Vape Critic Vaporizers Review and Instructions

    Vape Critic Vaporizers Review and Instructions

    1. What is Vape Critic?

    Well everyone will let you know about best vapes but no one will tell you about the worst vapes right? That’s where vape critic comes to play. In the hassle of finding the best vape, you might stumble on one which needed to be avoided as you might have never heard about its inefficiency.

    But, Bud has your back. As a founder of Vape Critic he ensures you get the best of the best. On the website you can find detailed review of various vape products, comparison between competitors, and some tips and tricks to make your vaping experience extra pleasurable, flavourful, and trouble free. So, it’s time for you to head over to the website and make the best out of your vape surfing. Let’s explore what Vape Critic has to offer:

    2. Best Portable Vaporizer

    A good vaporizer is the need of vaping. We know you are not ready for the mess of a cheap vaporizer. So Vape Critic has declared following vaporizers as the ultimate best.

    2.1 Mighty Portable Vaporizer

    Mighty takes the crown with its efficiency and incredible performance. Though its hefty and immensely sized as compared to its competitors but that gives it significant benefit of durability and extended battery longevity. Furthermore, Crafty stands head to head in its competition but Mighty takes the lead with bundles of extra features. Though it has a large size but it is still considerably portable. You can conveniently use it in the comfort of home and also carry it outside. Furthermore, the vaporizer is extremely easy to use and does not require any adroitness for operation.

    2.2 Crafty Portable Vaporizer

    Standing on the second spot is another amazing vaporizer that has impressed not only Bud but other reviewers as well with its performance. If you prefer portability above the battery life, then according to Vape Critic, Crafty should be your pick instead of Mighty. Bud mentioned he was obsessed with this vaporizer for over three years as it was convenient to use both inside and outside of the house. The strength and concentration of the vapors produced by this vaporizer is incredible leaving you struck. Another important thing you should be mindful of is that it’s a session vape. Means you have to load it up after every few minutes till it is fully consumed.

    2.3 Pax 3 Portable Vaporizer

    Pax 3 has been declared as the best pocket vape by Vape Critic. This is attributed to its small size, compact nature, lightweight and portability. Along with that, it has bundles of features that you can enjoy and have fun making it ultimately the best. It’s an easy to use vape bringing convenience for both beginners and veteran vapers. You will definitely love its short draw feature that gives you strong clouds even with three to four second of draw. Thus, it is mentioned as suitable for people who cannot draw for longer seconds. It comes with various sensors and technologies to optimize vaping according to your needs.

    3. Best Wax Pen

    Let’s see what are the best vax pens according to Vape Critic.

    3.1 Kendy Pens Crystal 2

    Designed to be compatible with variety of consistencies of wax and oil concentrates, the pen has extremely modern design with stylish appeal. The atomizer integrated in the pen is bucket or cup shaped that is heated by metal coil present underneath. The ring in the pen is dedicated for regulation of air flow to suit your draw resistance. The quartz chamber protects the oil from any oxidation and alteration of flavour. The chamber has the capacity of loading .1g of concentrates that gives you 10 draws. Furthermore, the sesh mode allows you to heat the coil within few seconds by pressing power button twice. Lastly, the vape is easy to clean as well.

    3.2 Linx Blaze Wax Pen

    Linx Blaze vape pen is the newly launches product that is making waves in the market with Quartz and Ceramic bucket atomizer. These two atomizer perform efficiently leaving you stunned. Furthermore, the pen feels super durable because of stainless steel. The Quartz bucket coil integrated in the pen are truly advance and gives amazing taste. You will love its built quality and durability. The chamber located in the pen is considerably small so you will have to load it up few times a day. Also, the pen comes with a stainless steel cap to cover mouthpiece. Lastly, it has four heat settings to fit your desires.

    3.3 SOURCE orb 4 Wax Pen

    Source orb 4 is another plausible wax pen with amazing built and cool atomizers. It is suitable for all sorts of use from heavy to light. The wax pen is coupled with great performance and amazing design. The magnetic connection is dedicated for two mouthpieces between which the atomizer is located. Thus, opening and closing it will be hassle free. Furthermore, the pen has a stainless steel construction imparting durability. Source orb 4 doesn’t disappoint in vapor quality as well with exceptional coils. The varying kits of $50, $100 and $200 are available for purchase.

