Vape Nation: Vape Nation E-Liquids, Starter Kits and other Vape Equipment Review

    Vape Nation: Vape Nation E-Liquids, Starter Kits and other Vape Equipment Review

    Vape Nation is an Australian-based online vape store that deals with the sale of vape products ranging from starter kits, pod systems, mods, and more. The company is 100% operated from Australia but offers a wide array of products from countries such as the United States.

    Let's look at its main products.

    Vape Nation Main products

    Vape Nation E-Liquids

    Vape Nation has a large assortment of e-liquids that come in different flavors. The best part, all the e-liquids they deal with are FDA approved meaning they are good for your health. Also, you can get nicotine-free or nicotine-filled e-liquids. It depends on your preferences.

    You can buy the Australian e-liquids that come in different flavors such as Anger Elixir, Alpine Cloud CO, 24K Vaping CO, BunyIp, Hoots, House Joos, Just Fruits, and more.

    If you like the Malaysian flavors, Vape Nation got you sorted. Here you can get the Bandsawan, Fantastic Juice, Horny Flava, Kenji, Vale Lab, and more. All these e-juices are produced in Malaysia so you can expect that Asian taste.

    Also, the UK and US e-juices are not left behind. From the UK you get the Just Juice and Vape Dinner Lady e-juices. And from the United States, we have the 7daze, Bazooka, Black Mvrket, Coastal Clouds, and more.

    In short, Vape Nation is awash with numerous e-juice for beginners to avid vapers.

    Vape Nation Starter Kits

    Well, if you are starting on vaping, then you need to purchase a starter kit. They are easy to use and portable. Besides, they do not require too much knowledge about them. Just switch it on and enjoy the draw.

    And as expected, Vape Nation has lots of starter kits to choose from. You’ll get numerous beginner kits such as Vapestix disposable e-cigarette, Vaporesso Xtra, and more.

    Another of their starter kits is the pod systems. They offer exceptional vapor and cloud production and are ideal for on-the-go vaping. Here, you get pods from different brands such as Dotmod, Vaporesso, Geekvape, and more. You can get them in different capacities such as 2ml and 4ml.

    You'll also get some of the most unique kits such as mouth-to-lung. It is more like smoking a cigarette. They offer rich flavor and feel smooth to the throat. You can buy the Innokin Endura or InnokinKromar-r, among others.

    And if you want direct-to-lung kits, they got you sorted. These types do not offer a tight draw like the MTL but are ideal for producing clouds. The dense vapor will directly hit your lungs. You can get the Innokin Proton, Geekvape Lucid, and others.


    Now, if you want to vape relaxing in your house or office, a mod is better than a pod system. They are larger and offer more features, and of course exceptional vapor production. Vape Nation sells you the regulated and squonk mods.

    Regulated mods allow you to regulate some of the settings such as temperature, wattage, and more. That is, they allow you to have a personalized vaping experience. For example, you can buy the Geekvape Aegis, Voopoo Drag, and Sunbox X, among others.

    On the other hand, the squonk mods allow you to use rebuildable atomizers. Here you can get the Geekvap Aegis Squonk. It allows you to carry it around without the e-juice bottle.

    Vape Nation Vape Tanks

    As expected, a marketleader such as Vape Nation can’t lack on tanks. They have some of the best from reputable manufacturers such as Innokin, Wotofo,Vaporesso, and more. You can get them in different colors, shapes, and sizes. In fact, you can choose from over 30 tanks from around the world.

    If you want a tank for a one-off use, you should go with their disposable tanks. They are ideal for vapers who don’t want to complicate their vaping experience. You can get the InnokinGomax and FreemaxGemm disposable tanks. They come in capacities of 5.5ml and 5ml respectively.

    Like the starter kits, you also get mouth-to-lung tanks. They allow you to enjoy dense vapor feeling smooth on your throat. Also, they have direct-to-mouth tanks that are ideal for vapers who want to get a punch in their lungs.  Some of the tanks to buy are InnokinZlide and vaporesso NRG.


