Vape Jungle: Vape Jungle Vape Equipment Review and Instructions

    Vape Jungle: Vape Jungle Vape Equipment Review and Instructions

    Vape Jungle at a glance

    Vape Jungle is a London-based online vaping store whose main aim is to provide the vaping community with some of the best vaping products. They deal with products from the UK, US, and Malaysia. Also, they sell a host of products ranging from e-liquids, vaping mods, coils, CBD oils, to tanks. In short, there’s anything a vaper needs.

    In addition, the company has a physical store in London where people within the area can pickup their order. That said, they ship to many countries where vaping is legal. So, if you want to try your hand in vaping, you got yourself an ideal online store.

    Vape Jungle  Main products

    As we mentioned, Vape Jungle stocks roughly everything vital in a vaper’s arsenal. Now, let’s look at some of their main products.

    Vape Jungle E-liquids

    e-juices are the backbone of vaping. It is what you enjoy when producing dense smoke. As such, Vape Jungle has a wide selection of juices to choose from.

    They come in different flavors such as melon, mango, apple, and more. also, they are sourced from different companies such as Naked Vape, Dinner Lady, and others. And as expected they come in different capacities such as 30ml, 50ml, and 100ml.

    For example, you can buy the ASAP Grape e-liquid. Manufactured by Nasty Juice, it is a blend of ripe berries, grapes, and other fruits, giving you a flavor-rich e-liquid. It comes in a 50ml bottle and has a potency of 0mg.  this e-liquid is sourced from Malaysia – a country known for the production of high-quality e-juices.

    Vape Jungle Vape Mods

    Vape mods are more advanced compared to pod systems. They allow you to change temperature and wattage settings. As such, you enjoy a personalized vaping experience with ease. What’s more, they are long-lasting with some offering up to 2000 puffs on a single charge.

    At Vape Jungle, you will get hundreds of vape mods to choose from. They are from different companies such as Aspire, General E-cig, and SMOK.  As expected, they are of high quality and offer an unmatched vaping experience.

    For example, you can get the Aspire Breeze vape mod which comes with a 1000mAh battery for sustained vaping, a 1.0ohm coil for the production of dense clouds, and an ergonomic grip. It also affords you exceptional airflow so you can enjoy the rich flavor from the e-juice.

    Vape Jungle Starter kits

    If you are new to vaping, then a starter kit is what you need. They are easy to use and do not require much maintenance compared to the mod counterpart. Besides, they are portable, lightweight, and easily concealed by hand.

    At Vape Jungle, you get vape starter kits from different companies such as Aspire, Innokin, Smok, and Vaporesso. And these companies, are some of the best in the industry. Let’s look at a few starter kits.

    • Aspire Tigon Kit: this is a safe-to-use starter kit that is intended for beginner vapers. It is a mouth to lung (MTL) pen. However, you can also use it as a DTL for that extra punch on your lungs. It is lightweight, stylish, and comes with a 2600mAh battery.
    • Resa SMOK Starter Kit: this simple yet powerful kit comes in a red color equipped with a 2000mAh battery for uninterrupted vaping. The integrated tank can hold up to 2ml of the e-liquid.
    • Smok Stick P22: this vape kit comes with a 2000mAh battery, and it is easy to use thanks to its minimalistic design.

    Vape coils

    Coils are used to heat the oil or e-juice in the atomizer. They are low and high resistance coils. The low-resistant coils are ideal for producing thick clouds and ensuring you get just the right flavor. On the other hand, high-resistant coils do not produce excess clouds and are as such, ideal for beginners.

    At Vape Jungle, you get a mix of this. They are from companies such as Aspire, Eleaf, Innokin, Joytech, Mesh, Unwell, and other brands. This means you’ll be spoilt for choice. Let’s look at a few.

    • Aspire Nautilus X coils: this is a 1.5ohms coil that is to be used with a wattage between 14 and 40W. it is equipped U-Tech that facilitates unmatched cloud formation and flavor production. This is because the vape flows twice through the coil for extra heating.
    • Aspire Tigon coils: These coils come in a bundle of five and are ideal with a 23-28 wattage. They are explicitly intended to be used with the Aspire Tigon kit.
    • Breeze & Breeze Aspire coils: this is yet another set of four coils that you can buy for your Aspire vaping kit.

