Vgod vape (vgodvape.com) Shop: Wholesale Vape Supply Reviews & Store Location Near Me [vape starter kits, disposables, pod systems, e-juices, e-liquids, tanks, accessories, and others]

    Vgod vape (vgodvape.com) Shop: Wholesale Vape Supply Reviews & Store Location Near Me [vape starter kits, disposables, pod systems, e-juices, e-liquids, tanks, accessories, and others]

    1. What is Vgod Vape?

    Getting the best international vaping devices today needs a good eye for detail and focus. Luckily, with Vgod Vape Company, you are sure to pick on the best product that has the value for your money. It is a premium manufacturer of electronic cigarette products and accessories that range from e-liquids, mods, RDAs, RTAs, and Sub-Ohm Tanks. It is no doubt a vaper’s paradise because of its vast selection of quality products that make heavenly vaping a reality. The South Carolina Company has been recognized worldwide with the best pro sub tank coined as minimalistic yet multifaceted sub tank that meets the needs of almost every vaper.

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    1506 W 228th St, Torrance, CA 90501, United States

    Website: vgod.com

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    Wholesalers: +1 (855) 440-8273

    Working Days/Hours: Mon - Fri / 7am - 3pm Pacific Time

    2. Main products

    Vgod is an excellent online vape shop that offers an array of vaping products artistically tailored for every vape lover. Get the best kits, mods, stigs pods, pens, RTDA, tanks, vape parts & vape juices from the most experienced and popular vape company. If you wish to stock these items in your business, they also offer them in bulk with friendly prices.

    3. Starter kits and mods

    Kits from Vgod are unimaginably amazing. If you are a flavor craver and trick bender, these kits are meant for you. They are the best engineered American starter kits adored by almost every smoke lover.

    Pro Drip RDA Kit: The Pro Drip RDA Kit comes with two post, four-hole vertical design that is uniquely made. It also has a 10x2.5mm side intake to bottom air flow for a better and enjoyable flavor, with stainless steel construction. To have a greater e-liquid capacity, the device has 8.5mm deep well, 6mm shank, and a 12mm ID drip cap. For an improved stability, the kit possesses a staggered barrel, and a protruding gold plated 510 pin for greater conductivity that is hybrid connection friendly. Amazingly, the kit has passed the 30ml bottle dropper test.

    VGOD PRO150: Vgod Pro150 that comes with Fast charging micro-USB port, 77mm in length, 56mm width and 24mm depth is the most luxurious vaping device one can ever wish to have. It is carefully constructed from high-end carbon fiber plates, chromed components and a brushed stainless steel case with unmatched quality. It has an ultra-lightweight mod with a strong build quality to fit any tough environment. Surprisingly, it produces clouds up to 150 watts and builds technically 0.07 ohms in MECH mode. It also supports Ni, Ti, and Kanthal coils.

    VGOD PRO Mech: VGOD PRO Mech is a perfect mod superior in performance, comfort and quality to provide a perfect vaping experience. The 24mm kit is built for professional vapers. It comes with a beautiful billet copper and aluminum construction, an AEROSPACE grade carbon fiber encrusted button, and a deep engraving VGOD logo. Moreover, its hybrid 510 connection is thrilling with a self-adjusting copper battery for an endless, enjoyable vaping.

    4. Disposables                                                               

    Vgod stig disposable e-cigarettes are the easiest devices to operate in the market today. With their budget-friendly devices, you don’t have to worry about refilling your juice, charging the pod, or literally anything else while vaping. Isn’t that incredible? What you need to do is just use the e-cigarette until it runs out of juice! Once the juice is done, just toss the device and go for a brand new one. It is simple as that. Whether you're a beginner or a professional looking for interesting ways to give up smoking, you will find exactly what you need with these kind of pods. Vgod have the leading disposable vaping devices specifically made for you. Check them out below:

    STIG ultra-portable vape disposable device- The STIG is a revolutionary single use disposable pod gadget designed to be a rewarding alternative to cigarettes. It is great for people who want to quit smoking but are hesitant to try vaping. With the STIG pod, your experience in vaping is made easy and carefree as it is always accessible to any adult wanting to give up smoking.

    The STIG is the best effortless great deal that offers an incredible value. Likewise, for each STIG pack, you receive 3STIG pods, which is equal to an exceedingly 60 cigarettes. Additionally, STIG is available in a variety of mouthwatering flavors that won't stain your clothes. With this in mind, there's no better time than right now to put an end to your smoking habit and start living a smoke-free life.

