WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Vape Caviar Equipment review

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Name:Vape Caviar 

Address:Las Vegas, NV, US-89101

Email: info@vapecaviar.com


Contact Number:+1 805-236-8280

Timings: Always Open

Facebook:Vape Attic


Twitter: @VapeCaviar805

Main Products:E-Liquids, Pod Systems, Starter Kits, Disposable Pens, Accessories etc.

1.     What is Vape Caviar?

Vape Caviar is amazing at what it claims, that is being the one stop shop for stocking up all sorts of vape supplies. It houses a phenomenal collection of e-juices, flavors, starter kits, mods and other hardware’s. It is located in Las Vegas, NV, US-89101 catering the needs of people with its exceptional services.

They are also the official retailer of plume juice; a high quality e-juice brand brining all sorts of flavors to vapers to make their puffs more sensational. Furthermore, Vape Caviar brings you the best in the affordable and reasonable price. Thus, it is a reliable and trustworthy store for occasional vape shopping.

2.     Main Products

As mentioned previously, Vape Caviar deals in all types of vape gears. Whatever you name, they already have it! Vape Caviar keeps itself stocked up various premium starter kits, e-juices, mods, pods and other accessories. So, whether you are a beginner or a pro vaper, you will only find high quality vape products in reasonable price range on Vape Caviar.

3.     Best Selling Products on Vape Caviar

There will be probably no end to your surfing if you start navigating through the products available on Vape Caviar. They have thousands of products available on Vape Caviar that are just a call away from you. Therefore, if you don’t have any personal favorites, we have narrowed down the list of top sellers only that are worth the purchase.

3.1   Frozen Ocean - MNTL E Liquid

Frozen Ocean is one of the highly talked about e juice in vape market. It is the blend of pineapple and other tropical fruits leaving you in the tropical heaven. You will feel yourself cheering on a fruity cocktail near a beach. As you further pull, the taste of fresh and ripe berries at to the sweetness enhancing the flavor of pineapple. Well the deliciousness does not end here. Your puffs will be further overwhelmed by the taste of peppermint and spearmint making sure that the methanol leaves a freezing sensation. Thus, it is available on Vape Caviar because of all the scrumptiousness and freshness it offers.


  1. Comes in concentration of 0mg, 6mg, and 9mg.
  2. Blend of pineapple, berries and methanol.
  3. Performs amazing.

3.2   SMOK Infinix

SMOK has undoubtedly changed the course of vaping with its easy to use, simple and affordable pod systems. Likewise, Smok Infinix also contributes in making vaping easy and trouble free both for beginners and veteran smokers. The prime features of the kit are 250mAh rechargeable battery, 2ml of refillable pod, ergonomic grip and compact design. Furthermore, LED light indicator constantly keeps you aware of the battery status. The pod is equipped with atomizer core coupled with special cotton that maximizes the vapor production and the flavor. In addition to that, it has buttonless design and draw activated. It uses pod instead the messy refilling process that further makes your vaping experience hassle free. With all these phenomenal attributes, SMOK Infinix makes its way to Vape Caviar.


  1. Contains nicotine delivery system for better performance.
  2. Slim and sleek design.
  3. Easy to use.

3.3   Jam Monster Raspberry

Jam Monster Raspberry has made its way to being to personal favorite of most of the vapers. It is equally loves by both novice and veteran vapers. Plus, it performs amazing with all types of coils without damaging them. This flavor tastes like munching on raspberry jelly spread on a warm toast of bread. Being the iconic creation of Monster Vape Labs, it has been synthesized from unique formula and natural ingredients. It’s a perfect blend of raspberry jelly, buttery flavor, and crunchy bread toast. The mixture of savories, freshness and sweetness will leave you mesmerized. In addition to that, it comes in the intuitive design of chubby gorilla bottle that holds 100 ml of e-liquid and further keeps it safe from any leakage. We are also delighted to tell you that it is available in three different nicotine concentrations of 0mg, 3mg and 6mg. All of these attributes give it a well-deserved spot on Vape Caviar.


  1. Chubby gorilla design.
  2. Comes in three concentrations.
  3. Perfect blend of tanginess and sweetness.


3.4   Plume Juice Aspire

Vape Caviar is one of the few retailer of Plume Juice. So, it you are the fan of their e-liquid, then Vape Caviar is your shop to go. Their aspire flavor has won the love and recommendation of many vapers. You will love it if you are a fan of fruity e-juices. It is the flawless blend of ripped mangoes in combination with berries and kiwi. Thus, relishing your taste buds with both sweet and savory taste. Realizing their versatile range of flavors, original taste and deliciousness, Vape Caviar had no choice but to treat its customers with Plume Juice Aspire.


