Vape Loft: Vape Loft Tanks, Kits, Pods, and other Vape Equipment Review

    Vape Loft: Vape Loft Tanks, Kits, Pods, and other Vape Equipment Review

    Vape Loft at a Glance

    Vape Loft is one of the pioneers of online vaping stores. Their main focus was to provide the rapidly growing vaping community with some of the safest and high-quality vaping products. As such, they embarked on serving the US and Canada customers and since then, the company has gone on to be a favorite for many vapers.

    The company deals with some of the most trusted brands in the industry. They sell mods, pod systems, tanks, e-liquids, and other products. Besides selling you the vaping products, they also provide you with relevant vaping education. As such, we can call this a one-stop shop. Now, let’s look at their main products.

    Vape Loft Main products

    Vape Loft Vape Kits and Mods

    Well, as with any other reputable online store, Vape Loft offers you a wide array of vape mods and kits. Here, you can find vape pen kits, disposable kits, pod vapes, box mods, and temperature control mods.

    They also deal with brand specific vape pens, namely the STLTH vape pens. This is a Canada-based company that manufacturers vape pens. Their pods however come pre-filled with some of the most tasteful flavors from Naked, Hope, and other brands.

    For disposable pods, which are ideal for beginners, you will get them from different brands. These pods can last up to 2000 puffs. Some brands include Envi, Allo, Ghost, and more. all these come in different flavors.

    Vape Loft Vape juices

    In order to use a vape kit or mod, you’ll need vaping juices. And at Vape Loft, there are hundreds of them to choose from. The most common include drink, sweets, cream, menthol, nic salts, and tobacco vape juices.

    They come in different bottle capacities such as 100mland 300ml. so if you want to stock more e-juices, there’s a choice for you. For example, you can buy the Green Lime Salt e-liquid. It comes with 12mg, 20mg, 35mg, and 50mg potencies. Quite an ideal choice for a novice and avid vaper. It’s capacity is capped at 30ml making it an excellent choice for on-the-go vapers.

    Vape Loft Tanks

    Another popular category is the tank category. Here you will get Sub-Ohm, mouth0to0lung, RTA tanks, and DA drippers.

    Sub-Ohm tanks have a low resistant coil and are not rebuildable. This makes them an ideal option for beginner vapers in the market. They produce big clouds and are hailed for the rich flavor they produce. You can buy the Geekvape Obelisk Z Tank or the FreemaxFireluke 22 Tank.

    Mouth-to-lung tanks ensure you get the full flavor of the e-juice. It is more like smoking a cigarette. You can choose from a few on their website such as the VooPoo PnP Tank or Aspire Nautilus GT Mini Tank.

    Vape Loft Coils

    If you are a DIYer, you know that coils are the most integral part of a vaping device. They heat the e-juice so that it can produce the thick cloud and release the flavor. At Vape Loft, they are hundreds of coils to choose from.

    Most of them come from reputable brands such as Aspire, Eleaf, Geek Vape, Joyetech, OFRF, Smok, Uwell, and VooPoo. As expected, they are of high quality.

    Let’s look at some of the popular ones.

    • Aspire AVP Pro Coil: this replacement coil is intended for the Aspire AVP PRO Pod Kit and the AVP Tekno replacement Pod. It comes in a bundle of five so you can use I for long. You can get it in two options 0.65 ohm mesh coil and 1.115ohm NiChrome coil.
    • Horizon Tech Falcon 2: this one comes in a bundle of 3. It is however explicitly designed for the Falcon 2 Tank.

    Vape Loft Vape Pods

    Vape pods, are one of the most popular vaping devices in a vaper’s arsenal. At Vape Loft, you can get the refillable pods, pre-filled, STLTH, and JUUL compatible pods.

    Refillable pods allow you to enjoy just about any flavor you want. Here, you can get some form SMOK, VooPoo, Innokin, and other brands. On the other hand, pre-filled vape pods come filled with a flavor. As such, you cannot replace it with the flavor of your liking.

