WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Variable Wattage Pens. Top Variable Wattage Pen Brands and Instructions

11th May 2021 | 247 | upends v

What are variable wattage pens?

Most vape enthusiasts have come across the term variable wattage in their vaping experience, and this term is not to be confused with its counterpart variable voltage pens. The two are popular and frequently used by vapers.

These variable wattages, in particular, have become so popular, and the mods keep evolving now and then. Beginners must get familiar with such mods before they head out to try mechanical and hybrid mods; advanced vaping individuals use the two. So for starters, get yourself a variable wattage mod.

Variable wattage mods are cell-powered vaping kits equipped with internal circuits to regulate the power output by adjusting the wattage. The internal circuitry is the key to these mods' safety and making them safe for beginners. This feature protects your device from damage. Hence it can't fire on its own; once it gets too hot, it will alert you.

The variable wattage mods have some spectacular features such as variable settings, displaying charge percentage, adjusting and setting wattage, atomizer resistance, and many more. Depending on which one you use, you might get more features.

Vaping on a variable wattage setting means that you get to control the amount of power being directed to the device. This setting is simple in terms of usage because you get coils that indicate the optimum watt output required.

Depending on the e-juice you are vaping on, you would prefer a wattage of between 80-90W; it is also okay to set lower watts, but this will prevent you from hitting the full potential, and flavors may get to lower levels.

Variable wattage pen brands

Freemax Twister

The freemax twister starter vape kit is a sensational variable wattage vape pen with superb graphics. It is built with an integrated 2000 mAh battery that can be recharged. A knob to adjust the wattage and is combined with the fireluke 2 mesh tank.

With the innovation from freemax, the twister does not have a display screen to extend the battery life of the battery and utilize the wattage adjustment know located at the base to help maintain the clean shadows that allow the colorful graphics to be visible.

The twister also comes with protective features powered by the twister chipset that protects the user and the device. The 2000 mAh battery can keep the twister running for more extended hours before you recharge again.


  • Leakproof vape tank
  • Coils are easy to swap
  • The fire button is rapid in response
  • The variable wattage feature allows for automatic adjustments
  • Best performance coils
  • High-quality graphics on the device cover


  • The glass tanks may easily break or crack if exposed to extreme falls
  • Not likable by people who love solid-color designs

SMOK vape pen

The SMOK vape pen is also a variable wattage device that is comfortable and perfectly fits into the hands. You can expect to get massive clouds from this vape pen size and performance. The SMOK has a 3ml pod and a few replaceable coils head essentially for mouth to lung and direct lung inhalation.

It comes with a battery capacity of 1100 mAh and an output of 15 watts. The SMOK device has a double plastic shell covering it on the outside but a bit chunkier. It is very well-fitting in hand and easily pocketable.

It could be heftier than many other vape pods at 8mm taller and 4mm thicker; it gets an over double battery capacity. SMOK is button activated, but you also need to turn it off when you are not using it, or else it goes off in your pockets.


  • It has a 1100mAh battery capacity for prolonged use
  • Compact in design and easily pocketable
  • Comfortable when placed in your hand
  • It is compatible with both the MTL and DL Pods
  • Has a convenient and efficient refilling system
  • The vapor production is good and of high quality
  • A 3 ml e-juice capacity that lasts longer


  • The airflow is too much for MTL pods
  • It isn't easy to track your juice levels
  • It can quickly fire in the pocket when not turned off

Voopoo Drag X

The voopoo drag x is covered in leather, and one may confuse the device for a Geekvape aegis pod kit. You get to see the standard buttons that are always found on the voopoo with a fire button and up button that are comfortably indented to fit the thumb finger when pressing on it.

With the Drag x plus, you get one battery mode with a 510 connector that can also take a 20700, 21700, 18650 battery and fire up to 100-200watt.


  • The overall build technology is flawless
  • It is very comfortable in the hand
  • It has a 21700 compatibility
  • Instant fire up from the gene chip
  • Large display screen and bright as well
  • Improved TPP coils that perform better than PnP
  • Good tank capacity all round


  • The branding appears to be overdone
  • Wattage selection is limited to presets
  • You cannot lock and vape
Geekvape Aegis X

Geekvape products have also been forerunners in the usage of variable wattage batteries. The Geekvape Aegis x is the newest two 18650 battery mods rated at 220 watts, and it has a clear 2.4-inch screen powered by the AS 2.0 chipset.

Geekvape's mod manufacturing track record has become popularized by the line of products they sell. They are one of the biggest distributors of variable wattage devices.  The Aegis X is a well-built mod maintaining the tactical looks of the previous designs, but it is much lighter than the rest.

The 510 thread has made the Ageis x compatible with almost every 510 threaded devices. It cannot give you any issues with the atomizers you would like to use. The power mode comes with soft, standard, and powerful preheating options, temperature regulation, and watt curve mode and uses a standard TCR, adjustable.

Pros of the Ageis x

  • The quality of the build is of high quality
  • You get a nice coating of rubber
  • You are presented with 8 color options
  • Perfectly designed for variable wattage
  • Has a good power performance
  • Can fit 26 mm atomizers without leaving a gap

Cons of the Ageis x

  • There is no listing for maximum amps
  • Not many people will like the battery door
  • You cannot attain total wattage while in TC mode

FAQs about the Variable Wattage

Why choose variable wattage?

Voltages usually fluctuate up and down over time, and the wattage automatically adjusts the voltage to meet the required power input. While on the other hand, the variable voltage can be adjusted manually depending on how much power you need.

Alternative vape: UPENDS


Your indispensable MTL open Pod system

The Uppen from UPENDS products has been created to give you the best flavor from every draw through the Etchip technology. The enlarged coils have improved efficiency in heating, and the mesh provides you satisfaction and sustained vapor from the first puff.

The UPPENDS have created the Uppen pod with coils that have been extensively tested to ensure that they meet the required standards that achieve customer satisfaction. It is equipped with features to make it compatible with any mainstream e-liquid

One notable feature is the easy-to-use Uppen cap that protects you and your device from dust. It has an antibacterial technology that furthers your hygiene levels.

The Uppen design has been created to ensure that your vaping contents stay intact with no leakages of elements and prevent dry hits.


The variable wattage vape pens have been seen to be performing better in the vaping industry. There are many ways in which the variable wattage feature has influenced the creation of many devices that run on automatically adjusting power modes, and many people are looking different.

There has been so much debate concerning the performance of variable voltage vapes against the variable wattage battery. Still, all I can say is that they are both unique in their settings and only vape users know their preferences.