    Now, if you want to rebuild an atomizer, pod, or tank, Vape Nation got you sorted with their range of rebuildable products.

    You can buy the rebuildable drip atomizer (RDA) it comes with the required accessories such as cotton, tweezers, DIY kits, and more. This allows you to make your personalized coils.  You also get rebuildable tank atomizers. Like RDAs, they allow you to personalize your vaping experience. And as expected, you get all the required accessories to enjoy this amazing adventure.

    Another product you can buy from them is the rebuildable pod atomizers. Like the RTA, you can use your pod system intended for your personal use. You can buy the Geekvape Aegis Boost RBA or the DotmodDotaio RBA.

    And if you have a rebuildable looking for accessories, Vape Nation got you sorted. they sell quality cotton, pre-built wires, and required tools. If you want to take your rebuilding skills to the next level, consider using Vape Nation products.

    Vape Nation Accessories

    Vaping without necessary accessories is a daunting task. This is why the company sells you numerous accessories. They range from batteries, carry bags, drip tips, replacement coils, pods, tank glass, and more. These accessories ensure that you have an uninterrupted vaping experience.


    So which brands does Vape Nation trade with? Well, as expected, they are some of the best in the business. And, they are certified in their respective countries. Some of the notable brands are Dotmod, Geekvape, Aspire, Asmodus, Coil Master, Hellvape, and more.


    • Large assortment of products
    • Easy to use website
    • Quality and safe products
    • Reasonable pricing


    • Does not have physical stores.

    Vape Nation Review: Is Vape Nation Good?

    As we have seen Vape Nation provides you with a large assortment of products and therefore it is no doubt that Vape Nation is worth it. for one, the company deals with some of the mosttrusted brands whether in e-juices, tanks, or pod systems. This further cement their customer's first claim.

    When it comes to pricing, this company has done an exceptional job. They offer vape products at an affordable price. As such, whether you are an avid or beginner vaper, you’ll get a product that meets your needs. In fact, if you are on a budget, you can take advantage of their “sale” promotions.

    Vape Nation also does a stellar job when it comes to satisfying the customer experience. For one, the website has an intuitive user interface that allows you to access different categories and products. Also, you are required to verify your age, which is a must-have feature for the vaping industry.

    And when it comes to shipping, the company offers free shipping for orders more than $50. They are also hailed by many customers for their prompt shipping. This means that buying from the company will have you get your order in the stipulated time.

    You’ll also enjoy their customer support that can be reached via live chat, social media platforms, phone, and email. They, therefore, offer you a wide array of channels to reach them. And they are hailed for being prompt.

    You also get numerous payment options so you can buy vape products from just about any part of the globe.


    Are Vape Nation products genuine?

    Yes, all the products sold on Vape Nation are genuine and come from reputable brands such as Aspire. As such, you should not worry about buying sub-standard products when buying on their website. Besides, they have a QA team.

    Does Vape Nation sell nicotine products?

    Vape Nation does not sell nicotine since it is against Australian law to sell nicotine products. There are other online stores where you can buy such products.

    Does Vape Nation have a physical store?

    No, the company operates purely online. As such, you can only make orders online and wait for delivery. While they are online, you can expect genuine transactions on their side.

    Does Vape Nation ship to the United States?

    Yes, Vape Nation ships orders to the United States. And not only in the USA but also in other countries where vaping is legal.

    Does the company support wholesale?

    No, the company only deals with retail transactions. As such, all you can do is place bulk orders and you may enjoy discounts or free shipping depending on your location.


    Well, as you can see, Vape Nation is one of the most reputable online vaping stores that has a global footprint. With products from the USA, Europe, and Asia, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Also, the company lives up to its name by dealing with reputable brands.

    So, if you are starting on vaping or if you are an avid vaper, Vape Nation should be your go-to online shop. You’ll get just about anything you want at an affordable price.

    Happy vaping!


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