    Vgod pod 1K disposable pod device 1PC- the Vgod pod 1K disposable vape pod devices are the latest from Vgod as it has got unique features designed specifically with the salt nic. This disposable vaporizer can accommodate 1000 puffs which are meant to be disposed after a life cycle. Vgod Pod 1K disposable pod devices has got a 4ml capacity as maximum filled with 50mg of salt nic which comes with a single device. There is no maintenance required for this devices because of its disposable and simple nature. The POD 1K has no feature like buttons and is activated when you inhale automatically.

    5. Vgods Mods

    Elite 200W Vgod Box Mod

    High-quality aluminum alloy and stainless steel are used in this mod, which comes in black. This mod, which is available in black, is constructed withhigh-quality aluminum alloy and stainless steel. The Elite 200W Vgod Box Mod, has a maximum output of 200 watts, and is powered by two 18650 rechargeable batteries. Keeping track of your e-cigarette usage it is made simple with a large, customizable display on your device. Additionally, the Elite 200W Vgod Box Mod offers a customizable working mode that allows you to personalize your vaping experience in addition to temperature control.

    Vgod Elite vape Mech Mods

    The Vgod Elite vape Mech Mods are yet another fantastic Vgod mod to be discovered. It is constructed from a hard-hitting copper switch and an aeronautical carbon fiber switch, which not only makes it durable, but also visually appealing and stylish.  Because of the 18650 battery, you can vape for an extended period of time before having to recharge it. The Vgod Elite vape Mech Mods are equipped with a plastic battery shield to keep the battery safe. This ensures that the vaporizer is dependable and safe to utilize.

    6. Vgod e-liquids

    VGOD vape e-liquid is mixed in California from the finest components to deliver the tastiest and greatest vaping experience conceivable! VGOD master mixologists only purchase the most extremely pure, high-quality extracts and nicotine to prevent all extraneous ingredients. This way, VGOD can ensure absolutely faultless premium quality e-juice. To enhance performance and enjoyment, VGOD mixologists strive for well-balanced e-juice blends by embracing a tiered arrangement of flavorings for greater depth while complimenting flavors with just the appropriate amount of sweetness for more dynamic flavors. Vgod vape e-liquid contains Cigar, Lush, Bomb, Fruit, Candy and Dessert Lines.

    7. Tanks

    Vgod vape is a household name in the vaping industry, and it has made numerous contributions to the industry through the development of vaping equipment, making it a renowned name in the industry. When it comes to vaping tanks, Vgod has put up a lot of options that you may utilize if you want to personalize your vaping kit even further.

    8. Accessories

    Explore Vgod vape best accessories at the best prices which includes free shipping, flash sales and vouchers that makes this accessories more appealing with the best and most secure payment methods by shopping online which includes instalments and cash on delivery. The accessories range from e-liquids, mods, RDAs, RTAs, and Sub-Ohm Tanks.

    9. Vgod Discount Coupon Codes

    Vgod offers generous coupon codes that customers and vape aficionados can utilize to receive discounts on their items. Some of the vape discount coupon codes that buyers could utilize include the following:

    1. Discount Coupon Code: HTTPS 30% OFF

    2. Discount Coupon Code: SR_CLOUDZ 15% OFF

    10. Vgod Reviews

    VGOD e-liquid is made by one of the most well-known brands in the vaping business, VGOD Inc. In spite of the fact that you may not have heard of them, chances are that if you've seen a vape trick video on Facebook or YouTube, you've seen a VGOD video, which has minigun hoops, jellyfish, and any number of other shapes created entirely out of vapor.

    11. Shipping

    Orders are normally processed within 24 hours. Weekend orders will be processed Monday morning. Orders are not processed on Sundays or holidays. Delivery times vary depending on the destination. The normal shipping time is 5-9 business days; however, this is not guaranteed.

    12. Find Vgod Vape Shops Near Me (my location)

    Using this free Vape locator tool to help you to find vgod vape shops near me(my location).

    13. UPENDS: Wholesale Vape Supplier

    UPENDS should be at the top of your list when seeking for a wholesale vape supplier. VGOD infuses e-liquid with innovation and flair. There are numerous advantages to purchasing your items from wholesale vape suppliers, and there are even more if you choose UPENDS. UPENDS is a well-known international wholesale vape supplier with a large selection and range of vape-related products at wholesale pricing. It is continuously inventing and launching unique e-juice flavors, and it also has several luxury vaping equipment that have swiftly become favorites on the vaping market. Thanks to its experienced mixologists!

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