 650mAh and 1300mAh with maximum voltages of 4.8volts up from a low of 3.3 points. You get an adjustable voltage device when using the vision vape pen.

    Which means that you can vary the vapor density and switch between different voltage levels until you find one that works perfectly for you.

    The standard 510 threading means it can hook up to any 510 compatible tanks and clearomizers, giving you perfect airflow. This is one brand that can never fail you when you put your trust in them

    Vision vape pen features

    Adjustable voltage

    The vision spinner has spinning dials at the end of the battery with digits displaying the voltage range. You get to pick between 3.3 and 4.8 and the in-between figures that allow for minor adjustments

    Varied mAh

    The mAh ratings are crucial because they display the battery's stored energy capacity. The vison pens come with mAh power between 650 mAh and 1300 mAh, providing for other mAh variations in between

    Safety features

    Safety features are necessary for any pen, and this is to protect it from damages that arise from short circuits and related faults. The vision system turns off your battery immediately. It senses a short circuit.

    And once the error is corrected, it turns back on. When you press the button 5 times, you get to unlock or lock the pen. You get to prevent turning on your unit accidentally or unwillingly.

    510 threading

    The 510 threading means that the vision is compatible with all mods with 510 threads, including atomizers and cartomizers. You can even charge it using an eGo USB charger.

    Battery protection

    The vision spinners' batteries require a lot of care and maintenance. Worn out and damaged batteries run out quickly and take time to recharge. Vision is equipped with a led indicator that monitors how you use your battery and acts accordingly when you get closer to the set minimum level.

    Pros of Vision

    Easy to adjust the voltage

    With the volt readings at the base of the vision spinner, you will find volt readings that are easy to shift between. You are only required to move from one volt to the next level.

    Great design

    The design for the Vision is favorably smaller. This is a good feature because it makes the whole device lighter to carry in your pocket or purse. The thickness is a bit more than the other brands but still a good size to hold in between your hands.

    Long battery life

    Considering that the vision capacity is at a maximum of 1300 mAh, different from the usual 1100mAh in most eGo batteries. The battery can last longer than the other brands, with several options you can select from.                          

    Excellent Airflow

    You can get the best airflow when using a liquidator tank on this battery. This provides for a steady stream of vapor, and besides that, you get some thick vapor.


    Your battery gets to stay safe whether you plug in your charger wrong or when you disconnect the atomizer—the inbuilt short circuit protection system guards against electrical faults that may occur.


    You can get yourself a modern pen with top-notch features that give you outstanding performance for only $25.


    Thinner vapor

    Most vape users prefer thicker vapor compared to thinner vapor. This pen will not be appreciated by vapers who prefer thick vapors.

    Poor button designs

    Though the excellent performance of the vision than the other brands. The buttons do not match our expectations. At times they will cause you problems as you use it, making it challenging.

    Vision vapes main products

    Vision spinner 1

    The vision vape pen is a 1300mAh battery with different voltage levels and 510 threaded connections. This vape pen is powered by an internal cell of 1300mAh with a regulatory power system that allows you to set your device to the desired voltage from 3.3v to 4.8v. You can switch from low to high by twisting the wheel, giving you either smaller or bigger clouds.

    Vision spinner 2

    Thes vision 2 spinner features a new body design with an upgrade of batteries and PCB, and the spinner 2 now features a fantastic 1600mAh capacity in an eGO form factor. It is now built to perform and keep the device optimally charged throughout.

    Features of a vision spinner 2

    • It comes with a 1600 mAh capacity that is strong enough
    • Features an upgraded PCB for improved reliability
    • An outstanding ergonomic spin dial that adjusts the voltage
    • LED power indication
    • Built-in short circuit protection
    • 510/ eGo connection

    How to turn on the vision 2 spinner

    Just like other batteries, in the vape world, you get to turn it on and off by pressing on the activation button 5 times rapidly

    When done correctly, the power button should indicate with the lights. This feature allows the battery to have a power output at higher temperatures and adds up as a security feature that protects the spinner from activating without your knowledge.

    How to use the Vision Spinner 2

    The firsts step is to attach the atomizer by lining up your threading connection on your atomizer to the spinner 2 and then keep turning it until you feel it is tightly secured on the battery.



    To begin vaping, hold up the mouthpiece of your atomizer to your mouth and hold the power button constantly, and at any moment, you should be able to pull from your spinner, and everything should come naturally.

    FAQs about the vision vape pen

    How do you charge your vision vape pen?

    When you buy your vision vape kit, you get a USB cable that you will connect to the port of your device. Ensure that your device battery is wholly drained so that you can protect your vape pen from developing battery issues at an early stage.

    Where can you buy a vision vape pen?

    The vision vape pen can be purchased online from the official vision products website, you can use the shipping services, and your product shall be delivered right to your doorstep. You can also check around stores around your neighborhood to see if you will see a store that stocks vision vape products

    How do you know a vision vape product is authentic?

    Buying products online sometimes can be a leap in the dark because you may purchase a product from a store that does not deal with legit products

    When you buy a vape pen, make sure that the name written on the device is the correct one, and every spelling is considered. Check whether anything is missing from the specifications you already know about.

    Most fake products do not use legitimated material, so the exterior design should be enough to let you know that the product you are dealing with is fake

    Alternative vape: UPENDS


    Upcott is the recent vape model released by UPENDS, they are affordable, and it does away with the unwanted details that make the device look bulkier.

    You get organic cotton-filled cartridges that prevent leakages and spillages. Try UPENDS products today and give yourself the best vaping products.


    The vision pen could be what you truly deserve for your vaping experience for vapers who do not feel satisfied with how their vape pens perform. The vision vape pens come with every necessary new age feature that every modern battery requires.

    You are guaranteed protection, and you enjoy a long-life battery. The vision spinner is believed to be of high quality, with almost all 51p thread cartomizers and other accessories.


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