Vaporesso Podstick review and instructions. The Build Quality, Design, Features, Performance, and More

    Vaporesso Podstick review and instructions. The Build Quality, Design, Features, Performance, and More

    The Vaporesso Podstick is an all-in-one pod-style mod that runs on a 900mAh battery. The pod system is compact and does not have any standard form factor making it workable with any pods at higher resistances. It has a smaller Omni board version which is the best chipset from Vaporesso.

    From its name, you can already tell that the pod takes a stick shape. It comes with three power options and two pod options. One pod works for the MTL draw, while the other works for the DTL draw.

    Vaporesso identifies itself as 'the best for both worlds.' This might not be the first vape mod to serve both MTL and DTL lovers, but not many of them make it to standards. 

    Build quality and design

    The Vaporesso Podstick is a lightweight device that weighs approximately 43 grams when the pod is mounted on it. The lightness is mostly contributed to by the aluminum design-build of the pod and the extra plastic components. Even though it is not as compact as expected, the Podstick has a perfect narrow shape that makes it easy to carry in the pocket.

    The build quality does not have anything much to critique since it does not fall short of expectations. It feels ergonomic, sturdy and the bottom does not rattle at any point. Even with the lightweight formation, the pen does not in any way look cheap.

    It bears a solid paint job, and it can last for a very long time without getting scratches or dents. Therefore you can be sure that you are safe from indentations and chippings regularly. You can feel the Vaporesso vibe immediately after you take your unit out of its packaging.

    They also added a newer bronze color button which seemingly is the new way to brand Vaporesso products, but it would have been much better if the components were black. Apart from the button, there is no issu8e with the quality and build of the Podstick.

    Vaporesso Podstick features

    • The pods have an e-liquid capacity of 2ml which can be refilled
    • The battery is internally built and has a capacity of 900mAh
    • It has three power output modes which vary depending on the pod being used
    • Battery lights are installed for indication
    • The pod coils range from 1.3 ohms for CCELL and 0.6 ohms for mesh
    • The top-fill design makes it easy to refill the device
    • It runs on the Omni board’s mini chipset.

    The Podstick comes with varied color options you can choose from, with colors such as pure black or gold and extra colors, namely phantom and splashed. The color gloss is spectacular, and even after using it for a long time, the color still stays glossy. The light build makes you even carry the pen in your pockets.

    The build is a combination of a thermoplastic polyester design combines with aluminum to make it more long-lasting. This plastic is stronger than all other kinds of plastic and can handle hard hits so well.

    Vaporesso Podstick pods

    The mod pods are built from plastic, and their tips are non-removable drip tips. The bore diameter might appear to be the same, but you will notice that the MTL pod has a plastic layer to give it a slightly thinner bore. The pod resistance is marked on the side, and you cannot easily see it, but it does not make any sense, so it’s nothing to worry about.                                

    The push-to-fill design seems to be used for child protection features, but sometimes it gets messy because no air escapes. The thicker nozzle bottles are not easy to use on this pod, and you will find it hard to transfer the juice. 

    The 0.6ohm coil easily works well with 70 vegetable glycerin, but it does not do well with anything on the 50/50 rate, especially with a 1.3ohm coil made from ceramic. If you are a lover of higher VG, then stick to an aerated draw with a 0.6 ohm. You will mostly love how the pods last for a very long time.

    Battery and charge performance

    The pod uses a 900mAh built-in battery that works as a standard range for all other refillable devices in the pod category. Different usage durations are depending on the type of mod and the power selection you are using. The MTL pod does not have higher max power limits, maybe at 11w, while the sub-ohm coils can hit almost 22W output. 

    You can expect to deplete a full battery when running on the highest power level with regulated pod usage. Five LEDs are placed on the face of the device, which shows the battery level. When all the five LED lights are up, it means your battery is full of power. As the power runs low, the lights will go down, meaning you need to recharge.

    How to use the pods

    This unit Podstick is packed with two pods. One of them is a 1.3-ohm CCELL coil, and the other is a 0.6-ohm mesh coil, referred to as 'MESHED.' As you look keenly, you will get a micro USB cable and a user manual that can guide you on how to use the device. 

    To start using the device, start pushing the pod top from one flat side, which will open up the push-to-fill design. If you have been an ardent user of aspiring devices, the design is most likely familiar to you.


    Get a thin nozzle device that can help you refill the pod easier. Ensure the bottle tip is inside the filling hole. If your tip does not fit, use the included bottle and set aside the pod to let it prime before using the device.

    You can utilize the power settings to give you a much-personalized setup. You can do this by pressing the power button three times. The LED will go green, then blue or red. You cannot adjust the airflow, but you can notice the difference between the pods.


    The device runs on a smaller edition of the Omni board, and it has a faster firing rate and huge options of protection features. You can see that from how it performs. The 0.6 ohm is a pod filled with flavor, which works better for an MTL vape or a much restricted DTL, especially if you fancy hot vapes. The amount of vapor is much warmer compared to the average automatic draw pod system. 

    Sometimes the mouthpiece can leak, especially when left idle all night.

    Pros and cons


    • The device is lightweight and perfectly shaped
    • It has a solid paint job
    • The unit is very easy to use
    • The pods work very well


    • Thicker nozzles make a push to fill hard
    • You cannot extract the e-juices from the pods
    • The battery indication sometimes is not accurate

    FAQs about Vaporesso Podstick

    How much is the Vaporesso Podstick?

    The Podstick has a price range of between $14 and $80, making it affordable for beginners and experienced users alike. It is worth having it in your collection.

    Is the Vaporesso Podstick worth it?

    You cannot miss such an amazing product, owing to its perfect MTL and DTL delivery system. The performance is also good and can change your perspective on vaping.



    The UpOx features the innovative etchip coil, which is a signature among UPENDS devices. The pod can work with almost all mainstream e-liquids and have a better heating efficiency, and the coils give a better vapor hit which is flavorful and has an original feel to it. You can invert the pod 180° to protect it from dust and lint.


    The Vaporesso Podstick is a device that can satisfy both people who like MTL and DTL, which makes it an all-around device. The performance is top-notch, but like any other device, you will experience a few shortcomings, but this will be a good thing for beginners. Experienced vapers alike who want to try MTL and DL will find it easy to use and a properly built vape that makes so much sense.

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