Vape Dojo Vape Equipment Review

    Vape Dojo Vape Equipment Review

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    Address:Vape Dojo 138 N. Bond Street Bel Air, MD 21014

    Contact Number:(443)818-9000

    Timings: 11am-7pm

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    Main Products:E-liquids, ALO devices, starter kits, mods, batteries, replacement coils, tanks and other accessories

    1.     What is Vape Dojo?

    Vape Dojo is one of the best destinations if you want the best juices, e-cigarettes, product of leading brands, and much more. Products sold under this name are authentic, credible, and offers a variety of products ranging from disposables to concentrated juices, and so on. This store is further known for its endless collection of vape juices that assists the customers in enjoying absolute experience.

    Furthermore, its five-star performance in terms of customer service, affordable prices, and its collection of all the popular products. The store includes a huge collection of E-liquids, vape juices, and other vape dojo classics for beginners as well as advanced users. Therefore, this article offers an insight on vape dojo and its products.

    2.     Main Products

    Vape Dojo is a one stop shop for stocking up any of your vape gears. It is the hub of popular e-liquids, ALO devices, starter kits, mods, batteries, replacement coils, tanks and other accessories. Vape Dojo has earned the reputation of dealing in only premium vape gears.

    3.     Best-selling Products at Vape Dojo

    We all have our favourites and we are sure Vape Dojo has yours as well in stock! Mentioned are some of the top selling vape products on Vape Dojo that are winning hearts of both novice and veteran vapers. However, feel free to explore the website to check out more products also.

    3.1 Charlie Nobble

    At Vape Dojo, you can find a large collection of Charlie Nobble where this e-liquid trading company has been working in the market with constant demand by the customers. It is made by the high-quality PG, VG, e-liquid base, flavorings, and nicotine. It is made by cGMP practice and offers a great richness in the taste of the e-liquids. To meet its popularity amongst the vapers and deliciousness Vape Dojo always keeps it in stock for you.


    1. Great range of delicious flavors.
    2. Affordable price range.
    3. Exceptional performance.

    2.3 Ten Buck Juice

    You can also find a vast collection of Ten Buck Bundles at Vape Dojo with bold flavors and high-quality that is produced by the Ten Bucks juices. It comes in a variety of flavors ranging from adult flavors (slices of apple and flavored tobacco), Employ mint (cranberry and pomegranate), and tobacco (tobacco and dried raspberries) and many more. Hence, you can choose one according to your preference.

    Vape Dojo always caters the needs of its loyal customers. Upon huge demand and high quality, Ten Buck Juice got its well-deserved spot on Vape Dojo.


    1. High quality e-juice.
    2. Comes in samplers as well.
    3. Original flavors.


    2.3 Aspire - PockeX Pocket AIO

    Aspire PockeX AIO that is an ultimate all-in-one device is available on Vape Dojo. It is packed with Nautilus X U-Tech coil, a sub ohm device and a wider drip-trip in a 0.60-ohm stainless steel container. It offers a low-profile sub-ohm vapor production. It further offers dense flavors and 1500mah battery life.

    Aspire PockeX AIO is included on Vape Dojo for its amazing functionality and sturdy built. Furthermore, it has everything you will need to get started on sensational vaping session. All the components of devise are highly durable leaving you pleased with their performance.


    1. Powerful battery.
    2. Rugged build.
    3. Compact size.
    4. 30 days’ warranty.

    2.4 Geek Vape - Aegis Boost

    You can also find Geek Vape Aegis Boost pod mod AIO device with newest editions including an advanced AS chipset, a 1500 mAh battery, and shockproof technology. It offers a dense and strong flavor constructed from a durable zinc-alloy, silicone, and leather. This comes with a high-quality 3.7 mL e-juice with refilled pods that helps you with convenient usage.

    Starter Kits devices have grabbed the popularity for their ease of use and hassle free nature. That’s why Vape Dojo is offering some amazing options that are worth the try, including Aegis Boost.


    1. Air flow control and great e-juice capacity.
    2. 1500 mAh of powerful battery.
    3. Durable zinc alloy construction.
    4. Advanced AS Chipset for better performance.


