WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

 Vapetasia Disposable Vape Review & Instructions

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Everyone desires to find happiness and satisfaction from a given source. Most people get their true gratification and quench their thirsty desires by vaping. Vaping has been drastically radicalized in the recent past and has diversified all over the world. Those who desire to enjoy their new flavors as they consume a certain content level of nicotine stand a chance to do so in the most effective way.

Disposable vape products have proved to be the best devices for this generation when it comes to vaping. The brand and model that you choose when the need arises for one to purchase an effective disposable vape determines the level of vaping experience in the aftermath. This blog introduces you to the most popular disposable vape that you will adore. The Vapetasia Disposable vape it is!

What is Vapetasia Disposable vape?

To add to the amazing arsenal of vaping products, Vapetasia is a vape brand that has developed an all-fresh line of disposable vape devices that have turned around the vape experience for the better. The Vapetasia disposable vapes embrace the Killer Fruits collection as their best vape flavors. The Vapetasia disposable vape devices are meant to offer vape users the portability, convenience, and flavorful experience that they deserve.

Vapetesia Disposable vape Review; Is it Worth It?

Key Specs

  • 10ml vape capacity
  • 3500 puff count
  • 5% salt nicotine strength
  • 8+ flavors
  • 650mAh rechargeable battery
  • VG50%
  • PG 50%
  • Product weight-1oz
  • Dimensions- 4 by 1 by 1 inch

Battery Life & Charging

The Vapetasia disposable vape device comes with a polished design that features a powerful 650mAh battery. This is a highly reliable vape battery that allows you to recharge it so that you continue enjoying the rest of the remaining vape e-juice. The powerful battery works best with the atomizer coil that the Vapetasia disposable vape employs in delivering you real happiness in every puff.

Cost of purchase

The Vapetasia disposable vape is one of the lowest-priced products when compared with other disposable vape devices that deliver the same features as it does. On average, the Vapetasia disposable vape will cost $8.99 for you to enjoy the grand premium quality features it offers you.

Ease of Use

Every vape user desires to own a disposable vape device that does what is required with the uttermost convenience possible. The Vapetasia disposable vape is made with recent technology that allows you to start vaping right from the moment you purchase it. This disposable vape is designed to come with a pre-charged battery and pre-filled e-liquid that allows you to start vaping right from the moment you unbox it.

All you need to start your vaping session is to make your first puff. The instant activation of the Vapetasia disposable vape is made possible by the draw-activation technology that is installed in this disposable vape.

General Performance

It is absolutely fun to have the Vapetasia disposable vape at your full access as it offers you the most convenient and flavorful way of enjoying your favorite e-juice. The Vapetasia disposable vape comes with a 10 ml e-liquid capacity that allows you to access the 3500 high-quality puffs. This wonderful disposable vape device comes with an e-liquid that contains 50mg of nicotine. This assures you that you enjoy the smooth throat hits that nicotine brings as the e-juice brings you the 50%VG and 50%PG to give you dense vape clouds.


  • It comes with high-quality flavors
  • It features a powerful battery
  • It offers nicotine satisfaction
  • It comes with a large e-liquid capacity
  • It is highly portable
  • It is rechargeable
  • It delivers a huge puff count
  • It delivers an automatic operation


  • It is not available in most flavors    

Manual, Review & Instructions

The Vapetasia disposable vape is a fantastic product that brings you a large puff count with delicious flavors. Having this disposable vape is the best way to experience the real deal of the most desired vape features. The Vapetasia disposable vape brings you stunning flavor creations of fruits, menthol, and more exciting content. What makes the Vapetasia disposable vape outstanding is the ease of use and the technology it presents.

Check out the following Vapetasia disposable vape blends that are available in the current market;

Vapetasia Killer Fruits Vape

This is a Vapetasia disposable vape model that has got impressive features, and it was designed to give the user the greatest taste ever. This wonderful disposable vape comes with an integrated rechargeable battery that proves to be absolutely reliable. The vape device features a hefty 10ml vape e-liquid capacity that is responsible for the huge puff count. With the Vapetasia Killer fruit disposable vape, you are assured of celebrating up to 3500puffs.

This unique disposable vape device is recognized worldwide for its unparalleled vanilla custard flavor. The e-juice welcomes you to its smooth, creamy, and delicious taste that proves to be irresistible to every vape user who interacts with it. It is worth experiencing the smooth throat hits from this device as the e-liquid contains 50mg of salt nicotine.

Vapetasia Hyve Mesh Disposable Vape

This Vapetasia disposable model is engineered to act as a collaboration that brings quality brands together. The disposable vape device gives you an appealing impression of a solid physical build. This vape product engages a rechargeable battery that is capable of heating up to 10ml of your favorite e-liquid contained in this amazing disposable vape. With this large vape e-juice capacity, you can earn up to 4000 flavorful puffs.

 Blue Razz

The flavor delivers a perfect blend of delicious blue raspberries and cool menthol to make this vape a source of a refreshing experience. With this vape, you will be invited with tons of potent flavor that makes you crave more puffs. This is the ideal vape flavor that will see you sorted for all-day vaping.


This is an all-time vape flavor that involves a remarkable trio of flavors that come up with a complex taste. The flavors are achieved by blending green apples, gold apples, and a cool refreshing menthol flavor that will deliver a mouthwatering taste.

Straw Guaw

This premium-quality vape device is designed to bombard your airways with an amazing combination of flavors that will make you yearn for more. You will adore the fascinating blend that presents a ruby red strawberry along with the exotic guavas. Thanks to the menthol flavor, that leaves your taste buds with a refreshing lingering taste.             

Frequently Asked Questions about Vapetasia Disposable Vape?

How long does a Vapetasia Disposable vape?

Various disposable vape devices are typical in terms of their e-liquid and battery capacities, and this leads to the difference in their longevity. How long a disposable vape lasts solely depends on the puff duration, usage patterns, and how often they are used. The Vapetasia disposable vape is capable of providing you with up to 4000 flavorful puffs that let you enjoy its delicious flavors for up to a week if averagely used. This is much exciting as it is true that there are other vape devices that only provide 200 to 300 puffs only.

How do you charge a Vapetasia Disposable Vape?

Charging the Vapetasia disposable vape is pretty much easier than you think. All you are required to do is to open the bottom cap from the rechargeable disposable vape. The next thing is to plug the other end of the device in with a micro-USB male end into the device’s port. The other end is the Vapetasia disposable vape should be plugged into the available source of power, which can include a wall charger or a power bank. After the successful connection, you will have to wait for a few hours for the disposable vape device to get fully charged.

How do I turn on my Vapetasia disposable vape?

The Vapetasia disposable vape is simple to use device that gives you humble time in every action you need to take. For you to turn on your Vapetasia disposable vape, this is what you need to do; remove the Vapetasia disposable vape from its packaging, and ensure that it is completely charged. Since this vape device is draw-activated, you need to place the mouthpiece of the vape device on your lips and take a gentle puff. The vape device will automatically be activated, and a sweet vapor will be produced. The Vapetasia disposable vape has got a LED indicator that informs you that the device is active.

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