Vfun Disposable Vape Review: Price, Flavors, How to Use, FAQs, and Alternative

    Vfun Disposable Vape Review: Price, Flavors, How to Use, FAQs, and Alternative

    Vfun Disposable Vape Review

    The Vfun Disposable Vape has an excellent taste and comes in different flavors which makes it the best because an individual is able to choose whatever flavor is their favorite. It has a unique appearance, it’s also portable, affordable and users should figure it out quickly.

    Vfun disposable vape provides an excellent vaping experience due to its six-light LED feature that causes different colored lights to start flashing for ten seconds non-stop. The Vfun Disposable Vape produces delicious, exotic flavors with really smooth taste and a solid throat hit.

    Vfun disposable vape is compared to be the best due to its range of flavors and pretty colors. Also, this disposable vapes has a pleasant and spicy taste for use which brings you a good vaping experience that a person can enjoy and wish to have daily.

    Vfun Disposable Vape Specifications


    113.7 mm x 19.3 mm

    Battery Type:

    Internal 550mAh

    Juice Capacity

    3 mL

    Coil Resistance:

    1 Ohm

    Nicotine Strength:

    5 Percent

    Puffs Per Vape:



    Blueberry Lychee, Candy Floss, Peach Ice, Banana Pineapple, Custard Tobacco, Watermelon on Ice

    Flashing LED Lights:

    It has The Flashing LED Lights

    Vfun Disposable Vape Price

    The Vfun Disposable Pen is pocket friendly since it costs only $7.88. The price is friendly in such a way its affordable by every social class and cheaper compared to other brands.

     Its quality and thus making it the best compared to any other model. Due to its cheaper price and its performance, it therefor outshines other models making it the best option to purchase.

    Vfun Disposable Vape Flavors

    Below are some of the Vfun Disposable Vape flavors;

    The Vfun Disposable Vape have rich flavors and quite pleasant high sensation therefore bringing perfect happiness, exciting and stimulating moments to an individual due to its high-quality manufacturing process.

    Banana Ice:For the banana lovers Banana Ice is the best flavor due to its fruitiness because its extracted from a mix of banana and menthol thus making it to be the best for the vaping experience. Its costs $7.88 dollars.

    Custard Tobacco: Custard Tobacco is the best because many manufacturers forgot this flavor. The Custard Tobacco tastes like a real cigarette with a sweet and savory custard.

    You may prefer the Custard Tobacco Vfun Disposable vape because the flavor is formulated from Tobacco and f8

    Peach Ice:Peach Ice Vfun Disposable Ice is produced from a mixture of peaches and menthol ice making it excellent and good to vape.

    Blueberry Lychee: This flavor is made from a mixture of blueberries and lychee. The Blueberry lychee is a sweet combination of blueberries and Lychee.

    Candy Floss:  Candy Floss has a unique name and flavor. Suppose you love a vape that has sugar cookies and cotton candy then Vfun Candy Floss Disposable vape is one you should consider. Sugar cookies and cotton candy brings together magical vape pen that you can get down with.

    Grape Ice:Do you love the Vfun Disposable vapes that are excellent and good flavors, Grape Ice Vfun Disposable vape is the perfect vape that fits all this. Grape ice is perfect combination of Grape and menthol ice that is incredibly delicious from beginning to end.

    Strawberry Kiwi: This excellent flavor is made from strawberry and kiwi combination which is slightly sour and sweet.

    Watermelon Ice: Watermelon Ice is made from a sweet, mellow, and fantastic ice flavor that is best for the sunny seasons.

    Watermelon Ice Disposable vape from Vfun is made from a sweet and cool blend of watermelon making it excellent to quench your thirst with a vape that is juicy making it the best vape you will wish to search for and experience enjoyable vaping sessions.

    Banana Pineapple: Banana and Perfectly blended to make the sweetest and excellent salt nicotine disposable vape. Banana Pineapple Disposable Vape captures sweet and juicy pineapple paired with banana flavor tantalizing your senses and providing a refreshingly fruity taste whenever you vape.

    Mai Tai Cocktail: An excellent blend of many citrus fruits is blended to make the Mai Tai Cocktail that is sweet and enjoyable for vaping.

    The Mai Tai Cocktail Disposable Vape Pen is extracted from a luscious taste of citrus fruits making it to be unique as to compared to others

    Orange Soda:The Orange Soda Vfun Disposable vape is a citrus orange soda flavored salt nicotine juice. It has an excellent taste you will ever wish to try. Orange Soda by Vfun Disposable vape has been identified as one of the most liked flavors by people and has made their innovative team to win.

    Blue Raspberry:The Vfun is a brand that goes beyond the norm by introducing a full range of flavors including Blue Raspberry.

    The Blue Raspberry is a perfect combination of candy and raspberry salt nicotine e-juice. The Blue Raspberry Vfun Disposable Vape is considered by many people because of its excellent flavor that creates a fantastic combo to satisfy your senses and give a refreshingly candy raspberry taste on the inhale and making a sweet and fizzy blend that will tantalize the taste buds that will leave you enjoying the whole day.

    Pina Colada: Pina Colada is a creamy combination of pineapple and coconut that accurately captures the flavor of this beachfront beverage that you can now get.

    Strawberry mango:The strawberry Mango Vfun Disposable Vape is a delightful, tart, and bold strawberry and mango. The strawberry flavor is perfectly combined with mangos that has a pleasing sensation in the mouth and a good and excellent throat hit that is smooth.

    Ease of Use

    The Vfun Disposable vape Pen is an easy-to -use disposable vape pen that you can use. The Vape pen is a draw activated and you need to remove it from the packaging and turn on the indicator light, make a puff and the Vfun Disposable Vape pen is activated. Its featured with glowing LEDs that change colors as you draw puffs.

    Battery Life

    The Battery life of a Vfun disposable device is right where it needs to be at 1000 puffs per device. That is the right spot; not too low but not too high either. There are disposable products out there with so many puffs that you can get tired of them before the battery expires.

    How to Use This the Vfun Disposable Vapes

    Since these products are draw-activated disposable products, there is not much to learn. Take the vape out of the package and take a draw. There are no firing or adjustment buttons. All the user has to do is take a drag to turn it on.

    Each hit will cause the LED lights to shine in all their different colors for ten seconds. When the vape’s battery and internal pod are depleted, throw it away and get a new one.

    Pros and Cons of Vfun Disposable Vapes


    • Lots of flavors
    • 14 flavors included. The range of flavors enables an excellent and enjoyable vaping experience since people are able to choose the different flavors they need.
    • 1,000 hits per device thus making it to have a higher puff count
    • Disposable and fun to use. It is simply ease to use since it is not complicated and once you have opened it you are easily able to use it. These punchy and easy-to-use kits have become so popular among newer vapers that you're spoiled for options thus why Vfun Disposable Vapes have been selected as one of them.


    • It does not have the coffee flavor

    FAQs About Vfun Disposable Vapes

    How many puffs Does Vfun Disposable Vape Has?

    Vfun has 1000 puff counts per device.

    How Long Does a Vfun Vape Last?

    Vfun has 1,000 puffs per device, which can be a week or more depending on the person vaping it. 1,000 puffs should be more than enough for light and chain vapers to enjoy.

    What is the Vfun Disposable?

    It looks like a typo, but tastes sweet, it is disposable and has a flashing LED light for every puff, a soft, food -grade rubber mouthpiece and comes in range of flavors.

    Most of the consumers want something that provides them a nic hit, feels like a pull on a cigarette, and doesn’t take a lot of space in their pocket of which Vfun Disposable has all those features.

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