    STLTH pods are sourced from the company and exclusively sold on the site whereas the JUUL compatible pods are also compatible with OVNS pos system.


    Now, if you want to rebuild a vaping device, you’ll need a set of accessories. These accessories include coil wire, prebuilt coils, vape cotton, and vape tools. And this is what Vape Loft offers you. Here you’ll get a large assortment of accessories and tools sourced from some of the best companies in the industry.

    For example, you can buy the Demon Killer Alien Wire or the Vandy Vape Mesh KA1 coil wires. For the prebuild coils, they are specifically made for RTA tanks and RDA drippers. They ensure you get nothing but personalized vaping experience.  You can buy the VPdam Taiji Coils and others.

    Vape cotton are a must-nave if you want to get the best from the vape oil. There are several to choose from such as the VPDAM Organic Japanese cotton and Geek Vape Organic Cotton. They allow come at a reasonable price.

    Vape Loft Accessories

    For a vape system to work as expected, it needs some crucial accessories. This includes batteries, chargers, replacement parts and more. at Vape Loft, you get a wide range to choose from.

    For example, for the batteries you can buy the Aspire INR 18650 Battery, Sony VTC6 3000mah Battery, or the Samsung 40t 21700 battery. Likewise, there are numerous chargers to choose from such as XTAR VC4 USB Charger and VC2 USB Charger.

    Drip tips allow the vape juice to drip through them to the coil and wicks. As such, it is paramount that you have the best on your vape pen or mod. At Vape Loft you get to choose from some of the high-quality drip tips so you can enjoy unparalleled vaping.

    Also, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to replacement glasses since you can choose from Freemax, Aspire Guroo, Horizontech, and other brands.


    • Deals with some of the most reputable companies
    • Reasonable pricing
    • Sells in bundles
    • A large assortment of products


    • Free shipping is only in the USA and Canada

    Vape Loft Review: is Vape Loft good?

    From the look of things, Vape Loft is arguably one of the vaping stores you should visit. For one, they have a very detailed website. This ensures that you get information about the product you want to buy. Furthermore, their blog section introduces you to safe vaping tips. This is not common with most vaping sites.

    The company is also generous with promotions. For example, when you purchase your first order, you get a discount. Likewise, buying more than five e-liquids will see you get one free. Besides, there are lots of vapes on sale. This means you can buy a tank, pod, or mod system at half the price or even less.

    When it comes to the number of products, well, Vape Loft got you sorted. here, you can get hundreds of vaping products ranging from e-liquids, pod systems, mod systems, and more. and the best part, they are sourced from the best companies in the business.

    These companies include Chill e-liquid, Smax, Vandy Vape, Fruitbae, and more. and looking at pricing, we can conclude that the products are fairly priced. While some fetch a higher price, the price is lower compared to other online stores.

    In short, Vape Loft is one of those companies that seeks to cater to vaper needs. Whether be it in terms of pricing or quality, the company lives up to its name.


    Why should I buy from Vape Loft?

    Well, because the company sells products that are guaranteed not to harm your health. Second, they ensure that you, the vaper, gets the right equipment, support, and knowledge about vaping without breaking your bank.

    Another reason why you should consider buying from them is that they are not salesy. They sell you what they believe will be of benefit to you. And finally, they are transparent with what they do.

    Are the e-cigarettes and vaporizers sold on Vape Loft safe?

    Yes, all the vaporizers, e-cigarettes, and other products are safe. In fact, they have a clean bill from health bodies such as the UK Public Health.

    Where do you ship from?

    All online orders are shipped from Canada.

    Is vaping around people harmful?

    No, research shows that vaping does not affect other people.

    What types of vaping juices does Vape Loft sell?

    Vape Loft has numerous vape juices on its name. for example, we have the guava, candy, candy melon, Ice Berry, and more.


    Vape Loft is an online store that we can all agree lives up to its name. it has some of the best brands under its wings, and at the same time, produces high-quality e-juices. The vapes are priced reasonably allowing beginners to have a smooth transition from smoking into vaping. So, if you want to get the best in the market, buy from Vape Loft.


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