Vape Honey Stick: Buyer Guide and Review of Products

    Vape Honey Stick: Buyer Guide and Review of Products

    In today’s piece, we feature another revolutionary lifestyle vape brand; Vape Honey Stick. As usual, we exclusively study these brands and write an honest review of the site. We never take sides, but provide an unbiased review of their products so you can make an informed decision.

    Before we review some of their product categories, let’s get right into the user guides first:

    Video guides

    How to choose the best Concealer for your needs

    As you will easily agree with me, user preferences vary for almost every product in the market. That is why you find that products serving the same purpose usually come in different make and design. Concealers too are not a one-design-fit for all. For some, the Phantomcould a match made in heaven for them, yet some of you just can never imaging the thought of having to use, say the Beekeeper. You know we all got different lifestyles, different tastes, and different preferences.

    In this video tutorial, Dan Hoff COO who works with the Vape Honey Stick takes you by hand and leads you through the process of picking the best concealer right for your needs. He gives a head-on comparison of the Beekeeper, ELF, Phantom, Minimax, and the Minimax Pro. From here, you won’t have to struggle anymore with the Concealers. You will be in a position to make a wise decision for once.

    What to consider while choosing the dap/ concentrates or wax vaporizer


    Sometimes, all it takes for you to enjoy a flawless vaping experience is choosing the best vaporizer. In this video guide, the author offers you some insights and insider tips to getting yourself the best vaporizer meeting your needs. He reviews some of the best products too, based on the user’s needs. You won’t have to employ trial and error anymore; it’s wasteful of time and money.

    How to turn your device on and off, and navigating through some basic Vape Honey Stick functions

    The prospect of handling a new device could be a daunting undertaking, especially for first-time vapers. We don’t judge you, we all start from somewhere. This video guide acts as the first personal assistant for you if you have never used the Vape Honey Stick product. It will lead you through the process of turning your device on and off, as demonstrated with the HoneyStick Stinger Wax Vaporizer.

    Since this tutorial is targeting first-time users, the author also goes ahead and highlights the best practices to using the device and warns you on the don’ts. If you are also wondering how to adjust the temperature levels in your device, your concerns will be answered. You will come out of this video as an experienced newbie!

    Vape Honey Stick review: what is it that the company got to offer?


    One thing I have come to like with the Vape Honey Stick is their choice of products; they never compromise on the quality. In their supply of vaporizers, they only stick to those that have been proven to be user-friendly. Vape Honey Stick understands that users have varying needs for vaporizers, and they strive to always give the best in any products they lay their hands on. They specialize in vapes for concentrates, oil, and waxes as well as those used for dry herbs. With them, you can find yourself the specific product you are looking for: from preheat to the auto drawn, to variable voltage, to the fitting wide cartridges, you will get them all with them.

    Featured vaporizer:

    Phantom Signature - 2 in 1 Oil & Wax Vaporizer

    Most customers who have used the Phantom Signature attest that the product is up to the task. Some customers, in their review, mentioned that the device does a great job when it to burning oil. It meets the expectations, and could even surpass them. It also features a sleek design, allowing you to carry with great ease and comfort.

    This 2 in 1 Vape Honey Stick Vaporizer features a squeeze action trigger and is designed to work perfectly fine with wide glass tanks. While using the device, you can adjust the voltage settings to either 3.4V, 3.6V, 3.8V,or 4.0V, depending on your preference. It also has a preheating functionality and comes with a 1000 mAh capacity battery that is strong enough.

    Vape Tanks

    If you are out there looking for a replacement vape tank for your concealers or your vape stable, you can always find them here. They have both reusable and disposable ones depending on what you could be looking for. You can choose between the adjustable airflow as well as the ceramic.

    And if you are wondering how you could convert your mod battery into a vaporizer for either oils, wax, or dry herbs, then theVape Honey Stick’s Vape Tanks also gets you covered. Theirs have always been a dedication to making everything seamless. They make it possible for you to convert virtually any mod battery into an efficient vaporizer.

    Featured vape tank:

    Extreme Wax Atomizer - Vape Tank for Dabs & Concentrates

    When it comes to vape tanks, Extreme Wax Atomizer takes the lead in terms of pricing and the value you get. Note that it is not that high-end vape tank, but all the same, it gets all the work done.

    Its body is made of stainless steel and glass. The device is designed to ensure durability and the best customer experience. This Extreme Wax Atomizer features a ceramic bowl, with an additional ceramic wax heater. For quick refilling and ease of cleaning, the tank is fitted with a strong magnet. Its mouthpiece is heat resistant for a better user experience. We bet you will like it.


    Vape Kits

    With Vape Honey Stick, you can not only find the Vape Tanks and Vaporizers but also the Vape Kits. They understand pretty well that different customers are looking for different needs, and thus provide multi-use kits, as well as customized ones. If you are looking for the special 3 in 1 kit ideal for oil, wax, and dry herbs, you can find them all here. On the custom vape kits, they feature waterproof cases, impact-proof as well as scent-proof. They are dedicated to transforming your vaping experience to a whole new level. And all these devices are designed with user preferences in mind.

    Featured vape kit:

    Stinger 3-in-1 Vape Kit for Wax and Dry Herb Vaping

    You certainly will like the Stinger 3-in-1 Vape Kit. It comes with all the accessories you will need to take your vaping to a whole new level.

    This 3-in-1 kit includes:

    • Stinger battery with a capacity of 1100 mAh
    • Highbrid vape tank; you can use it for Wax or Concentrates
    • Stinger atomizer of 0.8 ohms (Ceramic)
    • Dabber tool
    • For charging, you will get a micro USB charging cable
    • Dry herb vape tank (Oz-Ohm)
    • Highbrid replacement chamber/ heater
    • Waterproof carrying casing which is airtight


    How long would it take to charge my Vape Honey Stick device? And how can I tell when to charge it?

    You will know when the battery gets low as the unit will cease producing vapor. Some of these devices are also designed such that when the battery is getting low to a critical level, the led indicator will blink multiple times.

    Most of the Vape Honey Stick devices would take about 2 hours to fully charge them. There are othersthough, like the aficionado,which takes a short time of about 15 minutes to achieve a full charge. These ones use the i-phone rapid charge option to achieve this record fast charging. While charging, the red light will turn off or turn blue.

    MyVape Honey Stick device is blinking with blue color, even without a pull nor heat. What could be the issue?

    There are two possible reasons for blue blinking. The atomizer is likely burnt out or the cartridge is not functioning well either because it is faulty or not properly attached to the battery.

    I’m a new user trying to navigate through the Honey Stick Vape tanks, can I work with any wattage? Or is there any recommendation?

    Usually, the wattage can be adjusted based on the user preference. But in general, this is the recommended wattage:

    • 20-25watts for Highbrid
    • 10-50 watts for Sub Ohm
    • 20-28 watts for Oz Ohm
    • 8-12 watts for Stinger

    Is Vape Honey Stick offering free shipping for their products?

    From their website, they are clear that they only offer free shipping for goods above $100. If you shop for anything less than this worth, then you will have to independently gather for the shipping fee.

    Final take: would you recommend Vape Honey Stick products?

    Absolutely! As long as you know what you are looking for, you will enjoy Vape Honey Stick products. They offer quality products designed with the user in mind. Theirs are a mix of quality and affordability. You sure should give them a try!


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