Vape Wild: Vape Wild Vape Shop Review and Why it Closed Down

    Vape Wild: Vape Wild Vape Shop Review and Why it Closed Down

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    Vape Wild, like any other vape shop, was formed to make sure it supplies the vaping equipment to help change the lives of many smokers. Because of the high demand for vape equipment and many smokers quitting smoking, many other shops are opening up to make sure there is no scarcity of vape equipment.

    The emergence of several vape shops has encouraged the development of counterfeit vape equipment. This may change the quality of your vape and the life of many vape equipment. This may encourage many who had quit smoking to fall back from vaping. For this reason, we have set aside wild vape as one of the best vape shops you can always count on.

    What is Wild Vape?

    Wild vape, as mentioned earlier, is one of the vape shops that was founded by three smokers who had just quit smoking and wanted their friends to quit smoking too. The three vape wild founders had huge online followers, which made it easy for them to spread the vaping news easily.

    After being in the vaping field for a while, Vape Wild stocked more than 25 vape equipment brands and over 150 vape e-juice flavors.

    Vape Wild Products

    Wild vape had many products on its shelves before closing down. Some of the vaping equipment included:

    Rabies RDA Vape Kit

    Rabies RDA Vape Kit is one of the best vape equipment that you can always count on.  It comes with a gorgeous golden look that will conform to your décor easily and readily.

    It comes with no coil, thus allows you to make your own RDA coils. This way, you decide the power of the coil you design, and in case it spoils, it will be easy and cheap to replace.

    It comes with a bigger building deck that provides you with more space for building the coil, especially if you use a complex coil. With its side airflow controls, you will enjoy vaping with a massive airflow that gives you an upgraded vaping experience.

    It is built from an aluminum-magnesium alloy that is both gorgeous and durable. With its durability, you can vape for a long time before you require a replacement.

    Vape Wild E-juice

    Vape Wild was known for stocking the best e-juices in the vaping market. The Vape Wild e-juice can be obtained in 150 different flavors satisfying all your tastes. Each flavor is unique and available at a blend of your choice with different nicotine strengths catering to newbie and expert vapers.

    Some of the Vape Wild e-liquid flavors you can count on include;

    Vape Wild Kiwi Berry – this is a perfect blend of lush kiwis and plump strawberries. They are perfectly mixed to give you an outstanding vaping flavor that you can always find yourself craving for more.

    Vape Wild Kiwi Berry e-liquid is powerfully sweet but interestingly subtle that you will not want to miss. It is blended to hold 65% VG and 35% PG.

    Vape Wild Prism Break E-juice- this e-liquid also comes with a 65% VG and 35% PG that makes it unique and loved by many vapers. It combines fruits that will always assure you tart and sweet notes for every puff you make.

    Vape Wild Prism Break E-juice gives you a mouthful of flavorful vapor with a nice smell that will leave you craving for more.

    It is available in 3mg nicotine content that will give you a hit that will leave you satisfied.

    Surf Cake E-Juice- this is a sweet dessert blend with fruit notes that allows you to feel a butter taste during inhalation that is swiftly succeeded by sharp notes of blueberry covered by a layer of tasty cream.

    It is blended to give you a balance of vapor and flavor with a 65% VG and 35% PG. It is recommended that you vape it using a sub-ohm kit that comes with variable wattage settings for the best vaping experience.

    It is available in 0 mg, 3mg, and 6mg. This gives you an option of vaping at a nicotine strength of your choice that also includes freebase Surf Cake E-Juice. It comes in a 10ml child-proof bottle that keeps it safe from children.

    PC2 Premium E-Juice - This is a legit premium e-juice by Vape wild that is perfectly blended to allow you to get a delightful taste of peaches and a rich overlay of cool cream. Every flavor of this e-juice is steeped to perfection and shipped in a 30ml premium colored bottle that is sealed thus leak-free.

    You can obtain the PC2 Premium E-Juice in 0 – 1.8% nicotine strengths. This caters for new vapers and expert vapers too.

    Is Vape Wild Legit?

    Many people are asking this question now that Vape Wild closed down. Many customers have reviewed it as legit and have confirmed that they have not found a replacement that will offer services that can equal that of vape wild.

    Many customers review Vape Wild on great customer support and service, quick delivery on all ordered goods, and great vape products with guaranteed quality and vaping experience.

    All these reviews from customers indicate that Vape wild was legit, and there is no doubt that it will be legit if it assumes the market once more.

    Why did Vape Wild Close Down?

    Many vapers received the sad news that vape wild is closing down as one of the big names in larger America.

    The Vape Wild closed down due to Pre-Market Tobacco Product Applications (PMTA) that required the submission of paperwork and scientific evidence as dictated by the FDA. All the vape products, including coils, e-liquid flavors, mods, kits, pods, and even goods on transit, have to be PMTA submitted for them to continue selling. The PMTA application would cost a sum of up to $460,000 that was too high for vape wild to afford, thus, unfortunately, closing down.

    What is PMTA?

    Pre-Market Tobacco Application (PMTA) is a rule put forward by the FDA that is set to make sure that any product is appropriate for the protection of public health. The PMTA rule must be submitted to receive market approval from the vaping products agency.

    The submission of PMTA rule requirements is a tedious and expensive process that has seen many vape equipment shops close down, including the Vape Wild.

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    Vape wild has been and still continues to be a darling of many vapers, even when closed. Many vapers testify that they have not yet gotten a replacement of vape wild up to date. The PMTA rule set by the FDA, although it led to the closure of many vape shops, is meant to protect you as a vaper and make sure you receive the best vaping experience.


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