WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

V Vape Pen Review and Instruction Guide 2021

11th May 2021 | 530 | upends v

What is a v vape pen

V vape pens have been in the vaping scene for a while now, and they have built a name for themselves owing to the line of products they have brought forth into the market. They have ensured that they maintain the reliability of their vape pen by making it available for beginners and advanced vape users.

Their designs are exquisite, with well-crafted packaging designs that are appealing to the eye. Be sure to get the best of their v vape pen.

V Vape pen could be an underrated vape pen considering the many brands that have cropped up in the past few years, but that still has not changed the fact that v vape pens came to the market with a purpose.

On social media and vape shops, there are overwhelming amounts of positive reviews and good feedback. With this said, we would like to take you through the v vape pen.

V Vape design and build

From its impression, the v vape looks like any other normal pen-style battery that you would see vapers all around with. Though when you look keenly, you will start to see the difference.

The clear miser tanks may be familiar to you because people tend to switch their cartridges once in a while. You know very well that a standard e-cig kit usually sits on top of the battery, giving you a reason for separating the pieces.

The v vape is also a dual part device, but its tank slides into the top of the battery, so it looks like it is one complete bounded tube. The 510 thread technology allows your device to be compatible with most 510 thread rings.

The v vape pen is also simple in build, and the tanks are hidden in the seamless design that many people like. The tank's capacity has been of great concern to users and the quality of cartridges. The v vape is solely known to be an essential oil vape, and this is one sector it has perfected so well.

The v vape gives you a small window on both sides where you can track the level of liquid you are still left with.

Performance of the v vape

It goes without saying how good of a performer the v vape pen is. You will realize that the 650 mAh battery gives exceptional running of the device, sensationally heating the elements and giving you that smooth vapor that soothes your soul.

When you fully charge the device, you can effortlessly get up to 7 hours of vaping activity that you do not want to let go of, but oops! You have to be careful not to let a flat battery steal your happiness.

Ensure that you completely drain your pen's battery before you plug it in for a recharge, this might sound crazy, but this is the best way to be assured that you will a stronger full charge when you take it back for recharge. There could be a few issues to highlight about the v vape, one of them being that you cannot control your voltage or wattage settings because the device only runs on specified power.

The second issue is that despite having the 510 thread, these devices still do not manage to cut it with other cartridges and only works well with their destined essential oil vaporizers.


  • It is easy for new vape users to set up and start using it
  • The little screw holds the cartridge to the battery firmly without any leakages occurring
  • You can use any 510 thread device on this vape pen and still get the best results
  • The 650 mAh battery stores enough power to last you through a session or two
  • There are no leakages from the cartridge, so you get some good flavor


  • Some advanced vapers feel like the battery capacity is too small for their liking
  • You do not have spare batteries for the v vape that you can buy, so you need to buy a new kit in case of damage.
  • The v vape could be pricey to use unless it is only for vaping THC and CBD.

How to use a v vape pen

First, you need to check if your threaded cartridge is compatible with the vape pen to avoid damage.

Proceed to remove the rubber seal located at the bottom of your oil cart and fir it into the battery. Make sure that your battery is fully charged and switched on. Being a push button vape pen, you do not have to press it because it might get hot and burn your lips, and that is what we are trying to avoid here,

Once you are done setting up, start with a small puff and wait a little bit to feel how the effects get you, that is, if you are a beginner, you need to handle a little amount of THC as you work your way up.

You are advised to start on a low voltage and work your way up as you feel the different levels of hit you experience.

If your cartridge is ceramic coated, it might need a lot more heat to keep It working perfectly. You can always check around for the best 510 cartridges to find what works best for your vape pen.

When you are done vaping, lease to make sure that you have switched off your v vape pen to avoid burning the coils

How to charge the v vape pen

Charging your vape pen is key and knowing how to charge the vape pen properly is vital; it is so easy to do this, but there are a few key points to note if you want your batteries to charge well.

Your vape kit comes with a charging cable and a charger that goes into the wall outlet. You have to ensure the USB cable is connected to the standard USB and then plug your micro USB into your power input port on the vape pen.

When the connection is successful, the three led light swill display light simultaneously to mimic power intake, and the only time you should confirm if your battery is fully charged is when the blinking lights go off.

Important charging points to remember

Do not overcharge

Vape pens are not guarded with technology like in cellphones that protect them from overcharging. You should always take out your device after charging to avoid getting damaged

Do not leave vape charging unattended

This tip is important to ensure that your V vape is attended to to avoid overcharging or discharging when the power source experiences a short circuit.

Avoid frequent charging

The best way to safeguard your vape pen is to avoid charging it too frequently and allow your battery to drain before you proceed to charge it again. Charging it minute after minutes will shorten your battery life.

Always use the provided charger

Vape pens are complicated, and sometimes they cannot charge well using other types of chargers; this is because the chargers are configured to certain charge frequencies that could easily be interfered with when using other chargers

Stay away from water

Vape pens are not designed to be waterproof and slight submersions into the water may cause little to severe damage depending on the level of exposure

Alternative Vaping: UPENDS


This latest Upcott model from UPENDS turns out to be very affordable compared to others in the UPENDS collection. It has done away with all the unnecessary features that would make the device pricey.

The organic cotton-filled cartridges are good for preventing frequent leakages and spills that would occur.

The cotton feature prevents condensation of the liquid, giving you a smooth and thrilling vape experience satisfying like never before.


The V vape still has outstanding features when listed among other vape pens. The oil cartridge works perfectly with vape pens, and it has been believed to be very effective in working with weed extracts and all 510 thread cartridges.

You might want to try some v vape pen fun, and I assure you that you will not be disappointed.