Vaporesso XROS review and instructions. The Build Quality, Design, Battery, How to Use, XROS Pods, and Performance

    Vaporesso XROS review and instructions. The Build Quality, Design, Battery, How to Use, XROS Pods, and Performance

    The XROS is a pod system designed and built by the Vaporesso Company. It looks like the newly introduced devices from Caliburn Company. The only difference is that it uses a stainless steel body which makes it more rugged and modern in look.

    It runs on an internal battery which has a capacity of 800mAh battery which can function as a draw-activated and button-operated unit. The pods can hold up to 2ml of liquid and use coils with 0.8-1.2 mesh coils resistances.

    The main thing that makes the XROS different from the rest is its outstanding features, such as adjustable airflow, and the pods allow the user to watch the liquid levels.

    The pods are fit into position by using a magnet and can be seen even when they are in the device. And lastly, it comes with a type C fast charging USB feature.

    Feature-wise, the device still has so much to do, but the performance and ease of use make it a good unit. 

    Build Quality and Design of the Vaporesso

    The Vaporesso XROS weighs close to 45 grams when the pod is installed. It measures approximately 112 mm in height and a width of 12mm and 23mm long. Comparing its sizes with the Uwell Caliburn, it appears to be slightly bigger and heavier by almost 20 grams. But that does not take away the compact design of the Uwell, which makes it easy to fit into any pocket.

    The overall design is impressive, and when you get the stainless steel edition, you will notice its good aesthetics. It is very appealing to the eye despite having a bare color code. The Vaporesso logo is embedded at the bottom, and the black edition looks better with the logo on it. 

    The USB-C charging port is found at the bottom of the device, and the pods appear flush from the top. It is therefore easy to track the liquid levels, and the draw activation, which the push-button can assist, can seem easy to use. It also has an Axon chip which comes with numerous safety precautions.

    Lastly, the airflow is adjustable from the back of the device by sliding the toggle option. But dragging the stopper needs you to push it using your nails to make it respond. Adjusting is not a hard task. Once it is set, it holds its position very well. The AFC navigation lets you explore direct lung vaping, which is much lighter and restrictive.

    Battery and charging of the Vaporesso

    The battery has a capacity of 800mAh which works better than the 520mAh devices. This is impressive, considering the device is not heavy. The power provided is enough to get you through the day.

    It works better with 30-50mg nic salts running on 1.2ohm coils. When using the 0.8ohm coils with 3mg nicotine, it cannot last a full day. Taking bigger and more frequent puffs when using low nicotine and the 0.8 ohms are more power-hungry.

    The company claims that charging this device would take approximately 45 minutes. But you would be surprised to find out that it takes even less to charge fully.

    It also offers pass-through charging that lets you vape even when your device is charging. When the device charges, an LED light blinks in red, and after completion, it turns green.                                       

    How to use the Vaporesso XROS

    The XROS is very easy to refill, and to do this, you need to first remove the mouthpiece that holds firmly onto the pod. But you will need to use a little bit more force to take it out. But this would likely destroy your pod after a sequence of removal and return.


    Because the Vaporesso XROS coil cannot be removed, it does not need to last you for long. But it is advisable to have some extra mouthpieces in case you damage one of them. Once you have removed the mouthpiece, a small port and an air release hole that helps you see. The little seal on the opening prevents the liquid from escaping the pod. 

    The refilling process;

    • Remove the mouthpiece
    • Fill in the required amount of e-liquid
    • Put back the mouthpiece

    You do not have to take out the pod from the device because it would have spillage issues if it used a bottom fill design.

    XROS Pods

    The device's internal battery has been designed to last for close to a day, and even though the pods can last in varying lifespans, the 1.2ohm is better even when using a 50/50 VG to PG ratio. While a few pods can handle standard e-liquids with higher VG/PG levels. The pods are very straightforward, especially with the fill design.

    Users need to take out the mouthpiece to get to the fill port, which has stoppers to protect them. They have a capacity of 2ml, and they are quality. There are no reported leaking issues, especially while still in use. These are assisted by layers of red silicone, which help stop leaking.

    The kit comes with two pods which are fitted with a cotton wick and mesh coils. The 1.2 ohms pods work better for mouth-to-lung vaping with an airflow set at the lowest ranges. The o. 8 pods can come in handy when you go for direct-to-lung vaping, especially in open settings.


    The draw can be adjusted with the airflow controller. It has three wide-open slots, and you experience a much restrictive direct-to-lung draw. When two holes are open, the restrictiveness is still equal but not much different.

    On the slightest settings, you can now start feeling the Mouthy-to-lung vaping, which is somewhat airy. Suppose you hold the device wrongly, which can cover the holes. Remember to be watchful when using this unit because it is not like the other units.

    The vapor production is nice and puts out a huge cloud altogether. That would be because of the low resistance mesh coils, which improve the airflow. The vapor production is above average, and the temperature is cool at the same time. Additionally, the pods cool down faster when using wider airflow.

    Pros and cons of the Vaporesso XROS


    • Rugged but well-built design
    • Features a more sleek and modern design
    • Compact device and ergonomic
    • Airflow can be adjusted
    • Liquid levels are easy to monitor
    • No leakage issues


    • Liquid runs out quickly
    • The throat hit is not strong
    • The airflow toggle replacement is not better

    FAQs about the Vaporesso XROS

    Is the Vaporesso XROS worth it?

    Yes, it is. The XROS is one of the most spectacular devices from Vaporesso, and their performance is commendable. You cannot miss out on the importance of its performance.

    How do you charge the Vaporesso XROS?

    The Vaporesso XROS comes with a USB charging port and the bottom of the pen, and you can connect it to a power source when it runs out of power. It takes less than one hour to recharge.

    How much is the Vaporesso XROS?

    The Vaporesso is not expensive. It has a price range of $19.99-$39.90, making it very affordable for all kinds of vape users. Both beginners and seasoned users.



    The Upcott is a one-of-a-kind pod unit that is filled with organic cotton to help prevent leakages. You will not experience any spitting or popping issues when using this device.

    It has a simple structure that is innovative and considerate. It eliminates all the worthless expenses and gives a vaping choice at a very affordable price.


    The Vaporesso XROS is a different kind of device with an ergonomic and exceptional performance. The versatile airflow options make it a device to always consider when you want to vape. Vaporesso put so much consideration into the build quality, starting from the kit to the pod itself. The pods are built with silicone layers at the bottom to avoid leakages.


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