Vape Junkies: A Premium Wholesaler of over 200 Premium E-liquids, Disposable pods, and Pod Systems

    Vape Junkies: A Premium Wholesaler of over 200 Premium E-liquids, Disposable pods, and Pod Systems

    What is Vape Junkies? A Summary of Basic Information of Vape Junkies

    Vape Junkies is a company that deals with the largescale distribution of vape products. The company came into existence in 2011 and immediately gained extreme notoriety for its reliability in supplying quality E-juices, pod systems, Mods, and other vape products. Its popularity attracted buyers from within and around the neighboring states.

    Ever since Vape Junkies has done its best to continue with its reliability in the supply of quality and affordable vape products, in so doing, the company has been nominated for several awards, including the “business of the year” award. With increasing popularity and demand for its vape products, the company saw it wise to expand its scope of operation into other parts of the United States and launched an online store. The company opened another retail store located in Fort Myers, Florida.

    Vape Junkies has played a very critical role in helping people abandon unhealthy traditional smoking habits. For the years, the company has been passionate about what they do and has an extreme involvement in the global vaping community. It has grown so much mainly because it is founded on the principles of Integrity, efficient customer service, quality products, efficient and flawless shipping procedures, and affordability. If you are looking for a great place to purchase your vape products, there is no better place to go other than Vape Junkies. Here is some basic information you need to know about Vape Junkies.




    Phone: (239) 233-2722

    Address: 1165 Newmark Ave, Coos Bay, Oregon, Suite A

    Store Hours:

    Monday: 10:00am-6:00pm

    Tuesday: 10:00am-6:00 pm

    Wednesday: 10:00am-6:00 pm

    Thursday: 10:00am-6:00 pm

    Friday: 10:00am-6:00 pm

    Saturday: 10:00am-5:00 pm

    Sunday: Closed

    What are the Main Products Offered by Vape Junkies?

    1. E-liquids

    Vape Junkies is the home for over two hundred different premium E-liquids flavors. At Vape Junkies, there is always something for everyone. The major benefit of Vape Junkies’ E-liquids is that they use 100% food-grade ingredients. They are all manufactured in the U.S. Indeed, vape Junkies have taken much pride in offering some of the most potent E-liquid flavors the vape industry has ever known.

    But what exactly makes Vape Junkies E-liquids worth going for? One thing you must understand about E-liquids is that a good E-liquid depends on your personal choice and preference. So, your friend’s best E-liquid might not turn out to be the best for you. Therefore, it is sometimes good to experiment with multiple choices until you come to your perfect selections. Nonetheless, Vape Junkies has proved to hold the best E-liquids that have the following characteristics;

    1. Excellent Flavors

    With it providing only e-liquids, the vape Junkies have mastered the art of e-liquids. It is a common notion that an excellent e-liquid brand should be able to use a blend of natural flavors. Although artificial flavors are good, they should not be overused. Vape Junkies knows this fact, which is why they have invested a significant amount of time in natural flavors.

    1. Nicotine Levels

    Some users prefer using e-liquids with a certain level of nicotine. However, any genuine wholesaler or reseller of e-liquids should adhere to the set standards. Regulatory authorities such as the High-Performance Liquid Chromatography require nicotine levels to be lower than that in conventional cigarettes. The Vape Junkies has done all it can to ensure that it meets all these requirements, thereby giving users what is required and genuine for them.

    1. Ingredients used

    Vape Junkies often use vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol to blend their liquids. These are the main and safe ingredients used to make most of their e-liquids. The store has put adequate measures to ensure that the e-liquids adhere to the required concentration levels.

