WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Vessel Vape Pen Review. A Complete Instruction Guide on Vessel Vape

10th May 2021 | 740 | upends v

What is a vessel vape pen

The Vessel vape pen is a 510 threaded battery compatible with nearly all 510 oil cartridges. The vessel pen is considered the ultimate vape pen for oil. This is a significant standpoint in the market, considering such versatility in oil vape is not easy to come by.

Recently most vape pens introduced into the market have been designed for one-time usage. Most of them being disposable. The vessel is one of the most outstanding devices that has been made to serve a long time for both CBD and THC. They are steadfast in revolutionizing the vape pen towards unmatched levels.

Design and build of vessel vape pen

The central selling point of the Vessel vape pen is the sleek design and feel. It has nearly perfect aesthetics, and this can be felt even from the engraved logo on it.

The device feels sturdier and weighty than the normal vape pen you would expect. The weight is not that much, considering it weighs close to 58 grams with the entire cartridge. The vessel has a height of 100 mm, making it quite portable and convenient for moving around.

The bottom and top parts can be dismantled by unscrewing and easily interchanged with other vape pen designs. For those who have two devices, you can customize the looks of your devices using this method.

Watch this YouTube Video to learn how to use the Vessel vape pen



  • The device has a high-end look and feels that is satisfying to the user
  • You get many attractive varieties to choose from
  • It provides an easy charging system that is easy to use
  • It has automatic power modes that turn it on and off at different conditions
  • The three power settings ensure that you get the most out of your vape pen
  • The sleek design of the cartridge gives you s smooth flow of air with every puff
  • The tanks are designed with protection in mind which means they cannot be easily damaged by falls or minor issues
  • It is compatible with most of the 510 cartridges available


  • It is equipped with a proprietary charging system
  • It can be hard to locate the fire button
  • You get a six-month warranty on purchase

Vessel Compass Vape Pen

Design and features of the vessel compass pen

  • Small and pocketable compact design perfect fit to your palm
  • Increased airflow mechanism
  • Compatible with many 510 cartridges
  • Large battery capacity at 550 mAh
  • LED battery charge display
  • USB charging port and connections
  • Protection from overcharge

The compass vape pen is a product from the vessel brands and is a luxurious small-sized oil vaporizer. The vessel brand is known for creating stylish and high-performance vape accessories. Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, it has a quality airflow, the ability to cartridge swivel, varied volt pre-sets, and high capacity battery.

Most traditional vape pens were long-shaped, but the compass is a compact design rounded square, making it fit the pocket. The large button found on the device's face makes operation simple, and the LED light indicates the volts setting and remaining charge using a color code. You can get massive airflow from this device with 550mAh storage.

With its different voltage pre-sets to select from, your compass will be compatible with various cannabis oils with various viscosities. You can find your perfect temperature for vaping. The absence of a preheat feature means you will have to run it on higher voltages to warm up the oil before you start vaping.

Vessel Expedition

Features of the vessel expedition

  • It can fit most 510 thread cartridges
  • Has a protected cartridge drop-in design
  • 3 LED indicators for battery life display
  • Features a magnetic USB charging port and cable
  • Three power settings low, medium, and high

The vessel expedition is good to vape with their rugged body, resembling a tiny flashlight.

They are available in Red or black wood designs.

This particular pen is well assembled and beautiful. It is made from finely crafted wood, and the metals create a good complementary outlook that is attractive. This is the ultimate tool to impress shiny tech lovers, especially the current generation of vape users.

You get a good power shifting option with three voltage settings that you can choose from to enhance your vaping experience. Considering that many vape pens do not offer such versatility, this is the best vape pen you can get your hand on. It provides you with a constant power supply that you can rely on.

The expedition vape pens are easy to use and hold, while the inhaling feature makes it different from the other inhale to activate vape pens. You can be assured of quality vapor as long as you are using a suitable type of oil.

The vessel expedition has a good battery life, clocking at 240mAh, just a reasonable amount you can get from an oil pen. You can expect close to 100 hits and above from the vessel if you have a fully charged battery.

Vessel vista

Features of the Vessel vista

  • Compatible with almost all 510 thread cartridges available in the market.
  • Perfect power supply from the 320mAh Li-ion battery that can be recharged
  • Equipped with the vessel 3 LED indication system.
  • A magnetic USB charging port available with a cable.

The vessel vista has maintained the brand's image of having quality builds, with only minor upgrades. The most notable addition is the feature that allows you to see the amount of oil left in your cartridge without removing it.

The battery capacity has been upgraded to a 320mAh, and it still uses the magnetic charging system that can fit onto any vessel charging dock. The airflow has also been increased by being integrated with the 510 threaded connection.

You can never miss the power button because it now comes with a tactile texture for accessible location. Besides having these fantastic features, the vessel vista comes with a solid compact design, and it is not possible to mix parts as people did with the original version.

How to use the vessel vista

  • Click on the power button five times to turn it on or off, and hold down the button to heat up.
  • Click on the power button to change the voltage to your preferred settings.
  • After 15 minutes of inactivity, your device will automatically turn off.

FAQs about the vessel vape pens

How do you charge a vessel vape pen?

To charge a vessel vape pen, connect the provided USB charger and insert it in your charging port. For better charging, it is good that you completely drain your battery to maintain its longevity.

Where can I buy a vessel vape?

The vessel vape ara available on any online store that stocks vaping products. It is one of the famous brands, and it is hard to miss their products. If you look around in your local smoke shops, you will find a few vendors stocking them at fair prices.

How to I clean and maintain my vessel device?

For that information please watch this video for an elaborate explanation.


Alternative vape: UPENDS


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The UpOX from UPENDS is a pod system that features the Etchip 2.0 flavor master coil. It is compatible with most of the world's most renowned e-liquids. The improved heating feature and the mesh coil give you a flavourful and original vapor from just one puff.

The pod has a magnetic feature that is used to connect to the battery, and when you are not using it, you can Inver the pod 180° and place it into the battery holder to avoid attracting dust.

The UpOX is perfectly designed to fit your palm with its small size, and you get a good satisfactory experience from the holding capacity and battery life.


The Vessel vape pen is a perfect selection because it speaks volumes about personal style, made with exquisite craftsmanship paying attention to all details you cannot find in any vape pen brand.

There is not much that can be said wrong about Vessel vape pens because they match the markets' expectations and perform better.