  1. Generous quantity.
  2. Delicious fruity flavor.

3.5   Joyetech eGO AIO Starter Kit

Starter Kits have slowly become popular amongst vaper because of the convenience they offer. They have everything you need to get started on vaping session after a long hectic day. Joyetech eGO AIO Starter Kit is also admired in this regard for making vaping simple. Some of the prime features of the kit are long lasting 1500 mAh battery, 2 ml of e-juice capacity, safety features, child lock and an elegant design. Furthermore, BF Coil Structure coupled with Cubis Tank ensures to provide you leak free vaping experience. In addition to that, the drip tip of the device has spiral structure design that gives you concentrated and flavorful vapor production. Other prominent features of the kit are Adjustable Airflow Control and Single Button Operation. Thus, because of its affordable price and plenty of features, it is included on Vape Caviar.


  1. Child lock system.
  2. Powerful battery.
  3. Leak-Proof Top-Fill Method


3.6   Kanger SUBOX Mini-C Starter kit

This starter kit is ideal for effortless vaping without any hassle. The kit comes with a mod, tank, atomizer head USB cable ticking off everything that you need for vaping. If you are a fan of sub ohm and cloud vaping, then Kanger Subox can fulfil your desires without breaking your bank. For the refilling of the mod, you just have to unscrew the top gently and fill with the tank with favorite liquid. The  glass cup shaped tank can hold 3 ml of e-liquid. Furthermore, it also offers air flow adjustability. The tank is also compatible with SSOCC atomizer head that gives more concentrated and sensational vaping experience. Because of the performance and ease it offers, it is available for purchase on Vape Caviar.


  1. Reliable starter kit.
  2. Easy to use.
  3. Simple operation.

4.     Reviews

Vape Caviar has collected various positive reviews mainly because of its e-liquid range. It might be the only vape store that features thousands of flavors in its collection. Moreover, customers also loved the reasonable prices they offer making vaping affordable for everyone. However, they lag behind in their customer service, timely shipping, and online presence. Having an easy to navigate and functional website can boost the presence of Vape Caviar significantly. Making online shopping possible with timely shipping will undoubtedly increase the value of the store.

5.     UPENDS

UPENDS is the rising vape brand and online store in the market because of affordable and high performing products. In days, where other brands are busy in offering fancy designs and useless features, UPENDS has adopted unique and distinctive approach. It aims to bring high valued vape products with simple operation and minimalist design. Let’s have a look at their premium pod systems.

5.1   Upcott

Upcott features minimalist but classic and modern design with perfect size. It can be effortlessly carried away in the pocket. Another notable aspect of Upcott is its affordable price with great performance. It costs nearly half of its competitors. The vape comes prefilled with organic cotton that plays a vital role in maintaining its performance. Furthermore, it is coupled with cotton filter in the mouthpiece that also ensures leak free and smooth vaping experience. To replace the pod you just have to unscrew the top. Lastly, it is simple to recharge as well.

5.2   Uppen

Uppen features minimalist pen shaped design but has rather advanced additions to it for improving the performance. The limelight is Etchip™ coil with high resistance mesh structure that ensures saturated first draw and concentrated puffs. So, you won’t be facing any trouble of dry puffing with Uppen. The same coil is also present at the bottom to maintain the flow of e-liquid. Furthermore, Uppen performance equally best with all types of e-liquids. The cap of the pen has a dedicated function of protecting the mouth piece and e-liquid from bacterial contamination. Also, assembling and refilling Uppen is also smooth and easy.

In conclusion, Vape Caviar has versatile collection of vape products but lacks in terms of online services and customer satisfaction. However, UPENDS exceeds in all aspects from collection, quality, customer service to timely shipping. So, why not give it a try now? Happy Vaping!

6.     FAQs

What is Vape Caviar address?

Address of Vape Caviar is Las Vegas, NV, US-89101. You can visit their Facebook page for more details regarding the address.

What is Vape Caviar email?

Email of Vape Caviar is info@vapecaviar.com. In order to reach out to their staff you can also call at +1 805-236-8280.

Is there a promotion at Vape Caviar on Black Friday?

Yes, you can find various products on promotion on Black Friday. You can visit their Instagram for more details regarding sale and discounts.