Vape Craft Inc. ( Vape Shop: Wholesale Vape Supply Reviews & Store Location Near Me (Vape Juice, Devices, Tanks, Disposable Vapes, and Accessories)

    Vape Craft Inc. ( Vape Shop: Wholesale Vape Supply Reviews & Store Location Near Me (Vape Juice, Devices, Tanks, Disposable Vapes, and Accessories)

    What is Vape Craft Inc.?

    Established in January 2013, Vape Craft is a vape shop and e-liquid and CBD/Delta-8 manufacturer. In the past, the store was known as alternate cig. Vape craft is popular due to high-quality products from different brands and low prices for all their customers. In 2019 vape craft became the number one CBD wholesale and distribution company and vape shop in the U.S.

    Therefore, this makes it thrive and gain more trust from customers. So, if you stay or live in North America, you should consider buying your vaping products from vape craft. In today’s guide, you will get all information about vape craft. Therefore, make sure you read this article to the end.

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    Vape Craft Inc. Contact Details

    Suppose you didn’t know the contact details of vape craft, then don’t worry. I have listed all the contact details in this section to reach out to the vape craft customer support team. They include;

    So, if you have any issues concerning vape craft services and products, you can use any of the above contact details.

    Vape Craft Main Products

    You will find many vaping products at vape craft, such as e-liquids, vaping devices, tanks, disposable vapes, accessories, and much more. Additionally, they sell products from top vape brands globally at affordable prices. But due to them having numerous products, we want to inform you about the best-selling products in three top categories at vape craft.

    They include;

    The Best-Selling E-Liquids

    An e-liquid is an integral part of vaping. When you own a refillable vape pen, you need to purchase a specific e-liquid. This will enable you to vape without worries. However, there are a variety of e-juices in the market depending on flavor type and bottle size. So, here you will get to learn about the best-selling e-liquids by vape craft.

    OMG SO GOOD – Vape Craft

    OMG, so good is a vape juice by vape craft. It is among the best-selling e-liquids in their vape store after a series of reviews by vapers. According to an analysis by vape craft, most customers prefer this e-juice due to its delightful flavor.

    This e-juice is made using five delicious creamy and dessert flavors to produce a tasty vapor. OMG, so good is available in 30ml and 120ml bottles and has different nicotine levels such as 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, and 12mg. Also, the e-juice by vape craft has a VG/PG ratio of 70/30.

    Therefore, consider buying this vape juice to make your vaping time enjoyable. Apart from this vape juice, you can also find other flavors like strawberry milk, strawberry custard, etc.

    Baton – Glacier Mint – Nic Salt E-Liquid

    For you who want a refreshing time while vaping, the baton glacier mint nic salt e-liquid is the best for you. This e-liquid has a menthol flavor that makes it among the best. Currently, it is available in a 10ml bottle size and has a 25mg nicotine strength. What I like about this e-juice is its affordability. Therefore, check this product and purchase it today.

    Additionally, you can purchase other baton nic salt e-liquid flavors such as island mango, crisp apple, southern leaf, and fruit confit.

    5 X 120ML High-Class Vape Co

    Another e-juice you should consider purchasing is the high-class vape co. e-liquid. It is available in flavors like sweet, bold caramel frapp, tropical coasts, and many others. When purchasing this e-juice at vape craft, you have the opportunity to choose five flavors at ago.

    This ensures that you get the right flavors for your vaping time. Furthermore, this vape juice is available in a 120ml bottle, ensuring it lasts for long without rebuying the juice.

    The Best-Selling Starter Kits

    Starter kits are the best vaping devices for novice vapers or quitting smoking and joining vaping. There are many starter kits at vape craft, and choosing the right type can be challenging. Due to that, we are listing the best starter kits you should buy at vape craft.

    SMOK Vape Pen V2 Starter Kit

    The Smok vape pen V2 starter kit is among the top-selling kits at vape craft. It has a simple design and is ergonomic for every user. The starter kits use the single button firing mechanism, making it simple to turn on.

