Vape Craft Vape Equipment Review and Instructions

    Vape Craft Vape Equipment Review and Instructions

    Name:Vape Craft


    Address:2322 La Mirada Dr. Vista, Ca, 92081

    Contact Number:(760) 295-7484

    Timings: Monday-Friday

    9 A.M-5 P.M PST

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    Twitter: Vape Craft INC

    Main Products:E-Liquids, Disposables, Box Mods, Electronic Cigarettes, Temperature Control Mods, EGO devices, Tanks etc.

    1.     What is Vape Craft?

    If you are searching for an authentic vape website with basic e-liquids as well as advanced vape mods, you cannot go wrong with Vape Craft. Vape Craft is a well-reputed and known brand when it comes to E-liquid and CBD dealing. It wins the heart of customers by offering a variety of flavorings, vape juices, lab-wares, bases, and other accessories.

    For additional services, Vape Craft has been famous for its affordable prices and a vast supply of e-liquids. If you are new to vaping world, it can introduce you to new combinations of e-liquid base with a perfect PG/VG ratio. It also offers instructions and advices for customers that adds five stars to its services.

    2.     Main Products

    Vape Craft is famous for providing range of vape products from renowned brands under one roof. You can find highly functional disposable vapes, box mods, regulated vape mods, electronic cigarettes, delicious e-juices, durable tanks and replacement coils, and plenty of other vape accessories. The store also offers a vast collection of all the supplies needed to make your own preferred vape juice. Here, you can get your hands on variety of flavourings, lab-ware, e-liquid base, and different bottles in which you can mix your juices. If you are determined, you can also imitate many existing juices from the store with your desired flavours.

    Likewise, you can find all the leading brands at this Vape Craft store with best of prices and quality. The brands this store includes are Aspire, Smok, Air Factory CBD, Bean & Bud, Bombshell, Capella flavours, CBDFX, Big Bottle Co, and much more. Hence, you are most likely to find the desired product at this platform.

    3.     Best Selling Products at Vape Craft

    Although Vape Craft has tones of product available but some items out pass others because of high reviews and demands. So, we bring you the ultimate filtered results constituting of only the best products with amazing features. However, you can still surf through the website to look through more products.


    This e-liquid actually makes you say OMG because of its delightful taste and deliciousness. If you are someone who loves and adores dessert flavor, then this one is for you! OMG so good is the mixture of five creamy and dessert flavors of custard, cheesecake, brown sugar, and custard heaven. It is available for purchase because of its right balance of flavors and scrumptious taste. So, the taste is simply delicious!


    1. Excellent balance of six heavenly flavors.
    2. Delicious taste.
    3. Comes in generous quantity of 120 ml.

    3.2 Joyetech eGo AIO

    Joyetech eGo AIO is the popular AIO device that makes vaping simple for both noobs and veteran vapers. It provides fuss free vaping with its simple features and leak resistant nature. This allows the vapers to simply enjoy 2ml of e-juice. Along with that the device is equipped with safety features that prolong the functioning of the device. The 1500 mAh of powerful battery makes sure it lasts for significant days with a full charge.

    Joyetech eGo AIO is available on Vape Craft owing to the convenience it offers to the vapers. People have widely adored it’s easy to use nature and simple design.


    1. Powerful battery.
    2. Classic design and sturdy built.
    3. Safety features.

    3.3 SMOK G-Priv 3 starter kit

    SMOK G-Priv 3 is the famous Box Mod that has gained popularity amongst vapers. The device has the marvellous output of 230 watts that gives you powerful puffs. If you are the fan of sub ohming then SMOK G-Priv is for you! TFV16 lite tank will take your experience to the new level. Furthermore, the modern design, plenty of safety protections and brilliant set of features make SMOK G-Priv 3 a high performing device. That’s why it successfully acquires its place on Vape Craft.


    1. Affordable price.
    2. Touch screen.
    3. Puff Monitoring System and other amazing features.

    3.4 Suorin Drop Ultra-Portable Kit

    If you are looking for a starter kit with portability as the preference, then Suorin Drop Ultra-Portable Kit can be your perfect pick. It’s elegant design, long lasting 310 mAh battery, and hassle free cartridge filling are some of the prime features. It has a perfect compact size that makes it pocket friendly. So, Suorin Drop Kit takes its place on Vape Craft because of its ability to cater the needs of vapers who prefer portability.


