Vape Monster – Vape Monster Disposables, E-liquids and many more Vape Equipment Review

    Vape Monster – Vape Monster Disposables, E-liquids and many more Vape Equipment Review

    After quitting smoking and adopting vaping, you need to identify the best vape device that you can use to make sure you get the best vape. Good vape equipment is developed and distributed by trustable distributors through online or physical shops. There are numerous vape shops that are opening up and selling different vape equipment. This is in the quest to satisfy the rising demand for vape equipment.

    A journey of identifying the best vape equipment starts by identifying the best vape shop. The vape shop you choose should stock the best vape equipment in quality, quantity, versatility, and easy to access either physically or online. One of the best vape shops that we shall focus on in this article is the monster vape shop.

    What is Vape Monster?

    As there is a rising demand for vape equipment, different investors are coming up with different vape shops, and the Vape monster is one of them. Vape monster, an Australian vape shop, is one of the unique vape shops that stock a wide selection of vape equipment ranging from vape disposables, e-liquids, and many more vape equipment.

    You can readily access Vape Monster either online or physically visiting them. Many vapers prefer shopping with Vape Monster as it is a one-stop vape shop that allows you to access any vape equipment readily without moving from one shop to the other.

    Vape Monster Vape Equipment Review

    Here are some of the vaping equipment that you can obtain from the Vape Monster;

    Vape Monster Disposables

    Vape Monster is well-known for its wide selection of vape disposables that are unique in build quality and offers you the best quality vaping experience. 

    Some of the Vape Monster disposables include;

    Steam Engine Vape Monster E-Cigarette

    This is one of the first disposable devices that comes with a rechargeable internal battery. Most vape disposables come with a battery that cannot be recharged, causing inconveniences if the battery dies before you go through with vaping.

    If you have ever bought a disposable vape and its battery died before you could finish vaping, then you need to rejoice as Steam Engine Vape Monster E-Cigarette is in the market. Apart from a rechargeable battery, Steam Engine Vape Monster E-Cigarette also comes with a prefilled cartridge filled with a non-tobacco 4% salt nicotine in different flavors.

    Key Features

    • 5ml e-liquid capacity
    • Leakproof
    • 850mAh Rechargeable battery
    • It offers approximately 1500 puffs before its e-liquid is depleted
    • Pre-charged and prefilled
    • 4% nicotine content

    Vape Monster E-Liquids

    Vape monster stocks the highest collection of vape e-liquids that vary in flavor and nicotine strengths. Some of the best flavors include;

    • Tobacco Flavors
    • Dessert Flavors
    • Drink Flavors,

    And many more.

    Tobacco Flavors E-Liquids

    If you just quit smoking and want to vape while experiencing the tobacco smell and flavor, the tobacco flavor e-liquids are the best.

    Some of the tobacco flavor e-liquids that you can access from vape monster are;

    Dragon- Asian Tobacco

    Dragon: Asian Tobacco is one of the vape monster tobacco flavor e-liquid that will leave you craving for more puffs. It is prepared from a combination of USP grade PG, USP grade VG and natural/artificial flavors.

    It comes with a 50/50 PG: VG content that gives you balanced vapor and taste. This allows you to enjoy a flavor balanced with the amount of vapor produced per puff. You can obtain Dragon- Asian Tobacco in 30ml, 60ml, or 120ml that you can use as a single shot.

    Zombie- Sweet and Dry Tobacco Flavor E-Liquid

    Zombie- Sweet and Dry Tobacco Flavor E-Liquid assures you the great sweetness that comes from the caramel and dryness of great tobacco. It also comes in a 30ml, 60ml, or 120ml capacity bottle that you can choose according to your vaping schedule and preference.

    Zombie- Sweet and Dry Tobacco Flavor E-Liquid also allows you to add your nicotine to it by allowing you access to Zombie- Sweet and Dry Tobacco Flavor E-Liquid doublers. The doublers give you a juice that needs to be diluted by VG, PG, and nicotine in a 1:1 ratio. 

    This e-liquid does not have oil-based flavors, food colorings, or any artificial sweeteners; hence safe for vaping.

    Vape Monster Dessert Flavors

    These are other vape e-liquid flavors that you can access from the monster vape. They include;

    Basilisk- Butterscotch Clouds

    Basilisk: Butterscotch Clouds is a unique vape e-liquid that you can find on the shelves of vape monsters. It is developed from a USP grade VG, USP grade PG and natural flavors. These ingredients combine to make sure you receive the best vaping experience both in taste and clouds.

    Kraken- Monster Milk

    Kraken- Monster Milk is another vape e-liquid that falls under the dessert flavors. It comes with 50%VG and 50% PG content with 0% nicotine. This makes it the best for beginners in vaping who are not used to nicotine hits.

    It is available in both singler option and doubler option. On a singler option, Kraken- Monster Milk contains 50%PG and 50%VG with 0% nicotine, while as a doubler option, Kraken- Monster Milk comes with 30%PG and 70%VG. 

    Vape Monster Drink Flavors E-Liquids

    Clown- Purple Fresh E-Liquid

    Clown- Purple Fresh E-Liquid comes in different capacities ranging from 15ml to 1litre. It is adored by many vapers because of its sweet undertones that give you a slightly sour taste that gives you a powerful combination.

    This is a new e-liquid that is a roster of grape flavors that adds a special twist in taste. It gives you a perfect flavor that mimics that of a grape lollipop.

    Large Coffee To Go E-Liquid

    This is a special e-liquid on the drink flavors that will give you a sensational vaping experience. It is a type of coffee that is sometimes referred to as dark juice that burns coils. After some time of vaping, Large Coffee To Go E-Liquid becomes a strong type of coffee with caramel and butterscotch on its background.

    Large Coffee To Go E-Liquid only contains USP grade PG, USP grade VG, and natural flavors but lacks food colorings, oil-based flavors, and artificial sweeteners. This makes it a unique vape e-liquid that is safe for vaping.

    Vape Monster Fruit Flavors E-Liquid

    Siren- Strawberry Apple

    If you love the taste of strawberry and apple fruits, then Siren- Strawberry Apple is the best choice of e-liquid that you can make. The combination of the two fruits gives you as a vaper a strong and gives you the most delicious experience. Its flavor is outstanding, and many vapers use this e-liquid as a combination of apple and strawberry experience.

    Siren: Strawberry Apple does not contain food colorings, sweeteners, and any oil flavors. This makes it an ideal and safe e-liquid for vaping.

    Monster Vape DIY Accessories

    Apart from e-liquids and disposables, monster vape also stocks other DIY vape accessories. The accessories are necessary as your vape equipment may break down as you vape and require repair before you can continue vaping. 

    Here are some of the vape accessories;

    Monster Vape Bands

    These are not vape equipment accessories but wearable bands that you can wear on  your wrist as you vape.  They come in different colors including; Camo Green, White, Yellow, Orange, Black and Light Pink.  This allows you to choose the best that matches your fashion.


    The syringes are important accessories that you cannot afford to miss as a vaper. The vape monster stocks unique syringes that are individually wrapped, transparent, made from natural rubber, and sterile.

    The syringes allow you to easily transfer your e-liquid safely from the e-liquid bottle to the cartridge without any spillages.


    As you start vaping, you need to identify a vape shop that you can count on to supply you with the vaping equipment and accessories you need to enjoy vaping. Vape monster is one of the best vape equipment shops that you can always count on. Here, you will not miss any vape e-liquid that you mention among other vape equipment like vape disposables. Visit vape monster now, and you will never regret!


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