VG vs. PG E-liquid, What's the difference In Vape Juice?

    VG vs. PG E-liquid, What's the difference In Vape Juice?

    Getting started in the world of vaping can be a simple task if you opt for disposable models. But there is a lot more to know if you plan to delve deeper into this practice. Not only should you see the vaporizer models, but you should also take into account the e-liquid.

    This is especially important because it is what goes into your system. A nasty e-liquid can cause damage to your health, or if it is of poor quality, it can cause you to have a lousy time vaping. When in reality, this task is all about enjoyment.

    If you've been thinking about starting to vape or if you've been vaping for a while and still don't know what VG and PG E-liquid are, you've come to the right place.

    Today we bring you all the information you need to know about these two types of e-liquids. Read on and find out if they are right for you.

    What Does PG & VG in Vape Juice Mean?


    When we talk about e-liquids, two words come up frequently: PG and VG. Do you know what role each plays in vaping? Understanding their functions will enhance your vaping experience.

    PG and VG are two colorless substances, which combine with flavoring and nicotine to create the e-liquid. They vaporize when heated, allowing you to inhale them. These substances have different consistencies and have slightly different tastes. Besides, they both provide other mouth and throat sensations when vaping. 

    Most e-liquids use a combination of the two substances, although the concentrations between PG and VG vary. Some e-cigarettes only work with specific ratios of PG and VG. Opting for the wrong PG/VG ratio can discourage beginners, so you should be careful to choose the right balance for your device.

    What Is PG & VG?

    Of course, you must know the compounds and the concept of each one directly. And here we leave it for you:


    PG stands for propylene glycol, an organic compound (C3H8O2 is its chemical formula). PG is less dense than VG, so it is used as a diluent and is very efficient at transporting nicotine and flavors.  

    The American FDA considers PG a substance "generally recognized as safe for human consumption." It is used in the manufacture of many personal care products and the pharmaceutical industry, such as nicotine inhalers, oral hygiene products, beauty products, shampoo, baby wipes, medical products such as asthma inhalers, topical formulations, oral and injectable medications and vitamins (used as a stabilizer).


    What is the role of PG in vaping?

    You want to know precisely why your vape has PG in its composition. Here is the answer:

    • Watery consistency: the consistency of PG is practically the same as water; this is why e-liquids with high concentrations of PG are quickly absorbed by atomizer wicks found in smaller devices such as vape pens (pen-shaped) and pods.
    • Strong Throat Hit:PG provides an intense sensation in the back of the throat, much like you feel when smoking analog cigarettes.
    • Does not affect the taste: it is an odorless and tasteless substance, so it does not affect the taste of the e-liquid.
    • Low residual:because of its low density, PG does not accumulate in the resistances as quickly as VG does, and this is favorable for the duration of your resistances.
    • Allergy risk:although very rare, PG can cause some people allergic sensations such as tingling in the throat, skin rashes, and other body irritations.

    This only affects a tiny percentage of people, but if you experience any of the above symptoms, stop using PG immediately and use e-liquids with a higher VG concentration.


    VG stands for vegetable glycerin, which is one of the base substances in e-liquid. VG is denser than PG and slightly sweeter. E-liquids with high concentrations of VG produce more vapor, which is why they are a favorite of vapers looking to create clouds. 

    Vegetable glycerin is also recognized by the American FDA as a substance "generally safe for human consumption." Like PG, it has multiple uses in medicine, food, and personal care products, such as sweeteners, cosmetic products, shaving cream, deodorants, pet food, among others.

    What is the role of VG in vaping?

    Every component has its function within a product, and this VG has its operations quite marked. These are some of them: 

    • Dense consistency: VG is much thicker than PG, so its absorption into the atomizer wicks is slower. Because of this, larger tanks, such as those in mods, tend to have larger diameter holes for the wicks so that they can effectively absorb the VG.
    • Sweeter taste:VG has a sweeter taste. It is not as effective at carrying flavors in e-liquid as PG, and its sweetness makes it harder to detect flavors. E-liquids high in VG tend to have more flavorings to counteract their sweetness.
    • Generates more residue: VG, because of its high density, tends to accumulate more residue in the resistors quickly, so you will need to clean the resistors and replace them more frequently.
    • The soft throat hit:VG, when vaporized, is much smoother to inhale, and you will not perceive much of a throat hit. This is why many users prefer it.
    • High vapor production:VG is very efficient at generating a large volume of vapor. Due to its dense consistency, high VG e-liquid creates much more moisture and is less likely to cause irritation or allergic reactions.

    What's the difference between PG & VG?

    Neither is better than the other; it all depends on your taste and the type of kit you use. Use the table below as a general guide to understand which variety of e-liquids work best with which kind of e-cigarette:

    VG/PG concentration

    Vaporizer Type

    High PG Concentration: 60% or more

    E-liquid with high PG concentration works best in electronic cigarettes such as vape pens and pods due to the small size of their resistors and wicks.


    The best of both worlds. In general, e-liquid with a 50/50 ratio can be used in all types of kits. And it's a good choice as a starting point if you're undecided.


    However, it can cause liquid leakage in high wattage devices and any large holes in the resistors.

    High VG concentration: 60% or more

    High VG e-liquid works best in more powerful e-cigarettes like mods. This is because they are designed to generate large amounts of vapor and because their wicks can more efficiently absorb the high VG density.


    And as it is never too much to have extra information, if you still have any doubt about the differences between these e-liquids, click here to see an explanatory video.

    Which vape and e-liquid should I try?

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    Ready to start your vape experience in the best way?

    As you can see, it is essential to be well informed before you start vaping. Well, if you don't have the correct information, you might have a bad experience, and honestly, it's an activity to calm down, not to have a wrong time.

    Now that you have this information, it is time to go for the vaper, so you can start enjoying this lifestyle in the healthiest way possible.

    As a last piece of advice, we can only tell you always to buy these products from official and specialized vape sites. This way you will be sure that the products are of good quality and will not lose your money.

    So, there you go, you are fully informed to find the best e-liquid and start enjoying the best flavors that vapers have for you. Don't forget to give UPENDS products a try and ensure the best experience. 

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