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Vaping vs. Smoking, Which is better for Health?

13th Apr 2021 | 9 | upends v

UPENDS Guide to Understanding How Smoking and Vaping Relate

Many people consume nicotine and marijuana in different ways. While smoking is the oldest way of consuming your favorite hit, vaping is out as the best alternative to smoking, giving you a different way to enjoy the hits.

Smoking and vaping both deliver nicotine hits using different equipment and different ways. If you choose to smoke, then you will consume nicotine using stick cigarettes, and burning while vaping will allow you to enjoy nicotine using vape pens through an e-liquid.

Before we get into the details of smoking and vaping, we need to understand that vaping is not smoking, but vaping can help you quit smoking. Many people are attracted to vaping because of the taste, flavors, and smells. Due to vast knowledge on these fields, UPENDS has prepared this guide to give you an understanding of how smoking and vaping relate.

Smoking vs. Vaping, What are the Differences?

Although both smoking and vaping allow you to enjoy the nicotine hit for satisfying your cravings, they have a wider difference. Vaping is a safer alternative to smoking.

Here are some of the notable differences;

  • Both smoking and vaping deliver nicotine hits. The difference comes in the way the nicotine content is delivered. The cigarette burns tobacco to release nicotine alongside other harmful elements, while vaping delivers nicotine in the form of vapors from an e-liquid.
  • They also differ on nicotine level; smoking gives a fixed nicotine level, while vaping lets you decide the amount you wish to consume. When smoking, the amount of nicotine you get depends on how you smoke, while the amount of nicotine you get from vaping depends on the strength of the e-liquid you choose and how you vape.
  • Smoking is considered harmful to your health as it produces nicotine by burning tobacco, thus producing other harmful toxins. Thus vaping exposes you to less harm than smoking.
  • Cost-wise, vaping is less costly as compared to smoking. If you smoke 20 cigarettes a day, you may end up spending up to $9000 per year, while you can spend $900 per year on vaping and still quench your cravings.

Is Vaping Safer than Smoking Cigarettes?

Yes! Vaping is recommended as the best alternative to smoking. Smoking is achieved by burning tobacco using traditional tobacco cigarettes. When tobacco burns, it produces a list of toxins that can adversely affect your health. The toxins are produced as tobacco burns.

On the other hand, vaping has its effects, but they are less likely to cause as much effect as those caused by smoking. When vaping, you use an e-liquid that does not burn; hence there is no production of any toxins.

The fact here is that vaping exposes you to fewer toxins as compared to those of smoking.

Another field that makes vaping less harmful than smoking is that you decide the amount of nicotine you wish to consume with vaping. The traditional nicotine cigarettes give you a fixed amount of nicotine you consume per cigarette. On the other hand, you decide the amount of nicotine you want to consume on vaping by choosing an e-liquid with the preferred nicotine strength.

Due to the safe nature of vaping against smoking, many smokers are quitting smoking for vaping. Vaping provides the best way to quit smoking and still enjoy the best nicotine hits similar to those of smoking.

Long-term Effects of Smoking

According to CDC, smoking is associated with a number of long-term effects. Apart from the nicotine that you need, when you smoke, you burn tobacco that produces dangerous chemicals like acetone, tar, and carbon monoxide. These elements, when absorbed into the blood system, may cause adverse health effects.

Among the long-term smoking effects include;

Mood Stimulation- smoking can temporarily put you in a mood-like hallucination that requires that you always smoke to stay in the mood. As this mood fades off, you may crave more smoking that leads to addiction.

If you withdraw from smoking, thus cutting on consuming nicotine, you may feel anxious, depressed, irritated, headaches, and sleep problems. This is usual caused by the effects of nicotine on your Central Nervous System.

Respiratory Disorders- Lungs play a central role in your respiratory system, but cigarette smoke comes with a substance that can damage your lungs. Although the effects may not be noticed at the early stages of smoking, over some time, there may be increased infections leading to;

  • Chronic Bronchitis- this is a respiratory disorder caused by permanent inflation that affects the lining of breathing tubes.
  • Emphysema- this is associated with the destruction of air sacs
  • Lung cancer and many more.

If you quit smoking, you may experience congestion and breathing discomfort, but these are among the signs that your airways and lungs are healing.

Cardiovascular System Disorders- these are disorders associated with your nervous system. Continuous smoking means too much consumption of nicotine that causes narrowing and damage of blood vessels that causes peripheral artery disease.

Smoking is also associated with weakening of blood vessel walls, raising blood pressure, and increase blood clots that, when combines, may cause a stroke.

Integumentary System Effects- these are smoking effects that are associated with your skin, nails, and even hair. A study indicates that smoking comes with a substance that causes skin cancer.

Smoking also increases the likelihood of fungal nail infections that usually affect your nails.

Digestive System Smoking Effects- long-term smoking can affect your larynx, throat, mount, and esophagus, causing respective cancers. There are also chances that you may be at risk of pancreatic cancer.

Smoking also has an effect on your insulin, causing resistance to insulin that exposes you to the risk of being affected by type-2 diabetes.

Sexuality and Reproductive System Effects- too much consumption of nicotine restrains blood flow to the genital areas. To male smokers, it may cause sexual underperformance, while on women, it may cause sexual dissatisfaction.

Smoking is also associated with lowering the hormone levels in both genders, thus lowering sexual desire.

Let’s Look at some of the FAQS Associated with Vaping and Smoking

What are E-Cigarettes?

An e-cigarette, otherwise known as an electronic cigarette, is a battery-operated device that releases an inhalable vaporized solution. An e-cigarette mimics a cigar, a pen, a pipe, or a USB drive.

An e-cigarette comes with some basic parts that aid it to function correctly. The parts include;

  • The Mouthpiece- this is the part of an e-cigarette that you insert into your mouth as you vape.
  • The Battery- the battery powers the heating element that heats up the e-liquid.
  • The Atomizer- this performs the function of heating the e-liquid to vaporize it so that it can be inhalable.
  • The Sensor- this part senses when you take a puff and activates the vaporizer.

Can Vaping Help Cut Down Or Quit Smoking Regular Cigarettes?

Vaping is set out as the best alternative to smoking. Many smokers use regular cigarettes to smoke that burn tobacco to supply the required nicotine. However, as tobacco burns, it may produce other harmful toxins. Vaping is recommended as it does not involve any burning thus less harmful.

The reason for regular smoking cigarettes is to get the nicotine hit that will quench your cravings. Vaping can help you quit smoking traditional cigarettes as they provide a similar nicotine hit.

Cigarettes Vs. Smoking, Is Vaping Better Than Smoking?

Yes! Vaping is the best alternative to quitting smoking. Vaping is considered a better option as compared to smoking as it does not burn the e-liquid for you to vape. Smoking exposes you to a number of toxins that are not good for your health.

Vaping is also considered a better option for smoking as you can control the amount of nicotine you consume per day by choosing the right nicotine strength for you, unlike smoking that comes with constant nicotine content.

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Vaping and smoking may cause similar effects in your body, but those associated with smoking are adverse. You can quit smoking and opt for vaping, and still enjoy the best and satisfying hit.