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Variable volt vape. A Review and Instruction Guide of the Variable Volt Vape

10th May 2021 | 223 | upends v

What is a variable volt vape

The variable volt vape pen gives you the rights to configure the voltage you want your batteries to operate. Despite the amount of power left, it still provides a consistent supply of power and temperature regulation. This gives you so much control over flavor and experience.

Understanding the voltage vape pen is essential to note that setting higher voltage gives higher amounts of heat, increasing or reducing various aspects of your vape.

Low voltage settings give more subtle flavors to move through since some levels of hit cannot be achieved by higher heat. The lower voltages also give smooth and softer satisfaction since you need to hit after hit on low heat settings to get the desired THC levels. On the other hand, the higher voltages give a more enriched and heavier flavor than instant effects.

Your vaping experience when using a Variable volt vape largely relies on your vaping preferences. A few volt ranges have been recommended for starters. Once you get comfortable with how the devices work and their satisfaction levels, it will be easy to adjust accordingly.

It is of importance to remember that various cannabinoids and terpenes get activated at different temperatures. This means that you will get optimal flavors and effects from several strains at optimal temperatures.

How to use a variable voltage vape pen

The variable volt vape pens are pretty much easy to use. Some brands can be automatically activated when puffing, while others need to press a button or force sensor while puffing.

When you buy the variable Volt vape pen, it comes partially charged and ready to work as soon as you take it out of the box.


On the pen's tip, you will find a stylus button that you will click five times to turn it on. The indicator lights on the stylus tip will indicate that the pen is ready for use. Inhale, and the O.pen will automatically start the heating apparatus.

Changing the voltage settings also requires different mechanisms for various pens. To select your preferred voltage modes, click twice on the stylus button. The different colors on the indicator show the current volt settings.

Variable voltage pens vs variable wattage pens

Battery voltage keeps fluctuating from time to time, and many people go for variable wattage settings because they adjust automatically to cover for the fluctuations. So whatever your ohm rating, your device keeps running smooth. On the other hand, voltage pens need to be adjusted manually depending on the coil resistance. So its usage is all about personal preference and selecting what works for you.

How to set the appropriate Voltage for your vape pen

Commonly, the range for a variable volt vape pen is 3.3-4.8 volts. Although the best setting for you varies. You need to understand that the volts are necessary for temperature control which then regulates flavor and intensity. So we would ask you to go with your personal preference based on the given factors to know what you need.

If you are just being introduced to vaping, you must start with the lowest given voltage. For beginners, the sweet flavors with softer effects are good for you, and this is because lower voltage provides for a lower cannabinoid intensity on every hit. People who do low doses would also prefer a low volt.

For a full-bodied flavor and intensity of effects, vapers go for higher voltage settings. The main reason for a variable volt vape is to allow the user to have more control to fit personal preferences.

How to change a voltage vape pen battery

For vape pens that have integrated batteries, plugin using its provided cable. You are advised to use a suitable cable to charge, which avoids creating damage to the vape pen.

For a variable volt vape pen that use removable batteries, please take out the batteries as soon as it is drained. Replace them with newly recharged batteries and put your dead batteries in the charging kit to recharge them.

The charging time depends on the size and age of your device. Smaller vape pens can only take as low as thirty minutes, while the older pens need more than two hours.


The O.pen variable voltage battery is equipped with a unique rapid charge feature. You only have to swipe your finger across the logo on the charger, and the touch sensor activates the quick charge. This can give a dead battery entire life in only 20 minutes or less.

No matter what vape pen you are using, the best thing to do is charge the vape overnight to be fresh to use in the morning.

When your battery is fully charged, the indicator light may change its color when charged. For LCD screen vapes, the screen will display a 100% charge.  

For the O.pen vape pens, you can confirm your battery status by clicking the button thrice. The indicator lights display green, yellow, orange or red.

Difference between variable wattage pens and variable voltage vape

Both of these devices work by controlling the battery to create the desired effect during vaping. The wattage pens control the energy output in a device while the volts measure the energy input into a vaping device. Using a variable voltage device means setting the required volts to achieve a specific temperature range; setting the watts means the device adjusts its voltage.

Features of a variable volt vape pen

  • USB pass-through feature allows you to vape even while charging your device
  • The puff counter indicates how many puffs you have taken to keep track of how many puffs you are left with
  • The lock and unlock features let you prevent accidental firing of the vape pen and burning of the coils
  • Temperature controls adjust coil temperatures by detecting changes in atomizer resistance
  • Real-time voltage display lets you see voltage load in real-time and enables you to control how much voltage you want


  • Reverse polarity protection protects user and devices when batteries are not installed correctly
  • The device has short circuit protection, and the meaning device does not fire on short circuit
  • The resistant protection prevents your voltage mod from firing an atomizer
  • Discharge protection prevents firing when your batteries are overcharged
  • When the pen becomes too hot, it disables itself to avoid burning


  • The use of LED displays, microprocessors and touch sensors mean that the electrical components can get damaged after prolonged usage
  • Mods are more significant because they require space for wiring and complex circuits.

FAQs about variable voltage vape pens

Is the variable voltage pen worth it?

Yes, the variable voltage pen is worth it; many vape users would prefer to have a device to control their liking and work according to how they set it. The variable voltage pens offer such features to allow users to regulate the amount of power they want to use on their vape.

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Variable voltage vape pens have seen an excellent track record in the vaping industry since the induction of the technology in the creation of vaping pods, mods and coils. There has been a massive increase in the number of devices choosing to use variable technology in their devices.

Indeed, you can never go wrong with a variable voltage pen; one reason people love it is that it gives them the chance to regulate the volt settings of how they want their pen to work. This has led to many industries settling for the variable voltage feature to develop their products.