WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Vaping 360: Advice on Formaldehyde Content in a Vape

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Name:  vaping360

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Adress: Hagenmarkt 8, Braunschweig, Lower Saxony 38100, DE

Website: https://vaping360.com/

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Main products:             CBD vape, vape pen, CBD vape juice, best vape pen, CBD vape pen, vape bands

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Background information

Who are they?

This firm is the largest website media worldwide when it comes to Vaping. It records over 1,500,000 visitors per month.

The store was launched back in 2014 with the aim of helping smokers to have a healthier and cleaner alternative.  The website has managed to achieve the goals through the help of experienced Vapers who are from all corners of the world. Although formaldehyde in Vape is dangerous to the health of the clients, the firm aspires to create a smoke-free place. You can access more information from their website or contact information.

The user needs to know what the store looks like, so a picture of the store is necessary:

Their website is so friendly. The website has news, reviews, brands section; you can also learn more on their site. Not forgetting, they have a lifestyle section for their clients and even giveaway offers. Visit the website at https://vaping360.com/.

The above is vaping360 online store photo. The store also contains CBD products, hardware, Vape pens, cartridges, and CBD strains and flowers. The store gives a user an inside look at their products and price in addition to the user manual.

The firm is not liable to any damages or breach caused by negligence or intentional unless it is by a vaping 360 representative. The Law of German also applies in their daily operations and stipulated rules.


Vaping360 mainly specializes in diacetyl-free e-juice. They have reduced formaldehyde in Vape products.

Why reduce formaldehyde in Vape?

First, Diacetyl content in e-juice contains formaldehyde. So, what is DA (Diacetyl)? In simple terms, it’s a compound in beer fermentation. It’s used as a flourishing agent of Formaldehyde in Vape juices. It is safe when you consume it in food but risky when inhaled. After proven research works 2014, many fruit juices were found by researchers to contain DA. Do all companies lie as per the research? Most are using DA  in a slim to none ingredient. When used as a flavoring agent, formaldehyde in Vape adds flavor to e-juice, which many Vapers enjoy.
Although Da is also in cigarettes, the content is high in it than e-juice. The risks of Formaldehyde in Vape are reduced since the content of DA is extreme in cigarettes.

Is diacetyl-free liquid safe to a vaper?

Many of the vape products at vaping360 have Vape flavoring juices. Eliminating no-critical elements in e-juice might be safe. To be safer, you need to take unflavored e-juice. If not, Vape diacetyl-free juice is the safest option. Vaping is 95% proven to be safe than simply smoking.
Vaping360 reserves all rights and assume no liability of the claims from e-juice firms.


What are the main products sold at the vape360 store?

The main brands are found in an online store here

Here are a few of these brands

  1. Black Note

For the genuine tobacco connoisseur, Black Note offers the Best e-juice. All of them are made with fresh tobacco and a natural extraction method. The spices are bold, credible, and free of diacetyl. A variation of menthol scents made from natural peppermint oil extract is also available. Each flavor is made up of a 50/50 VG/PG ratio.

  1. VaporFi

This company is on a mission to transform people's lives when it comes to smoking. All of their e-liquid is produced in the United States with diacetyl-free kosher spices. Choose among dozens of expertly crafted scents or make your custom concoctions. There are three different VG/PG levels to choose from: 50%, 70%, and 100%

  1. Kind Juice

Kind Juice is a refreshing change from the usual e-juice. The brand does not use artificial sweeteners or diacetyl or formaldehyde in Vape, instead opting for natural extracts and natural ingredients. It's one of the many unique e-liquid on the market. Their tastes range from tobacco, floral to fruit nectar. Each one is made with the highest amount of VG possible.

  1. KAI’s Virgin Vapor

KAI's Virgin Vapor is as pure as they come. They use cutting-edge GC-MS tests to verify that their e-juice is diacetyl-free. They, at a time, emphasize using USP and kosher-grade spices, as well as organic ingredients from third parties. There's a wide range of flavors to Vape from, and all of their e-juice is high in VG.

  1. Cosmic Fog

Cosmic Fog's flavors are some of the most unusual on the market. Vapers with an origin in culinary arts deeply tested and designed this product. They are all crafted in an ISO 8 certified lab and are free of diacetyl, no formaldehyde in Vape, and other heavy metals. Your taste buds will be treated to entirely different expertise with each flavor.

  1. Geekvape

This is considered to be the legend that made the vapes. This brand was introduced by the firm back in 2015, and its buzz is real. The first product was Graffin RTA that went successful in the market. There are so many sub-brands in this legend, including Expresso, Tsunami RDA, a 22mm atomizer with version 22mm.

 In this category, the high-quality rebuilder brand was DigiFlavor atomizer that later was renovated with tradition and came up with a blending RTAs series.

Verdict and conclusion on Formaldehyde in Vape

Various studies conclude that even though there is little formaldehyde in Vapes as opposed by the manufacturers, the level in e-juice should not exceed that concentration at the site at any given time range.

It is dangerous to go beyond the ceiling limit. Juice does not only produce formaldehyde and nicotine but they are also produced from Diacetyl products. The good news, the level of formaldehyde in Vape is less than any other flavoring ingredient.

Unfortunately, DA is also used in the manufacture of fake butter flavor, and this tends to have side effects on Vapers, like causing obliterate bronchitis. You have hence advised a professional approved brand at UPENDS.

Vaping360 has long been working on getting harmful metal-free products, and they also carry out the test to make sure that their projected clients are satisfied with the services. Note, they are not potential manufacturers of the brands.


Why buy UPENDS products?

To make the long story short, there is some greatness in vaping with UPENDS products. They are professionally tested, proven, and they come with almost zero side effects even to the new users. I suggest that you click here now. You will be happy with your visit and purchase.

UPENDS products are available from retailers and wholesalers all over the world! Find a vendor.

Frequently asked questions at veping360 website.

Customers are so concerned about finding answers to these questions. The questions are endless.

What are the side effects of vaping CBD?
The research on the effect of CBD oil/Juice is still in infancy. It was resolved last year that the use of CBD products imposes some side effects. A high dosage of CBD imposes mild drowsiness on first-time users. Red-eye, slight euphoria, and hunger are other side effects of CBD.
Does vaping CBD oil get you high?
Unless CBD is derived from marijuana, Vaping does not get you high. Most CBD is derived from hemp. 0.3% content of THC cannot get you high.

How long should you leave a coil to soak?

Only ten minutes. Though a simple process, it saves your coil from burning. Simply add few drops of e-juice on the atomizer head before installing it to the tank. Soaking ranges from 5-10 minutes.

How long does nicotine last after juicing?

It is recommended that you steep it for at least two days. To test the full and potent flavor, you are advised to leave it for seven full days.

How long is e-liquid good for?

Most e-liquid, when stored properly, lasts for two years. Once you open the bottle, you break the vacuum seal allowing air to your e-juice. Only buy e-juice you can complete within 2 to 3 months.

How long do you let Vape juices sit?

It is advised you give it a steeping duration of two weeks. This gives it an optimal flavor.

Does a dry hit ruin a coil?

Dry hits ruin your taste of the day. It also destroys the coil head and has irritating effects on your throat.

Why does my Vape juice run out so fast?

There are many reasons why e-cigarettes might leak. When it leaks, your e-juice runs out faster than expected. It might leak due to a work-out O- ring or leaking tank of the e-juice.

Does Vaping360 contain formaldehyde Vape?

The answer is yes, but in a limited and almost zero percent. This rate does not exceed the ceiling limit in any case. It does not pose any health hazard to the user. Tested and proven.