Vape Craft Online Vape Equipment Website Review and Instruction

    Vape Craft Online Vape Equipment Website Review and Instruction

    1. What is Vape Craft?

    If you are searching for an authentic vape website with basic e-liquids as well as advanced vape mods, you cannot go wrong with Vape Craft. Vape Craft is a well-reputed and known brand when it comes to E-liquid or CBD manufacturing. It wins the heart of customers by offering a variety of flavorings, vape juices, lab-wares, bases, and other bottles to mix according to their own needs.

    For additional services, Vape Craft has been famous for its affordable prices and a vast supply of e-liquids. If you are new to vaping world, it can introduce you to new combinations of e-liquid base with a perfect PG/VG ratio. It also offers instructions and advices for customers that add five stars to its services.

    2.  Vape Craft E-Liquids

    2.1 Shop by Size

    Fortunately, vape craft offers a great deal of E-liquids with a variety of concentration options including 30mL, 60mL, and 120mL from which you can choose the most appropriate value of nicotine for you. In 30mL concentration, you can find products in flavors like strawberry custard, French Vanilla Cheesecake, and so on. Likewise, you can search for your preferred flavor in the well-suited concentration on the website.

    2.2 Shop by Flavour

    Another good news customer get with Vape Craft is that they can choose a preferred flavor by different categories that are available. Hence, you can find fruit, candy, custards, cereals, beverages flavors, and so on. Each category further has a number of flavors ranging between 15 and 40. With all these flavors and tastes, you will surely have a great experience.

    2.3 Vape Craft Juices

    On Vape Crafts, you can also easily find a large deal of e-juices with various flavors in extremely affordable price range. Hence, you can buy a decent 120mL bottle of juice for such a pocket-friendly price. So, from a list of flavors includes Strawberry Milk, Spearnomenon, Noms, Opulence, Fruit whip, Raspberry, and much more, you can ideally choose favorites easily.

    3.  Vape Craft DIY Supplies

    The store also offers a vast collection of all the supplies needed to make your own preferred vape juice. Here, you can get your hands on variety of flavorings, lab-ware, e-liquid base, and different bottles in which you can mix your juices. If you are determined, you can also imitate many existing juices from the store with your desired flavors.

    4.  Vape Craft  Regulated Vape Mods

    Likewise, if you want high-end regulated mods that won’t break easily, Vape Craft is the best destination. It gives you a variety of mods with external battery and the mods that are sub ohm capable. GeekVape Aegis Solo Mod, SKU SMOK Scar-18 230 Watt Starter Kit are the reliable options in external battery category. Whereas, if you want a sub ohm capable mod you can purchase SMOK X-Priv 225 Watt TC Starter Kit, GeekVape Aegis Legend 200W Starter Kit and much more.

    5.Vape Craft  Electronic Cigarettes

    Vape Craft further offers a large collection of electronic cigarettes. Some of the noteworthy names are SMOK Vape Pen V2 Starter Kit, Aspire Pockex Kit, Kangertech Top Evod Kit and much more.

    6. Temperature Control Mods

    On Vape Craft, you will also find a decent amount of temperature control mod that helps you with better vaping experience in a reasonable price. Some notable options in stock on Vape Craft are VooPoo Argus GT 160 watt starter kit, SMOK X-Priv 225 Watt TC Starter Kit and many more!

    7.  Vape Craft  Box Mods

    Similarly, you can also get your hands on box mod at Vape Craft for a better and safe experience. Geek Vape Aegis X box mod, Smok G-Priv 3 box mod and GeekVape Aegis Mini are some reliable options.

    8.  Vape Craft EGO Devices

    If you like an advanced vaping experience with absolute performance, Vape Craft also offers the most popular eGO vapes with a proper control over the vapor. You will find SMOK Stick M17 All In One Starter Kit, Joyetech eGo AIO all in one starter kit and many more in stock!

    9.Vape Craft Ultra-Portable Mod Vapes

    Apart from mods and various e-cigarettes, you can also search for portable pod kits at Vape Craft. Smok Trinity Alpha, VooPoo Drag Nano Pod Starter Kit, Kanger Uboat Starter kit and many more are available on Vape Craft.

