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Vape instructions: how to use vape pen with button

18th Apr 2021 | 39 | upends v

If there is one thing you should know before learning how to use your new vape for the first time, you know how a vape works. Disposable vapers come entirely ready to be used without worrying about assembling or disassembling resistors or other accessories. And of course, with lower battery consumption. But these types of vapes are different.

Here we tell you how to use it correctly so you can enjoy every moment of your vape.


A vape pen with a button

Following these simple steps, we will be able to start using the vaper we have purchased:

Unboxing or unpacking

We will begin by taking out all the package pieces

There are several essential points that we must follow in this first step, to which many do not give importance, such as reading the previous instructions, especially those who are not yet familiar with this type of electronic cigarettes.

The O-rings are extremely important, and we must keep in mind that a wrong placement of these, however small the error, can cause severe damage to our new vaper.

Usually, the box in which the product comes informs us of the parts it contains. That is why we say that you should take a few minutes to read the instructions, not only to know how to use it but also to verify that all the parts we need are included; otherwise, we will not be able to use the vaper in any case.


Placing the battery

Although it is a simple step, we must also explain it to know the operation and the steps to follow concerning what is related to the electric current.

We will place the battery inside the mod. The mod is what we call the vaper itself, without the atomizer or the battery. That is the body of the vape itself.

We must be careful in this step, identify the positive and negative, and place the battery correctly. A wrong battery arrangement can cause a short circuit, seriously damaging the mod, something that will exclude it from the warranty.

The number of batteries depends on the vaper we have bought. We can find one, two, or three batteries.


Charging the battery

Once the battery is in place, we will charge the mod. Usually, the batteries come with little or no charge.

One of the recommendations made by the manufacturers is to charge all the batteries at the same time. That is to say, if we have a vaper with three batteries, we will have to get a separate charger because even if we charge a storm with the mod, it will never recognize 100% of it.

Therefore, the idea is to charge each of the batteries with the complementary charger and then place them in the mod. This is because the vaper captures and recognizes all the batteries together, and if, for example, one of them is at 100%, another at 90%, and another at 80%, it will find the average of the three and will not mark a full charge.

While we are charging the batteries, we can go to the next and last step.


Assembling the clearomizer with the resistance and e-liquid

Perhaps the most complicated step for those who are starting in the world of vaping and the most conflictive, since it is the step in which novice users often make mistakes and damage the cartomizer, the resistance, and even the mod itself. But don't worry, because we are going to help you to do it safely. Of course, you must follow our detailed instructions.

The first thing we will do is to take a resistor and soak the cotton inside. They shouldn't be dry because if this happens, the resistor will burn the cotton, causing a rather unpleasant "burnt plastic" taste, not to mention the severe damage we will drive to the resistor, even leaving it unusable.

We must be careful not to introduce liquid inside the heating element. The idea is to wet the cotton pads a little so that they do not burn dry and that they withstand the heat emitted by the resistor without dripping.

Once the resistance is wetted with our e-liquid, we screw it gently and carefully into the atomizer, ensuring that it is entirely closed, avoiding leaks.

This step is crucial because we will prolong our vaper's life if we get used to placing the atomizer correctly.

Once we have placed the resistance, moistened the cotton, and mounted the atomizer, we will only have to pour the e-liquid chosen inside the tank, being careful not to spill it, both on the outside and inside the resistance. The e-liquid should only absorb from the cotton.

We have already placed the resistance, the entire tank, the battery in place and charged to 100%. It is time to light our vaper for the first time.


Turning on the vaper

Most vapers and standard electronic cigarettes have a protection system to prevent accidental ignition. Therefore, we will have to perform a total of 5 presses, provided that your vaper has this mechanism.

Once the vaper is turned on, we will see on its screen the digits that will inform us of the power at which our electronic cigarette is configured. The power can be regulated by pressing the + or - buttons, selecting between degrees, watts, and other measurement systems.

Our recommendation in this regard is that you start with little power and gradually increase it until you find the balance point with which you feel better.


How to use Juul

Besides the button vaper, you also have the Juul. A type of vaper that usually comes with the following items in its kit:

  • The USB device in which you put the tobacco liquid capsules. That's where you smoke it. Its size is truly unique: it looks like an ordinary flash drive, no one would say that this is where you can smoke.
  • Flavored capsules. Juul has several different flavors. The starter kit comes with four or a three with flavors such as mango, 'cool mint' (mint), 'crème brûlée' (similar to vanilla), and Virginia (manufactured by the eponymous tobacco brand). They are fully interchangeable with each other at any time, no need to finish one flavor to start another.
  • USB connection. It will be in charge of connecting the Juul device to charge it when it runs out of battery after 150-200 puffs.

To use it, you have to give two light taps with your finger (as if you were double-clicking), and Juul will start working. The flavor is quite reminiscent of any menthol cigarette or even electronic cigarettes with that flavor. It will be that simple to use and is perfect for beginners in the world of vaping.


How to smoke a hookah pen for beginners

This model of vapes is different and a little more focused on experts. Although it is not very different from average vapers, usually, the e-shisha and e-liquid come in similar small plastic bottles that you can use to fill the tank of your e-cigarette. At first glance, the two look very similar, but there are differences. Regular e-liquids contain a certain amount of nicotine, measured in milligrams, while e-shisha contains no nicotine and is usually sweeter and more flavorful when vaporized.

In terms of use, vaping e-shisha is the same as vaping a regular electronic cigarette. Before vaporizing, fill the tank of your vaporizer with e-shisha liquid. After you have done this, turn on your device and inhale as you would with a regular e-liquid. And that's it, and you can start enjoying the best flavors that e-shisha brings to you.

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