    1. Compact and pocket friendly device.
    2. Easy to fill cartridge.
    3. Equipped with modern features.

    3.5 SMOK Stick Prince Kit

    If vape pen is your go to product for vaping, then SMOK Stick Prince Kit is worth the try. With its 3000 mAh battery and 8ml e-liquid capacity it will surely last for days. Furthermore, its classic design will totally leave you in awe. The LED indicator will help you monitor the status of the battery. The prince coil system will give you more flavourful and intense puffs. With its modern design, amazing performance and brilliant set of features, SMOK Stick Prince Kit acquires its place on Vape Craft.


    1. Safety features.
    2. Long lasting battery.
    3. Durable built.

    3.6 Hyppe Ultra Disposable Device

    Hyppe disposable pod devices is known for its enhanced performance. Similar to the disposable vapes, this Hyppe ultra disposable pod device comes with pre-filled juices with improved concentration of salt-based nicotine (mostly 2mL of 50mg). Thereby, with this disposable pod devices, you can enjoy a richer and pleasant vaping experience with absolute convenience and ease. Hyppe disposable pod is made available on Vape Craft because of the convenience it offers to the vapers.


    1. 600 puff capacity.
    2. Range of flavors.
    3. Sleek and portable design.

    4. Reviews

    There is an extremely positive and constructive feedback from the customers that implies the true character of the website and credibility of their services. It has emerged as a trusted vape store that is clearly indicated from its reviews about customer service, swift shipping, and quick delivery. Apart from this, the quality of the product and safe delivery also adds value to the services of Vape Craft.

    Hence, the customer service is a bonus point for this website where you can easily contact them online at  support@vapecraftinc.com and (760) 295-7484. We hope that you will hear soon from the store.

    5. UPENDS: Your next favorite!

    UPENDS has revolutionized vaping with its distinctive and intuitive approach. It aims to provide low cost vaping while retaining the quality and performance. Therefore, in the industry where brands are in quest for luxurious design and complex features, UPENDS is moving against the flow. Let’s have a look at their best selling products.

    5.1 Upcott

    Upcott caters the needs of everyone from vapers on budget to people who prefer quality over fancy designs. Therefore, UPENDS has introduced an intuitive approach to Upcott for bringing quality vaping by cutting the price with minimalist design. Furthermore, the integrated cotton filter and cotton filling prevents any risk of condensate, popping, and leaking. Lastly, it is effortless to charge and refill.

    5.2 Uppen

    Uppen features minimalist design but is equipped by some modern features. Don’t worry these features won’t leave you in trouble but they only mount the overall performance of the pod system. The integrated Etchip™ coil makes sure you have the concentrated first draw and uninterrupted vaping experience. The coil located at the bottom ensures the smooth flow of e-liquid. Furthermore, the pod is compatible with variety of e-liquid. The cap of the pen protect the mouthpiece and e-liquid from any bacterial contamination. Lastly, the pod is easy to refill and charge.

    Finally, Vape Craft is the best destination if you want any vaping essentials from devices to tools, and so on. You can find different concentration and flavors of vape juices with e-cigarettes and other forms of vape in reasonable prices with high-quality. Also, the customer services, and authenticity of the products is just commendable. However, if you are still doubtful about the services of Vape Craft you can always try UPENDS. You will surely be satisfied with their quality and service.

    1. FAQs

    How long does Vape Craft take to deliver?

    For free shipping, the delivery time is 3-7 business days. For USPS First Class Mail, 3-7 business days and USPS Priority Mail 1-4 business days.

    What is the return policy of Vape Craft?

    Vape Craft only accepts return of unopened orders and defected items within 24 hours of the order delivery. If the products stop functioning later, then Vape Craft won’t be responsible for any claim.

    How much time Vape Craft takes to ship the order?

    Vape Craft ships the order within 24 hours after order placement. For bulk orders the processing time may increase to two to three days.



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