Vapor World Vape Hardware, E-Liquids, and Disposables Review and Instructions

    Vapor World Vape Hardware, E-Liquids, and Disposables Review and Instructions

    In a quest of looking for the best vape equipment, your first step should be attempting to look for the best vape shop that will deliver the equipment. You need to locate a vape shop that can deliver your ordered equipment, has a large collection of vapes, has great customer service, competitive price, great after-sales service, among other services.

    With all these factors, Vapor World stands out as the best. It has a large collection of vape equipment that is a few clicks away. We shall focus on the main products sold by Vapor World like vape hardware, E-Liquids, and Disposables.

    What is Vapor World?

    Vapor World is one of the renowned online vape equipment shops located in Australia. It is known for its fast collection of e-liquids that are exceptional in nicotine strength, 15ml quantity, and variable flavors.

    With Vapor World, you will enjoy a tasteful vaping experience at pocket-friendly prices.

    Vapor World Hardware

    Vapor World allows you to choose your favorite hardware from its fast collection of high-quality and best-known Pods, Mods, Tanks, and other starter kits.

    Vapor World Mods

    Here are the best Vapor World mods;

    Lost Vape Thelema DNA 250C Mod

    In case you are looking for an outstanding vape experience, then Lost Vape Thelema DNA 250C Mod should not miss on your shopping list. It is designed with high-end workmanship that makes it have a gorgeous look and a notable vaping power.

    Lost Vape Thelema DNA 250C Mod allows you to enjoy the vape at different vape settings. You can enjoy your vape through the Replay Mode that captures the best flavor at the first puff and maintains the same flavor in subsequent puffs. The Boost Mode that briefly increases the vaping power to allow you to achieve the desired vapor faster, and finally, the accurate temperature control that measures and limits the temperature of the coil to make sure the coil does not get too hot or too cold.

    It has a powerful battery that can power and also act as a power bank. This way, you can use it to vape and charge your mobile phone concurrently.

    Dovpo Odin Mini DNA75C Mod


    Dovpo Odin Mini DNA75C Mod is a unique mode powered by one 21700 battery. The battery is able to deliver a maximum power output of 75W that is enough to allow you to enjoy the best vape vapor and flavor.

    It features an Evolv DNA75C Chip that allows you to customize its interface for ease of tailoring your vape and battery efficiency. 

    Dovpo Odin Mini DNA75C Mod is compatible with any tank of up to 26mm diameter. This makes it a versatile mod fitting many tanks available in the market.

    Vapor World Tanks

    Vapor World is also best known for stocking the following tanks;

    Uwell Crown V 200W Crown V Tank

    Uwell Crown V 200W Crown V Tank is specifically designed to fit in various sub-ohm and high-wattage vape needs. It is made leakage-free, and in case of any leakage or spill-off, Uwell Crown V 200W Crown V Tank is designed with a self-cleaning feature. This way, you will not spend time cleaning your tank from time to time.

    Uwell Crown V 200W Crown V Tank also comes with an airflow control at the bottom. You can control the airflow that will determine the amount of flavor and vapor you are going to get as you vape.

    Uwell Crown V 200W Crown V Tank has a capacity of 5ml. This makes it one of the high-capacity tanks that have enough capacity to allow you to enjoy vaping for a while before refilling it.

    NRG-S Tank

    NRG-S Tank is one of the best tanks that is mostly used in a Vaporesso Gen X 220W. This tank is unique, with a dimensional size of 30 x 55.9 mm that makes it fit on many vape kits. With a 510 threading and 510 drip tip, the NRG-S tank is compatible with various standard batteries, coils, and other vape accessories.

    It comes with an e-liquid capacity of 8ml. This capacity is high enough to allow you to vape for a long time before stopping for refilling. This assures you continuous vaping.

    Vapor World E-Liquids

    With Vapor World, you can always get a vast collection of e-liquids that differ in capacity, flavor, and nicotine strengths. 

    Here are some of the e-liquids;

    Grape Vape

    Grape Vape e-liquid is produced by Pop Clouds and sold by Vapor world. It is made from ripe and sweetened grapes blended with a sugary coating for delicious vaping. All the ingredients are perfectly blended together to make sure you get the best vaping experience you must be craving.

    With a PG: VG ratio of 30/70, Grape Vape E-liquid balances flavor and vapor with no nicotine. Since it is a freebase e-liquid, Grape vape is suitable for beginners in vaping and those who vape for leisure. You can order Grape Vape e-liquid in 60ml or 120 ml capacities.

    Cool Mint E-Liquid

    Cool Mint is one of the best and outstanding e-liquid stocked by vapor world. It is a product of VO2, a renowned e-liquid developer and highest contributor of vape equipment.

    If you are a menthol vapor, then Cool Mint E-liquid is specifically made for you. As you vape, you inhale a cool spearmint and peppermint frost, but as you exhale, you experience a slightly sweet mint profile. If you are a menthol smoker, you must have heard of this experience, but this gives you a refreshing experience.

    It comes with a 30:70 PG to VG ratio with no nicotine content. You can obtain it in a 60ml bottle.

    Vapor World Accessories

    Samsung 25R 2500mAh 18650 Lithium Battery

    Samsung 25R 2500mAh 18650 Lithium Battery is also available on the shelves of vapor world, and you can use it as a replacement battery for your vape equipment. 

    It comes with a nominal capacity of 2500mAh, a nominal voltage of 3.6V, but you do not have to discharge it below 2.5V. It operates at a temperature range of 0-50 degrees Celsius.

    Always check your vape equipment specifications to make sure they rhyme with Samsung 25R 2500mAh 18650 Lithium Battery before buying it.

    Nitecore Intellicharger 12 Battery Charger

    This is a unique charger with no fancy screens or whistles and bells that is the best at the best price. Its compatibility with many vape equipment also makes it unique and outstanding.

    It can charge both the Li-ion, Ni-Mh, and Ni-CD batteries. You need to understand your battery type, study its charging mechanism, and set the appropriate charging mode.


    • 132 x 70 x 35 x 35mm dimensional size
    • 126g weight
    • 500mA x 2 output current
    • 100-240V input

    Some other accessories from Vapor Society include; Aspire drip tip, Blitz snakeskin resin drip tip, Vaporesso Skrr resin drip tip, 810-510 drip tip adaptor, Pre-Wrapped coils, Top magnetic USB Charge cable, and many more.


    Does Vapor World offer Shipping?

    Yes! Vapor World can offer shipping on all ordered equipment within a specified period. If you want express shipping, you can also notify them and receive the ordered goods within a short time. Due to Australian policy, vapor world does not ship lithium-ion batteries sold separately via express.


    As an Australian vaper, you can easily access the vapor world shop and order your vape equipment directly from the physical shop. If you live far either, you don’t need to worry; you can also visit our online store and place your orders. Your goods will be delivered on express shipping or normal shipping.




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