Vape Tongue: What are the Causes of Vape Tongue and how can I overcome it?

    Vape Tongue: What are the Causes of Vape Tongue and how can I overcome it?

    As you decide to start vaping, there are many phenomena, and one of the common occurrences in the vape tongue. If you have ever experienced a sudden loss of taste on your vape, then this is what we are referring to.

    Many vapers associate this happening to low-quality vape equipment, bad e-juice and blame the vape equipment supplier for such a shortcoming. Actually, the vape tongue is usually related to the vaper and not necessarily the vaping equipment, e-liquid, or any vaping hardware.

    In this article, we shall give you insights on why you experience a vape tongue or, if you haven’t experienced it yet, why you are likely to experience it. We shall also look at the remedies of the same and how you can prevent it from happening.

    What is Vape Tongue?

    This is a condition where you, as a vaper you suddenly lose the taste of your vape. This phenomenon is almost universal to all vapers, and almost all have experienced it at some point in time.

    After a long and regular vaping, your tongue is likely to develop a thick coating that can block the tongue from getting the vape flavor. 

    This means that you can still get the nicotine hit, but it makes your vape less enjoyable, thus boring.

    What Causes Vape Tongue?

    There are many reasons that are behind the vape tongue experience. They include;

    • Dehydration

    Our taste of what is on our mouths depends on the buds distributed throughout the tongue that should be about two thousand to eighty thousand in number for a normal person. Some vapers may have more than eight thousand tongue buds that may make them too sensitive to flavors.

    To maintain their ability to taste, the buds have a life cycle of two weeks, after which they regenerate. For the buds to have the ability to maintain the tasting capabilities, they require to be moistened by saliva.

    If you vape excessively, your tongue might be fatigued that may dehydrate your mouth, leading to poor functioning of the salivary glands. This might lead to a vape tongue situation.

    • Excessive Smoking

    If you used to smoke before starting vaping, this might be a reason for the vape tongue. It may adversely affect your smelling ability that may also cause loss of taste.

    After you quit Smoking, this phenomenon usually ends automatically after a month.

    • Prolonged Vaping of one Flavor

    If your tongue always tastes a similar flavor for a long time, it may lead to a vape tongue situation. Here, your mouth gets used to the flavor, and you won't feel the difference in vaping.

    • Stress and Anxiety

    Anxiety and stress may also cause vape tongue situations even when you think you have no stress. Stress and anxiety change the taste buds on your tongue that makes them stressed, thus losing the tasting abilities.

    • Old E-liquid

    Many vapers vape using an e-liquid vape until the tank is depleted before refilling the tank. If you are not a regular vaper, the e-liquid may stay in the tank for long, which may lead to loss of quality.

    Here, you need to change your e-liquid, clean your atomizer before starting vaping again.

    • Dirty Contacts of the Atomizer

    If you don't get the real taste of your vape, then you need to consider checking on the contacts of your atomizer. If they are dirty, make sure you clean them before continuing vaping.

    How can I Get Rid of Vape Tongue?

    This is a common question that many vapers ask themselves as they try to recover the normal vape taste. Here are some of the best ways of getting rid of a vape tongue;

    Hydrate Your Mouth- you can hydrate your mouth by drinking a lot of water. This helps to keep the taste buds on your tongue active for you to regain the taste capabilities. If you are a regular vape, make sure you increase your water intake. Notwithstanding the cause of dehydration, always drink a lot of water.

    Use an Oral Hydration Product – apart from hydrating by drinking enough water; you can also make use of an oral product like Biotene that can keep you hydrated. The oral hydration products can come in different forms, including spray, mouthwash, toothpaste, and even an overnight gel. The ingredients of Biotene are VG and PG, just like your e-liquid; thus, they may not expose you to unfamiliar ingredients.

    Have your tongue Cleaned Regularly- when you vape for a long time, a coat may build up on your tongue that may make the tongue tasting buds less active, making you lose the taste. Having your tongue cleaned regularly leaves your mouth clean, making sure you get optimal flavor and taste. You can use different tongue scrappers and oral products to have your tongue cleaned.

    Quit Smoking- Smoking comes with diverse health effects, one of them being vape tongue. Quitting smoking may be one of the best ways to regain your taste, allowing you to enjoy the vaping flavors. If you recently quit smoking, allow yourself some time, and you will regain our tasting capabilities.

    Change your E-Liquid Regularly- if you are not a regular vaper, make sure you don't leave your e-liquid to overstay on your atomizer for long. If you leave your e-liquid to overstay in your atomizer for long, it may lose taste.

    Sucking Lemon- lemon juice helps in resetting your mouth-tasting buds to make them active. If you find the lemon juice to be sour to you, you can opt to use lemon sorbet or the lemon-flavored juices that serve the same purpose as lemon juice.

    Try a Cooling or Menthol Juices Flavor- even if you are a vaper who doesn't love vaping with menthol e-liquids, it is exactly what you need at this time. The menthol in such e-liquids helps in activating thermoreceptors and also activates the tasting buds allowing you to feel the flavor you need. You can use such e-liquids for 2-3 weeks before returning to vape your normal e-liquid.

    Use Unflavored E-Liquids- flavors and other ingredients make up an e-liquid that may accumulate on your tongue, making the tongue taste buds inactive. Using unflavored liquids allows you to continue enjoying the vape without the flavors and avoiding vape tongue.


    What if Vape Tongue Persists?

    If you have tried all the remedies and they are not working out, then there is something else in the play. If you have a dry mouth, you need to check if you are on medication that may be having some side effects. If you are vaping and you are under medication, the two can combine to cause vape tongue.

    How can I tell that I have the Vape Tongue Effect?

    The Vape tongue effect affects your sense of tasting. If you are vaping using a flavored e-liquid, then suddenly you don't experience the vapor, and you are not under any medication with side effects, then you have a vape tongue effect.


    The vape tongue effect may affect your vaping experience making it boring and not enjoyable. You need to eliminate it using the natural remedies we have shared in this article. If the effect persists, then you need to seek advice from your doctor for further treatment.


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