Uwell Valyrian and Uwell Valyrian 2 Review and Instructions. Design, Specs, and More Details

    Uwell Valyrian and Uwell Valyrian 2 Review and Instructions. Design, Specs, and More Details

    As we all know, Uwell is a famous brand and whose products are the most efficient to use. Uwell valyrian is one product, which proves simplicity as the ultimate sophistication. Uwell valyrian is comes as one of the best.

    The box includes the valyrian pod, 1.00 hm valyrian pod col, micro USB cable for charging. In addition, the user manual, which is one of the sensitive item to come along with every product.

    Design and Specs of Uwell Valyrian

    Uwell valyrian has a dimension of 92 mm by 37.3 mm by 17.2 mm. This makes it small and portable. It has a battery life of 1250mAh, with 25W max output power, which gives it long-lasting when using the user. It also holds a 3 ml pod cartridge with a slide top refilling design.

    This makes the filling mechanism super easy, no need to pull the pod out, slide the top part, get the silicone seal to push the juice bottle nib in, and it's done, no mess. The pod makes the user see the liquid level clearly inside the tank, and the 3ml capacity is perfect. 

    Design and specs of Uwell Valyrian 2

    It's made of stainless steel construction; this causes its heat resistance and is able to retain high temperatures to form a cloud of vape from the liquid. 25 mm base diameter gives it a potential to settle when placed on something and stabilize.

    6 ml tank capacity can contain a high volume of liquid. The base has an airflow control ring attached to the chimney to secure the whole tank. The chimney is domed where it meets the coil.

    Flip -top-hinged fill cap makes it easy to refill since there is no need to open it. Adjustable triple slot airflow makes it regulate the flow of the vapor. It comes with two coils, A 0.32-ohm UN2 Single Mesh coil and A 0.14-ohm UN2-2 dual mesh, which are pretty big.

    The 0.32 ohm is rated for 90 -100W, while the 0.14-ohm coil has a wattage rating more accurate at 80-90W. It comes with a spare bubble glass in the packaging to replace in case the first one breaks.

    Design and specs of Uwell Valyrian II

    The Uwell valyrian II is a successful, legendary original with a lot of live up. It is made of stainless steel & pyrex glass material to keep the temperature and heat resistance. The Pyrex glass material makes the fluid level visible. The size of the device is diameter 29 mm by height 60.6 mm makes the device bit larger. It has a tank capacity of 6 ml which creates a bigger ability to contain the volume of the liquid.

    Have an advanced technology to self-clean itself. This makes it free from contamination. All the holes a well-fixed to prevent leakage from airflow holes have a new flip cap design, one press to open the top lid, easier to add juice.

    The innovative UN2 coil heats evenly and atomizes fully. Single, dual, triple, and quadruple coils are available. Has adjustable valve to regulate the Airflow and three big airflow holes with zero stickiness and a sold use.

    Features of Uwell valyrian 2, Uwell valyrian II

    Uwell valyrian 2

    • Have a 6 ml tank capacity to contain the liquid
    • 2 mm base diameter for stability
    • Made of stainless steel
    • Have flip- top hinged fill cap
    • Has two coils
    • An adjustable triple slot airflow

    Uwell Valyrian II

    • Three 18650 batteries supplying a maximum of 300 watts
    • Reliable and fast-firing performance
    • It has an Ergonomic design 
    • Increased safety level
    • Leakage free
    • Has a self-cleaning technology
    • It's coated with an internal chipset to prevent corrosion
    • It comes with rainbow-colored body
    • 6 ml capacity tank

    Ease of use of Uwell valyrian, Uwell valyrian 2

    Uwell Valyrian

    The ease of use of the Uwell Valyrian device is the most impressive thing ever. It has a unique property that sets it apart from other vaping products. Liquid flavor, for example, is more effectively achieved with the longer-lasting and more extended-lasting tank style of e-liquid. And with a tank's capacity of 3 ml to contain, the e-liquid carries a more significant volume to vape. The battery of 1250 mAh gives it a long-lasting life of two days.

    Uwell Valyrian 2

    Uwell valyrian two is designed for use with a wide range of e-liquid, enabling the user to fill it up with a variety of content any time, and it supports both single and dual coils.

    The device comes with a 6ml capacity tank, which is pretty big considering the e-liquid it can hold. The tank itself is much slimmer than others currently on the market, increasing width from 25 mm to 30 mm, making it much more comfortable to use. 

    It also has an increased tank diameter from 22 mm to 24 mm, making it much broader and more profound. It provides the user with ample capacity to vape their favorite flavors at a draw rate of up to 300 watts. The device has a built-in battery saver feature that will allow you to power off when not in use, saving precious time in between puffs.

    The built-in features also ensure that light oil stains don't take away from the beauty of your drips, while the seal of the tank ensures that moisture won't infiltrate inside before you've gulped it down.

    Performance of Uwell Valyrian, Uwell valyrian 2, Uwell valyrian II

    Uwell valyrian

    To turn it off and on, click five times the fire button. There is a logo that is v-shaped, which is the battery indicator. To vape, press the power button. To refill the tank, slide the top part and push the juice bottle nib in.

    The pod is dark, giving a visibility to see the fluid level when vaping; the coil has to be controlled in specific ways at the base to connect with the liquid to burn and produce the vapor. 

    It has a battery of 1250 mAh. This is an enormous capacity, but considering that it is not computer-based, someone can use it anywhere and gives you quick and convenient access to a power source when needed. It has integrated 1.0 (MTL) and 0.6 ohms (DL) atomizer heads, which give you a choice in your vaping experience and great vaping taste.


    The pod with a 3.0 ml filling capacity can be used anytime, anywhere, especially if you go to some place with a charging facility but lacks a standard USB port for connecting devices.

    Uwell valyrian 2

    The triple-latch cap allows third-party installation, and the adjustable Airflow ensures the best possible performance even with small amounts of e-liquid in the tank. It has a unique and creative flip top cap that allows you to take it apart and put it back together in case you want to switch to a unique flavor.

    The included coils are 0.32 Ohm UN2 Single-Mesh Coil and 0.14 Ohm UN2-2 Dual Mesh Coils, rated for 1700W at 4.2V, and upgraded from the original. 


    The ability to use two coils means you can either decrease the voltage and inhale simultaneously, or use one coil at a slower rate and enjoy a more even heating throughout the entire vaping experience.

    It's built with a condensation chamber, which helps reduce leakages. The coils are replaceable in case they are worn out or damaged

    Pros and cons of uwell valyrian


    • Flavor with 50/50, 70/30 - salt and freebase
    • Has adjustable Airflow. Adjustable valve gives smoother Airflow
    • 3ml capacity cartridge. This gives a high volume capacity of liquid.
    • Have a coil life of at least fourteen days on the MTL coil
    • It's of reasonable price, worthy of the device
    • Replaceable coils. One can replace the coil for more prolonged use at a lower cost.


    • Micro USB charging
    • No adjustable power
    • No auto draw

    Alternative Vape Upends

    Uppor is the first pod system to integrate an Etchip 3.0 Cloud Chaser coil inside. The chip provides the processor with data from your device’s battery so that it can adjust the resistance of the coil windings to tiny amounts, so that your vapor production is superb even with small batteries.


    With new electronic devices and the vaping community, there is always a debate about which one is better than another regarding pure flavor and pure performance.

    The UWELL Valyrian Pod System delivers in both categories. It comes with both 1.0ohm MTL coils and 0.6ohm DTL coils and various other upgrades that create a very satisfying vaping experience for a very affordable price. 


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