    4. Best Desktop Vaporizer

    Following are the best desktop vaporizers according to Vape Critic.

    4.1 Volcano Desktop Vaporizer

    Bud claims to be using Volcano desktop vaporizer from 2009. No wonder it is best in what it does! Vape Critic has mentioned it to be standard for other competitors as it features best performance. Although, it has been launched quite years but is still toping the charts. Following its success, the Storz& Bickel also released an updated model referred to as Volcano Hybrid model. The shape of the vaporizer is balloon shaped with a wide base the houses the fan. The fan blows hot air on your herb to vaporize it. The vapors are collected in the balloon mounted on the tap that can be later inhaled. Both build quality and vapor quality are incomparable.

    4.2 Plenty Desktop Vaporizer

    Plenty is another popular desktop vaporizer that you can consider. The low draw resistance and the strong vapors make it the best. The assembly and design of the vaporizer is pretty weird but you will love its performance. Aside from the strength of the vapors, they are exceptionally smooth which makes the inhaling extra pleasing. You will never regret purchasing this vaporizer.

    4.3 NewVape Flowerpot Desktop Vaporizer

    This desktop vaporizer has earned the review of Vape Critic by being extremely unique and high quality. NewVape is known for manufacturing their vape products with high standard materials and extreme accuracy. The employ Grade 2 USA-melted Titanium and medical grade aluminium for crafting their products. It operates just like a standard e-nail and has the ability to vape both herbs and concentrates at one time. Thus, along with being unique in design and functioning, Flowerpot gives you unique vaping experience as well.

    5. Best Herb Grinder

    The listed if the best herb grinder as mentioned by Vape Critic.

    5.1 Brilliant Cut  Herb Grinder

    Manufactured by Ginders for Life, Brilliant Cut Grinder has been on the top since its launch in 2019. This grinder offers it all from smoothness, build quality, durability, portability and precision. The design also has a premium finish reflecting the name of the grinder. You can obtain the desired size of your herb by employing its three different grinding plates. Most of the pens require a finely grounded herb for maximum performance. So, Brilliant Cut Grinder fills the need here. Similarly, the vaporizers like Volcano and Plenty can perform best on coarsely grinder herb as well.

    6. Comparisons

    Along with the reviews, Vape Critic also offers the comparison of various products to help you decide which one prevails in performance. It enlists comparison of famous vaporizers, wax pens and much more. If you are confused regarding which one to buy from Crafty, Mighty, Pax 2 and FireFly 2, you can read a detailed comparison to know the answer. Similarly, Vape Critic provides a deep comparison of several other products as well to calm your perplexing thoughts.

    7. Tips and Tricks

    The tips and tricks section guides you regarding several aspects to make your vaping easy and trouble free. You can find a guide on how to load a wax pen, cleaning pf Pax 3 and much more! 

    8. YouTube Videos


    9.Vape Critic equipment Reviews

    You will find countless people raving about the originality and honest of the reviews on Vape Critics. This clearly indicates that reviews are not biased and purchased. People trust the recommendations and critics presented on the website. With these reviews, purchasing the right vape product has surely become effortless. You can also comment your queries on the website, or give your feedback and also request review of a specific vape product.

    So, Vape Critic has made shopping extremely easy with the unbiased reviews and informative tutorials. You will be satisfied with the purchase based on recommendation from Vape Critic as the product has been personally tried and tested before the review. So happy vaping!

    1. FAQs

    Q: Is Vape Critic a reliable website?

    Yes, Vape Critic is a reliable website to trust when looking for reviews of particular products. The reviews are only published after personally using and testing the products.

    Q: Does Vape Critic review vaporizers?

    Yes, Vape Critic has critically reviewed various vaporizers both portable and desktop. To narrow it down for you, all of the best vaporizers are enlisted under the My Top Picks section.

    Q: Are there any tips and tricks on Vape Critic along with reviews?

    Yes, there are handful amount of tips and tricks mentioned on the website to make the vaping more convenient for you. You can find tips related to vaporizers, use of wax pens and much more.




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