    10.  Vape Craft Tanks

    Fortunately, at Vape Craft, you also have access to vape tanks at relatively less cost that helps you in containing your vape juices. Within the tank category, you can find sub ohm tanks for an enhanced safe and secure vaping experience. These devices have resistance less than one ohm that creates a thicker vapor making it more flavorful and pleasant. Comparably, if you are someone who prefers a smooth vapor production and convenience, you can also buy rebuildable tank atomizers.

    11.Vape Craft Replacement Coils

    Similarly, you can also get your hands on replacement coils at Vape Craft in a decent price range. After sometime, your vaping device probably needs replacement of these coils and you can do this with an easy and convenient mechanism. Here, you can search for high-quality popular replacement atomizers at the store including SMOK, Aspire, Vaporesso, Joye Tech, and so on.

    12.Vape Craft Disposable Vapes

    Some of the most hyped disposables on the website are following:

    12.1 Hyppe Ultra Disposable Device

    Hyppe disposable pod devices is known for its enhanced performance. Similar to the disposable vapes, this Hyppe ultra disposable pod device comes with pre-filled juices with improved concentration of salt-based nicotine (mostly 2mL of 50mg). Thereby, with this disposable pod devices, you can enjoy a richer and pleasant vaping experience with absolute convenience and At Vape Craft, you can also find the world’s famous Smok Freecool disposable kit that can give you complete freedom from any work involved in the process. It comes with three packs of the pre-charged and pre-filled juices without any additional buttons to operate. It comes with a 300mah battery and different flavors including purple berry, mint ice watermelon ice, and mango ice.
    12.2 SMOK Freecool Disposable Kit

    12.3 Lost Vape Mana Stick R disposable

    Here, you can also search for Lost Vape Mana Stick R disposable device that is one of the best out there with 650 puffs per pen and no additional operation requirements. It uses pre-filled and pre-charged 50 mg of nicotine with long-lasting 550 mAh battery. You just have to open this draw-activated vape and start enjoying this rich vaping experience.

    13.Vape Craft Accessories

    At Vape Craft, you can also find as much as 100 different accessories for best of pries and quality. Hence, you can search for vaping essentials including coils, cottons, bottles, chargers, and so on with absolute ease and convenience. At this store, further, you can do all the research, compare different product, and choose to buy one suitable for you.

    14.Vape Craft Brands

    Likewise, you can find all the leading brands at this Vape Craft store with best of prices and quality. The brands this store includes are Aspire, Smok, Air Factory CBD, Bean & Bud, Bombshell, Capella flavors, CBDFX, Big Bottle Co, and much more. Hence, you are most likely to find the desired product at this platform.

    15. Shipping Information and Return policy

    After you have confirmed the sales, the store doesn’t accept any open or used items. Also, the store is not responsible for you not liking the product if it has been used. The refund policy suggests that any damage done due to the delivery is intended to be returned. Also, atomizers, coils, pods, and disposables are not included in refund policy.

    17. Reviews

    There is an extremely positive and constructive feedback from the customers that implies the true character of the website and credibility of their services. It has emerged as a trusted vape store that is clearly indicated by its reviews about customer service, to shipping, and quick delivery. Apart from this, the quality of the product and safe delivery also adds value to the services of Vape Craft.

    Hence, the customer service is a bonus point for this website where you can easily contact them online at  support@vapecraftinc.com and (760) 295-7484. We hope that you will hear soon from the store.

    Finally, Vape Craft is the best destination if you want any vaping essentials from devices to tools, and so on. You can find different concentration and flavors of vape juices with e-cigarettes and other forms of vape in reasonable prices with high-quality. Also, the customer services, and authenticity of the products is just commendable.

    1. FAQs

    Does Vape Craft need age verification?

    Yes, vape craft needs verification first before letting you enter the website. You can only avail their services if you have reached the legal age of vaping.

    What is the return policy of Vape Craft?

    Vape Craft only accepts return of unopened orders and defected items within 24 hours of the order delivery. If the products stop functioning later, then Vape Craft won’t be responsible for any claim.

    How much time Vape Craft takes to ship the order?

    Vape Craft ships the order within 24 hours after order placement. For bulk orders the processing time may increase to two to three days.


    To use the UPENDS website you must be aged 21 years or over. Please verify your age before entering the site.