    Vape Jungle Vape tanks

    Now, if you are looking for extra vaping without much hassle, get yourself a vape tank. It can store more e-juice compared to a pod or a mod. Tanks are however ideal for vaping while seated enjoying the breeze or a movie. They are heavier and require maintenance once in a while.

    At Vape Jungle, you can get Vape tanks from different companies such as Vaporesso, Smok, and Innokin. Let's look at some of them.

    • Innokin Slipstream: this tank features a stainless-steel construction meaning that it can last for long. It is compatible with the Innokini Taste Kroma Mod and has a storage capacity of 2ml.
    • Genuine Exceed tank: this tank has a storage capacity of 3.5ml and is intended for use with the Joyetech Exceed D22. It is made of glass and comes with a stainless-steel atomizer.
    • Smok TFV8 Tank: this too comes with a storage capacity of 3.5ml. it is compatible with Smok V8 Baby Kit and cannot work with the 3ml reduced tank.

    Vape Jungle Vape Pods

    Pods are some of the most popular vaping devices on the market. They are easy to use and are an excellent choice for people learning to vape. Also, they are not overly expensive hence the growing popularity among vapers. What’s more, they are easy to maintain and carry around.

    Vape Jungle sells you are a wide assortment of these pods ranging from Smok, Juul, Blu Vape, to Aspire. Some come pre-filled while others are refillable. Let’s look at a few.

    • JUUL Glacier pods: these pods from JUUL are refillable meaning you can enjoy just about any flavor in the market. However, they come with a rich peppermint flavor with a potency of 20mg.
    • JUUL Royal CR: this is yet another bundle of refillable pods from JUUL. They come with a creamy flavor populated with hints of crème Brule, custard, and vanilla. Quite an ideal option for people with a sweet tooth.

    Vape Jungle Accessories

    As expected, the company sells accessories to aid in your vaping journey. They include batteries, chargers, tank glasses, drip tips, and more.

    Drip tips allow the e-juice to flow to the atomizer and coil so you can achieve your vaping desire. As such, you’ll need quality ones such as the Cobra Resin Drip Tip. Batteries allow you to vape on the go while chargers come in handy when the batteries run low.

    There are many chargers to choose from such as the Aspire Breeze charging dock. A point to note: Most chargers are brand-specific. That is, they can only be used on specific vape devices. Vape Jungle does not sell universal chargers.


    • There are lots of products to choose from
    • Affordable prices
    • Sells only from the best companies


    • Most of their products are out of stock

    Vape Jungle Review: is Vape Jungle good?

    From the look of things, Vape Jungle is an ideal store to buy your next arsenal of vaping devices. As we have seen, they have a large assortment of products ranging from e-liquids, vape pods, to vape mods. We can call this a one-stop online store.

    Another stellar thing about the company is that they offer free shipping to customers within a 1-mile radius. In fact, it is the same-day shipping for orders above €30.00. for customers outside London, they offer affordable shipping fees.

    An when it comes to payment, the company allows the customer to pay through different methods. They include PayPal, Credit, and Debit cards. This makes it easier for people to place and pay for their orders.


    How can I contact Vape Jungle?

    To contact Vape Jungle, you can use their email address (sales@vapejungle.co.uk). You can also visit their physical store in London.

    What hours does Vape Jungle operate at their physical store?

    The company opens its doors at 10am and closes at 7pm during weekdays. On Sunday, they are open between 10am and 5pm.

    What products does Vape Jungle sell?

    Well, they sell at least all products that are crucial to your vaping success. This includes e-liquids, vape pods, tanks, and more.

    Does Vape Jungle have Age Verification feature?

    Yes, they strictly adhere to the 18+ policy. In fact, they’ll have to check your ID to verify your age. As such, minors cannot buy from the store.


    Well, Vape Jungle is no doubt an online store that any enthusiast vaper should visit. It has all the necessary devices and accessories for next-level vaping. The company also ships to lots of locations and deals with some of the most trusted brands.

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