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Smoking has become a source of relaxation for many people as they enjoy it when they want their minds to relax. Since smoking has become a part of many peoples lives, they always want to try something new as per their taste. Nowadays, the trend of smoking has changed a lot, so people have shifted to devices rather than cigarettes. Every smoke has the urge to try something new in terms of smoking, so sometimes they enjoy a shisha or a hookah and some shift to Pods and vapes. Due to this, many people have quit smoking cigarettes as they enjoy this other stuff a lot. Especially vapes and Pods that are not harmful to the people, so it is considered as a positive change. People now look in the market to find these smoking devices of the best quality. Therefore, this is what Vapensmoke is offering its customers. Vapensmoke is offering a huge variety of these devices and accessories like vapes, juice, disposables, glass, rigs, CBD, papers, Kratom, mods, and more. We at Vapensmoke always aim to give the best smoking experience to our customers by offering them the highest quality products at an affordable price and also with a fast shipping process.

What is VapenSmoke?

VapenSmoke is one of the leading Shops of Vape and Pod devices in the US and has always worked on providing straightforward and the best customer service to their customer. They always tend to provide their customers with the best smoking experience. They have a total of 11 stores in the US, and they also sell their products online so that every customer all over the country can get ahold of their products. Vapensmoke deals with different products in terms of smoking, and some of the products that they sell in their stores are vapes, juice, disposables, glass, rigs, CBD, papers, Kratom, mods, and more. We at Vapensmoke are also offering our customers custom made vapes and Pods so they can get their vape and Pod customized just the way they want it to be. The main of our store is to provide the customer with the best quality products in the best possible price and to add over it we are also giving our customers fats shipping service through our online stores.


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Facebook: https://facebook.com/therealvapensmoke

Address: 1926 S. 11th Street

Phone Number: 269-421-3021

Customer service:  info@vapensmoke.com

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VapenSmoke Main Products

The following are some of the main products which VapenSmoke specialize in selling at their stores and Online.

Box Mods & Kits

The Box mods and kits are something that every smoking device user should carry as it has the spare parts of the vape or the Pod. It basically has every piece of equipment that is required by the smoking devices. There are many shops that are providing our customers with Box modes and kits but are also offering the best prices. We ensure that our box mods and kits are the best quality ones and will fulfil the requirements of the customer.


Disposables in the category of smoking devices refer to the device that is made for temporary usage. Most smokers buy it to try new smoking devices to check if it suits their taste or not. The disposable vapes and pods are made for limited puffs like 2000 puffs or even more. They cost less than the original device. The disposable vapes and pods are very high in demand, and many markets don't have the stock for it all the time. We here at Vapensmoke are always up to delivering our customers. Therefore, we always have the best quality disposable smoking devices at the most affordable prices for our customers.

Delta-8, Delta-10, THC-O, HHC\

The Delta-8, Delta-10, THC-O, HHC are the cannabis materials that are enjoyed by many smokers in their cigarettes, and many use them in their pods and vapes. This stuff is always trending as the customers enjoy it a lot. Cannabis cigars and devices are very difficult to find in tobacco shops as every tobacco shop does not have the legal certifications for it, but the Vapensmoke shop is providing their customers with all of these types of cannabis material. We have all the certifications, and the customers don't have to worry about anything when they buy it from us.

Kratom & Kratom Extracts

The Kratom and the kratom extracts refer to the synthetic drug that is mostly used for medical purposes, and it has basically no side effects. Many smokers use it on a daily basis as they enjoy the flavour and taste of Kratom. We at Vapensmoke are providing almost all types of Kratom and the kratom extracts and also are giving it in the highest quality. This lets our customers enjoy the real taste and get the best experience of smoking the Kratom and the kratom extracts.


E-liquid is basically used in electronic cigarettes as it is the actual juice or the flavour of the E-cigarette. There are many flavours in the e-liquid category like chocolate, mint, orange, citrus, etc.; all of these flavours and many more than that are available here at Vapensmoke.

Pipes, Rigs, Bowls & Nectar Collectors

The silicone smoking pipes, glass bongs, hand pipes, glass bowls, nectar collectors, dab rigs, and other glass & silicone products are something that is the most demanded products in the tobacco shop. Smoker usually buys this to enjoy certain cannabis products or want to enjoy the experience of shisha or a Hookah. VapenSmoke is providing their customers with all of the Pipes, Rigs, Bowls & Nectar Collectors and not just that but also in the best possible quality with the best and the most affordable price.

Hookah and Tobacco

Thee hookah and tobacco have become a very luxurious trend for smokers around the world. People use Hookah, especially when they want to meet up with their friends, and this trend of Hookah has officially started in the Arab country, and most of the users are there. The best quality hookah and the tobacco that is used in it is difficult to find in the local tobacco shops, but this is not something that you will see with the VapenSmoke as we have a huge variety of it available in our stores online and not just that but are also providing the best quality of Hookah and the tobacco to our customers.

VapenSmoke discount coupon code

We at VapenSmoke always care for our customers and give them the best possible price for the products that they buy from us; therefore, we are offering all our vape and pod lovers the following discount coupon code:

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VapenSmoke Reviews

Jeff B; I actually purchased the vape juice from this store and this was the first time that I was vaping. To quit smoking cigarettes was really difficult for me in the first but I was successful just because of the VapenSmoke store. They give very quick service and their vape juice quality is the best which makes the strong flavors also very enjoyable. I had to share my experience on this one

Kadie Taylor:the best vape shop in town, I f anyone asks me about the best vape shop I would definitely recommend this shop to them. The staff is very welcoming and also very cooperative.

Hans K.; I came to visit the town for the purpose of business and I had never visited this vape store before so this was my first time. There was an employee there whose name was Alex and he was very friendly as he was always there till the end to resolve all the issues that I was facing. I also got recommended to use the products that would best suit me. The recommendation that I got from the employees there was very helpful and now I have been using their products for a long time hence became a loyal customer of them. Now every time I visit this town always visit this place to get my favorite smoking products.

VapenSmoke Shipping

The VapenSmoke shipping policy states that we deliver our products to our customer within 2-5 working days and we also use the fast mode of courier service so that our customers can enjoy the fast shipping process.

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