Vape-N-Juice Disposables, Vape, Vape Juice Reviews & Buying Guide

    Vape-N-Juice Disposables, Vape, Vape Juice Reviews & Buying Guide

    In today’s guide, we introduce a one-stop-shop for all your vaping needs; the Vape-N-Juice. It doesn’t matter if you are a complete newbie or an experienced vaping hobbyist; you will get the device ideal for you. Vape-N-Juice got their physical stores in Illinois and Wisconsin, but if you cannot visit their stores, you can order your favorite products on their website and they will deliver it to you. They offer the best value for the products, including free shipping for orders above $30.

    This piece doubles up as a buying guide. This means if you ever wondered which device to consider among, starter kits, box mods, and more, then this guide was written for you. We review them all in this guide and recommend the best products in each category.

    Let’s get to the point:

    1.      Disposables

    Disposables refer to those small pre-filled and pre-charged devices designed to be used once then disposed off. Though these devices are not expected to be recharged, some sections of fans have devised a way of navigating through and charging the device. It’s been working for them, but for the best experience, you might want to purchase a new product every time you run out of your juice.

    Working with disposables is largely a simple undertaking as it doesn’t require an external device to light it up. This means that if you have a piece, you are ready to go!

    Our pick:

    Posh Plus XL Disposables

    For disposals, you can never go wrong with the Posh Plus XL Disposables. It has been designed with a thought of elegance and durability in mind. It ensures up to 1500 puffs in its 6 ml tank capacity. It comes in various flavors and Vape-N-Juicegot over 15 for you to choose what works for you.

    Features at a glance:

    • Juice Capacity: 6 ml
    • Nicotine: 50mg
    • Approximate Puffs: 1500

    2.      Starter Kits & Pod Systems

    For those of you who are new to vaping,Vape-N-Juice got amazing products perfect for you. As you introduce yourself to vaping, you might consider accessing a starter kit as it is much friendly to first-time vapers. This kind is easy to setup and will offer you a hassle-free experience. And for those of you who are still trying to find your best fit in the world of vaping, you need a pod system. It will allow you to change pods just as you wish. They are sometimes referred to as pod vapes, vape pods, or pod mods; they all refer to the same product.Vaping industry has been transitioning all through with new products coming in and this is currently the latest generation of vaping products.

    Pod systems come in different designs and the one you should consider depends on the experience you are looking for. In this section, we take you through what to expect in the pod system designs. You need to know for you to choose a specific product ideal for your needs. These are:

    • Shape and size

    All pod systems are designed with a sleek design to allow users to carry along with them. What is often different is their shapes: some come in a long skinny shape, while others take the badge shape. The shape you consider will influence your satisfaction while in your pocket and while using it. If you won’t have to carry it along with you, this won’t affect your buyerneeds.

    • Pod capacity

    Pod system comes in different capacities. If you choose one with a smaller capacity, it means you will have to frequently refill or change it. Large capacities will see you through a longer period. If you are looking for products that give you long periods of vaping, then you certainly need to consider those with large capacities.

    • Flavor options

    Some vape pod mods are only compatible with pre-filled pods, while others allow refilling. As you pick the former (those prompting pre-filled pods), make sure that you know the available flavors. Another thing you need to know is that most systems are only compatible with pods from their brand. This means you should consider brands that have a long list of flavors lest you get limited with the flavors you can access.

    • Battery life

    Different designs of pod systems come with varying battery capacities. In most cases, larger pods imply a bigger battery capacity. You will find that those quite compact devices got smaller batteries thatare less powerful. You can recharge them, yes, but big battery capacities will see you through a longer period before running out of charge as compared with small batteries.

    Our pick:

    Smok Nord 4

    We recommend the powerful Smok Nord 4. You will like it for its extraordinary features from the design to the user experience.

    Smok Nord 4is designed with portability in mind. This ensures that you carry it along with you whenever you want. With that, it gives you the confidence of being able to vape whenever and wherever you need. You will like its long-battery life guaranteed by its 2000mAH rechargeable battery. Its battery is also designed for fast charging.

    Features at a glance:

    • 2000mAH battery (rechargeable)
    • Wattage: between 5w and 80w
    • Intelligent Chipset
    • Resistance: between 0.15 and 2.5ohm
    • OLED Display Screen
    • 5ml pod (refillable)
    • Dual airflow adjustment dials

    3.      Vape Juice

    For starters, vape juice is not a device but a viscous liquid that you find in your vape or electronic cigarette. When heated, the liquid generates a cloud of vapor and is used to deliver nicotine. It is, however, worth noting that you can find a vape juice that is free from nicotine.

    The list of vape juice and nicotine salt flavors is virtually endless! Thousands of them are currently in the market and you cannot exhaust them. Vape juice can be categorized into three major categories: High PG Juice, High VG Juice, and Nicotine Salts. Basically, the PG categories got high levels of propylene glycol, while VG got vegetable glycerine, and the third category is high-nicotine liquid. This juice comes in different flavors: fruity, dessert, candy, pods, and nicotine salts.

    Our pick:


    One thing you will like about peppermint juice is the promise of cooling effect it comes along with it. Beware, though, that some studies associate it with birth defects and other reproductive harm.

    Features at a glance:

    • Got a cooling and refreshing effect
    • Comes in various capacities: 35ml, 60ml, 145ml, 250ml, 500ml


    4.      Box Mods

    Box Mods are sometimes referred to as advanced personal vaporizers (APV). When it comes to customization, these devices are far ahead of the rest. It allows customization of wattage, voltage, and other common functions. This ensures that each user getsthe exact experience they are looking for. 

    Box Mods are not for starters, rather, it is most suited to experienced hobbyists dedicated to exploiting all the vaping opportunities they could ever have. But if you are a beginner, it doesn’t mean you just can’t use this device. If you are already passionate about vaping, then you are unstoppable and you can learn how to use them. Different brands got different setting procedures, but generally, you will need to get your coil in place, fill the tank with your e-liquid, fix the tanks and you are good to go. Note that you can keep adjusting the airflow and temperature settings to experiment on what could be working better for you.

    Our pick:

    Vaporesso GEN

    When it comes to Box Mods, Vaporesso GEN gets you covered. Its features put it far ahead of the rest. It featurespowerful dual 18650 batteries and an intuitive firing button. It features a rubber hand grip to give a comfortable and ergonomic grip making it hard to fall down. Furthermore, its interface got a rubber coating for cushioning the device should it, unfortunately,fall. This gives some confidence that you can vape anywhere at any time. Besides, the device features an advanced wiring system to offer an amazing vaping experience.

    Features at a glance:

    • Mod Dimensions: 146mm by 54mm by 30mm
    • Dual18650 batteries
    • Resistance Range: 0.03-5.0ohms
    • Amazing design
    • Wattage Output between 5 and 220W
    • Intuitive Firing Button with two Adjustment Buttons
    • Protection from short-circuit, and burn Protection and overcharge protection
    • OLED Display Screen

    So where can I go from here?

    As you are now aware, not all vape devices are made the same way; some are ideal for beginners while others are designed for experienced hobbyists. You will also agree with me that no matter how complex it could be, you can still navigate through the categories and get yourself to the level you want.

    But one thing you surely need is a partner: you need a store that promises you the best value for your money. One such store is UPENDS. We are the industry pacesetters who understand what you need, and we promise to give you just that. Consider us for a memorable vaping experience, you surely deserve the best!




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