    2.5 Vaporesso- Gen Mod

    At Vape Dojo, you can can purchase the Vaporesso Gen vaping device with 220 W current and a new version of SKRR-S tank. It offers an improved throat hit with an AXON chipset and an innovative pulse mode. Hence, it is high-powered system with a detailed temperature control and creates a clous-chucking monster with thick and dense vaping flavor.

    Mods are never out of the trend and demand, that’s why Vape Dojo brings you the best like Vaporesso Gen Mod. The 220W of output is revolutionary leaving you startled. Furthermore, the design is an absolute classic and easy to carry.


    1. Lightweight and compact.
    2. Pulse mood for better inhalation.
    3. AXON Chip improves the overall performance.


    2.6 Aspire - Athos Tank System

    At Vape Dojo, you can also gain access to a variety of tanks. Athos Tank System can be the most reliable replacement to your previous damaged tank. It is highly adored by vapers who prefer dense and intense puffs. Furthermore, it is easy to refill, allows airflow adjustability and the advance coil head retains the intensity of puffs.

    Athos Tank System has been included for the convenience it brings to the users and the amazing performance it delivers. Furthermore, it is easy to clean, maintains and holds a generous amount of e-liquid.


    1. Easy to disassemble.
    2. Holds 4ml of e-liquid.
    3. Penta-coil head and a tri-coil head for incredible vapor production.

    3. Reviews

    The credibility of Vape Dojo can be indicated by the positive and constructive feedback from the users. It implies that most of the products included in the store are high-quality and the store offers high standards of safety while delivery. The store has emerged as a trusted one with quick delivery and improved customer service that adds five-stars to the overall shopping experience. Furthermore, the shipping from the store is also lightning fast and the return is also flexible.

    The staff also helps you in troubleshooting the problem where you can easily contact them online at Facebook, Instagram, and so on. This is the one if you need quality vaping products with best prices and ones from the leading brands.

    4.     UPENDS: Affordable yet amazing alternative!

    UPENDS is the new vape store and brand that is creating waves in the market. It is slowly rising up the charts by providing vapers with low priced yet high quality pod systems. Thus, UPENDS caters the needs of all vapers strictly not compromising on the quality. Let’s have a look at some of the popular pod systems from UPENDS.

    4.1 Upcott

    Vapers who want to skip the hassle of fancy packaging, complex features, and high price, Upcott should be your next shot. UPENDS has efficiently reduced the cost of the pod system with minimalist yet elegant design and simple features. The pod comes filled with organic cotton and cotton filter is mouth piece to prevent the risk of leakage, popping and condensate.

    Furthermore, the pod can be easily replaced when finished. However, you won’t have to go through this hassle daily as the tank can hold up 4ml of liquid that can last for days. Lastly, the pod system is also effortless to charge.

    4.2 Uppen

    Uppen follows the minimalist approach of UPENDS but it is equipped with slightly advanced features to improve the overall performance of the pod system. Etchip™ coil is credited for providing the flavorful and concentrated first draw. The coil is also located at the bottom that maintains the uninterrupted flow of the e-liquid.

    Before the launch, Uppen was tested for its compatibility with range of e-liquids. Furthermore, the Uppen cap is not just the ordinary cap. It protects the e-liquid from oxidation and contamination. Along with that, it also protects the mouthpiece from bacterial contamination. Lastly, we found Uppen easy to assemble back and effortless to refill.

    Wrapping up, this Vape Dojo store is one of the best shops for vaping essentials, e-liquids, and other accessories. You can find leading brands with the best prices and a variety of flavors from a huge collection. Also, the customer service, credibility of the products, and amazing prices makes it stand among others. So, now you know where to find your vaping apparatus at.

    4. FAQs

    Can you trust Vape Dojo?

    Absolutely yes! Vape Dojo is a one stop vape shop for the purchase of original and authentic products only.

    Where is Vape Dojo located?

    Stores of Vape Dojo are spread in Maryland, United States. You can find there store in Hanover Pike, Riverside Parkway, and N Bond Street.

    Does Vape Dojo offer free shipping?

    Unlike many other online vape store who offer free shipping on the orders above specified amount, Vape Dojo offers free shipping on all orders regardless of the order value.

    UpBar RS Disposable Vape(Newest)


    To use the UPENDS website you must be aged 21 years or over. Please verify your age before entering the site.