    Additionally, it has a long battery life as it features a 1600mAh battery capacity. For excellent flavor production, it has a 3ml tank. Also, for fast and efficient vapor production, this starter kit by Smok uses the V2 coils and has a maximum output power of 60 watts.

    Smok V2 has stainless steel, red, black, gold, gunmetal, and gold.

    Suorin Air Pro Pod Vape Starter Kit

    When you purchase the Suorin air pro pod starter kit, you will have one air pro device, air pro pod, USB cable, and a user manual. This pod system starter kit has an ergonomic design, and its body is made using zinc alloy. Thus, making the Suorin air pro pod vape starter kit durable. Additionally, it has two firing modes: draw-activated and button-triggered firing systems.

    Furthermore, the starter kit is best for you who like using nicotine salt e-liquids. The Suorin air pro features a 930mAh battery and LED battery life indicator. Additionally, it has a 4.9ml refillable pod and a 1.0-ohm coil.

    Vaporesso Luxe 2 220-Watt Starter Kit

    The Vaporesso luxe 2 starter kit is a sub-ohm vaping device. Also, it features dual 18650 batteries, beautiful construction, and temperature control. This mod starter kit uses an NRG-S sub-ohm tank whose capacity is 8ml.

    Furthermore, it uses a meshed coil of 0.8-ohm, which comes pre-installed. Therefore, if you want to get the best vaping experience, you need to consider buying the Vaporesso luxe 2 starter kit.

    The Best-Selling Disposable Vapes

    Disposable vapes are best for you who like vaping without the need for recharging or refilling. There are many disposables vapes at vape craft. However, not all are best-selling. Due to that, the following are the best disposables vapes at the store.

    Hyppe Ultra Disposable Device

    When you purchase this disposable device, you are sure of six hundred puffs. This device features a 2ml tank and a 500mAh battery. All these ensure that you vape for long without worrying about the e-juice or battery.

    Furthermore, it uses nic salts and has 5% nicotine. Also, it has an attractive design and comes in various flavors like lemon soda and many more.

    RELX Nano 2 Disposable Device

    Which flavor appeals to you? Is it fresh red, mint, fruit tea, and more? Then you can get that by purchasing the RELX nano 2 disposable devices. It uses a draw-activated system and doesn’t require any maintenance.

    The disposable vape pen has a capacity of 1.35ml, and the e-liquid has a 50mg nicotine strength. Additionally, this e-liquid capacity ensures you draw up to 300 puffs per device. Also, it features a 280mAh battery which provides you to vape for a long time. Therefore, visit vape craft today to get the RELX nano 2 disposables vape pen.

    Vape Craft Inc. Discount Coupon Code

    Finding discount coupon codes for vaping products is a challenge. But when you decide to shop at vape craft, you are sure to get coupon codes. These coupon codes will enable you to discount various products they sell. So, if you have been searching for vape craft coupon codes, then look no further because we have some of the applicable codes for you.

    Get 40% Off Site-Wide: Link

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    Vape Craft Inc. Reviews

    Vape Craft inc. has been in the vaping manufacturing and selling business for a long time. this has helped them get to understand their customer needs. Many customers love their vape juices, but some are not impressed.

    Apart from that, some customers feel that their services are not up to par with their experience. According to various reviews, customers complain about being frauded after shopping at vape craft. I cannot justify the allegations, but there seem to be security issues regarding data protection by the shop.

    Therefore, be careful when shopping for vaping products at vape craft inc. shop.

    Vape Craft Inc. Shipping: How Long Does Vape Deliveries Take?

    The shipping time differs when you choose to shop for vaping products at a vape craft shop. For example, standard shipping takes seven to twenty-one business days. Furthermore, expedited shipping takes two to five business days. Additionally, if your order is more than $70, you will enjoy free shipping within the U.S.

    Note: the above delivery times are for a customer living in the United States of America. But as for international order, it will depend on your country’s customs laws.

    Find Vape Craft Inc. Shops Near Me (My Location)

    Using this free Vape locator tool to help you to find Vape Craft vape shops near me (my location).

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