    The following are some of the e-liquid flavors that Vape Junkies offer:

    • Flavored Cheesecake 
    • Rock Pebbles
    • Happy Hour
    • Coconut Banana Cream
    • Flavored Lemonade
    • Huckle til you Chuckle made of Huckleberry Cream
    1. Box Mods

    Box Mods are undoubtedly the second most popular choice among vapers after pod systems. As the name suggests, these devices are shaped to look like a box. Vape Junkies offers box Mods in a wide range of styles, prices, and designs. You can be sure to find a box mod that matches all your vaping needs. You do not have to worry about the complexities of their box mods. Their box mods are easy to use, and even beginners will find them suitable. Perhaps the only thing you need to worry about is the wattage suitable for your vaping needs. Each of the box mods offered by Vape Junkies comes with a wide range of wattage settings. As a beginner, I highly recommend starting with 40 to watts and finding your way up. In any case you need to create more clouds, you can consider using higher wattages.

    Vape Junkies offers all these products at excellent prices, and you will undoubtedly love working with them. The following are some of the box mods you can find on their shelves;

    • Geek Vape aegis max kit
    • Voopoo argus
    • Vaporesso Xros Kit
    • Snowwolf Mfeng
    • Smonord4 kit
    • Frremax Maxus
    • Geekvape Aegis Boost
    • Vaporesso Pod stick
    • AegisX
    • Nord2 kit
    • Nord Kits
    1. Salt Nic Devices

    There is a surge in Nic Salt vaping. It is seen as one of the inevitable trends we are bound to see in the near future. And Vape Junkies has been at the forefront in ensuring that users get all the devices and tools they require for Nic Salt vaping. Whether you are an experienced vaper or a newbie trying out the vaping lifestyle, I am sure you will find salt Nic vaping so excellent for your vaping needs.

    But before you put both legs into Nic salt vaping, there is a very vital thing you need to understand. Those Salt Nic Devices are not designed to pair with high-powered sub-ohm devices. Vape Junkies will make your work easy by providing the following popular salt nic vaping devices;

    • Vaporesso Podstick pen
    • Nord 2
    • Bouler Kit
    • Smok Nord Kit
    • Vaporesso Renova Zero
    • Vaporesso Xros

    Vape Junkies Discount Coupons

    Most vape stores have a tendency of selling mediocre products at extremely high prices. Their primary motivation is to make quick money. However, the case is different for Vape Junkies. The shop sells excellent quality products at excellent prices. More interesting is that you can apply several coupons and promo codes to save on the purchase price. The following are coupon and promo code websites you can use;

    Vape Junkies Customer Reviews

    Here is what previous customers had to say about Vape Junkies;

    “You know you are dealing with a great vape store if the store can offer a wide range of E-liquids. I am a fan of coconut banana cream liquid, and I was happy to learn that Vape Junkies have the flavor in plenty. I have been purchasing from them for two years now, and I am not planning to stop any time soon. I just love the way they do things. A cool and clean business environment, a wide variety of vaping devices, and everything you want to have is all under one roof. If you are yearning for some great vaping experience, I highly recommend that you visit this store and have a taste of their products.” Martin Gerald.

    “I love Vape Junkies because they have all kits and devices from some of the popular brands under one roof. I have been transacting with them for quite some time, and I am a satisfied customer. At no point have I witnessed any issue with their product. I will highly recommend this store to new and experienced vapers. I am sure you will love dealing with these guys.” Anonymous

    Vape Junkies Shipping Information

    Before going into many details about shipping, it is essential to understand that Vape Junkies does not support underage vaping. As such, users will be required to prove they are of legal vaping age before ordering their products. Orders will be shipped a day or two after you place an order. Upon shipping, users will be notified about the expected delivery date and time. Users are advised to reach out to the support team in any case the shipping delays by a day or two. Returned shipments should be communicated promptly. Vape Junkies will only accept returns that have not been tampered with. It is also vital to understand that the shipping costs and taxes will fall on the part of the buyer. Shipping charges will vary depending on the geographical location of the user.

    Vape Junkies Vape Shops Near Me

    UPENDS: Wholesale VapeSuppliers

    UPENDS is a dedicated vape supplier that has the needs of every reseller and vaper at heart. We have a robust product capability, and we have majorly cemented our name in the hearts of our customers, especially because we launch new products almost every month. We are currently recruiting agents for the world. You can reach out to us today to become part of our fast expanding team.


    To use the UPENDS website you must be aged 21 years or over. Please verify your age before entering the site.