Vaporesso Sky Solo, Vaporesso Sky Solo plus, Vaporesso Orca Solo review and instructions

    Vaporesso Sky Solo, Vaporesso Sky Solo plus, Vaporesso Orca Solo review and instructions

    In early 2018, the vape industry was trying to come up with simple and effective devices. In the process, people gave their attention to vape pens, and they tried to get their hands on the best. As the pods made it to the industry, most companies rushed to produce them and forgot about vape pens.

    But a few companies, such as Vaporesso, did not give up on vape pens. They launched their Vaporesso sky series, which proved to be a success. With the success of the Sky Solo, they had to come up with the Sky Solo plus.

    The Sky Solo series can be used as a starter kit for people who want to start vaping. The whole design aspect has been designed to serve beginners who do not know about using vape pens. They come with one button to get you started.

    They are running on an OMNI board mini chipset which has been advanced to ensure safety and simplicity of usage. The flavor of the pen can be changed by twisting off the cap and pouring in your liquid.

    The GT meshed coil has a better wicking ability, and they make the SOLO pens good for bringing the clouds to you.

    Sky Solo


    • 3.5 ml e-liquid capacity
    • Stainless steel build material
    • Runs on OMNI board mini chipset
    • Pre-installed GT mesh coil
    • Top-fill design
    • Strong battery

    The Sky Solo vape pen cannot be adjusted, and it just has a firing button with no much to do. You get a LED indicator near the fire button, which is bright enough for you to see. It has color codes to show you the battery percentage, and you can only see the charge level when you click the fire button. It would be better if the percentages were more defined.

    The device is generally nice, and the design does not have anything much going on. It is no different than the other vape pens you see at the market. It runs on a 1300 mAh battery and can handle up to 2ml of liquid in the pod.

    The colors are okay, and they do not easily chip off or wear out. Being an All-in-one device with a built-in atomizer, you cannot use it anywhere. The USB port is located at the back, but no charge rate is indicated. 

    Coil performance

    The tank is irremovable, so you only have to screw your coils on the battery. The pen is good for DTL, and the air is not adjustable. With a 3.5ml capacity and a bubble glass, you must use the top fill design to replenish your liquids. The hole is large enough to allow all kinds of nozzles. 


    • The build quality is of a mod and tank
    • Lightweight enough for portability
    • Simple to refill
    • Pass through the ability to vaping
    • Varied coil options
    • Fast charging features


    • Nonreplaceable drip tank
    • Delrin thread tank
    • Poor battery life and coil life
    • Poor indication of specs

    Sky Solo plus


    • 8m liquid holding capacity
    • Power output up to 90w
    • 3000mAh battery
    • OMNI chipset
    • Top-fill design

    The Sky Solo plus is an all-in-one vape pen that looks very similar to the Sky Solo. It has a battery built to the bottom tube and the top tank design. The tank is built-in, so you cannot take out the tank or replace it. It comes in a variation of many colors, black, blue, silver and rainbow. The battery comes with a matte finish which cannot get fingerprints on it.

    The device is light when held at only 136g, but it does not feel any cheap. The indicator light around your firing button lets you see the battery level on your device. You also get a USB port where you can recharge your battery and find it at the side of the pen.

    The device has a capacity of 8ml and a 1400mAh battery which is strong enough to handle what it is needed to do. The unit also uses the top fill design like the Solo, so you will not get any rundowns when using the device.

    The design is simple, subtle, and feels light without losing its expensive feeling. The fire button is well textured and very responsive. This battery is an excellent performer.


    • Good flavor and coil performance
    • A simple device to use
    • 8ml tank capacity to hold more liquid
    • Bright and well-functioning indicator lights


    • The integrated tank cannot be taken out
    • Airflow cannot be adjusted
    • There is no spare glass included
    • There is no wattage control

    Vaporesso Orca Solo


    • All-in-one device
    • Maximum power output of 12w
    • 1.5 ml tank capacity
    • Pass-through charging
    • 800mAh battery rechargeable with USB
    • Direct voltage with short circuit protection

    The Vaporesso Orca Solo borrows so much from all other vape pen designs that have made their way into the market. The device takes on a tubular shape for the base, and the tank is bullet-shaped. While the design mighty appears not to be unique or ground-breaking, it looks great with a few noticeable differences. The color scheme is much uniform and makes the kit look much better. 

    The Orca Solo comes with seven color variations, purple, silver, rainbow, black, mint green, metallic grey, and rose gold. It is made out of rock-solid steel, which feels so good in the hand. You will not experience any wiggling or rattling at any point—the battery charges through a Micro USB port found at the side of the mode. There is a single tactile button that feels clicky, and pressing it is satisfactory. You get no delays when using this unit.

    Battery function

    The power supply in this device is made possible by the internal battery. You, therefore, do not get any direct voltage or wattage control options. It can be well used by beginners, especially for mouth-to-lung delivery. The vapor is full and more condensed, which at times looks better than what you would expect from a box mod. There are no temperature controls in this device, so you will have to control how you draw.

    Vapor production and flavor quality

    This device gives a condensed vapor, which is made possible by the CCELL technology and ceramic coils. The flavors feel fuller and cleaner, and you do not get any unwanted flavors. The coils are also durable, and they can give a constant flavor profile that never feels bland or out of line. They, therefore, ensure the longevity of coils and many other things involved.


    Coils performance

    The coils do a good job in terms of performance. It has a slight airflow restriction and operates at medium power output. This gives a rich flavor and huge cloud productions. With the 1.3ohm ceramic coil, you get a little noise derived from the inhale and no turbulence.


    • Super light and pocket friendly
    • Incredible battery life
    • Convenient top-fill system
    • Tough stainless steel free from chips and scratches


    • Gurgling and turbulence after tank refill
    • Leakage from coils
    • LED lights are dimmer
    • Battery life is not good enough



    The Uppen from UPENDS is an innovative vape unit that gives satisfactory vapor from the first puff. The design features an Etchip 2.0 flavor master coil which maintains the originality of the flavor.

    This pod has been tested with all mainstream liquids, and they work nicely. The uppen cap is also good to protect your substances from oxidation when exposed to air. You can leave it in the open for days and still use it.


    The Vaporesso vape pens have held a great deal in the vape market. The devices are good, especially in terms of vapor production, and no device tops their delivery. They did a good job making sure the Sky Solo plus was not comparable to the Sky Solo's performance.

    Each of the devices feels unique when held in hand. Their performance is also top tier, including the Solo Orca. You can, therefore, not feel left out on the AIO vape movement.

    UpBar RS Disposable Vape(Newest)


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