WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Uwell Tripod Review and Instructions. The Specs, Design, Features, Ease of Use and More

7th Aug 2021 | 150 | upends v

The Uwell Tripod is a fantastic breakthrough in portable vaping. It has everything you need and everything you don't. This little device will completely change the way you approach vaping. The most significant benefit of the Tripod is the ability to take surfaces apart quickly and easily. 

You can quickly clean the electrode leads on your batteries, for example, without having to wait for a soldering iron or gunk to build upon the surface. The cord is also extremely short, which is excellent for travel or portability. My only gripe is that the battery door isn't completely closed when closed so that the battery can be exposed to moisture from the air during use.

You know how sometimes you put in the effort to make something great, and it just doesn't want to come out? Well, that's why you need the Uwell Tripod. It won't walk away from you, no matter how much you push it. The patented rotating cylinder head includes three spying pods that allow you to take broad panoramic photographs while recording videos simultaneously. 

Nearby vinegar bottles keep the film surface dry; a dustpan neutralizes any spilled vinegar; a rubber grip ensures secure, level recordings without handling.

Specs and Design of Uwell Tripod

The Uwell Tripod 2 is a professional-grade USB charging case incorporating a super-fast 12W charger that provides ultra-fast recharging to keep you on track with your hottest vaping materials. This unit features PC & ABS construction for superior heat dissipation, features an anti-slip textured grip, and uses a revolutionary microchip technology (patent pending). With so many portable devices now capable of rapid charging via Bluetooth, this is the latest addition to the family of (now) world-class charging cases.

The Uwell Cube Tripod is compact and easy to use for any e-liquid connoisseur. With three recharging slots, it allows you to be at your product charger without having to wait for it to fully charge, which is nearly instant with this unit. It comes with a fair amount of fresh materials for the pod systems, which are noticeable, unlike many other models we've seen in this price range. The overall look of this unit is sleek and friendly, with all the features from the get-go.

Features of Uwell Tripod

This is a fantastic product, well-made, well packaged (better than the tin packaging), and a positive experience opening it up. The lid is opaque and tight, so you need to be careful not to tap it when popping it into my lip accidentally. It's made from really lovely quality resin and has a pleasant weight, which makes it feel well put together.

 The design is spot on with my taste in travel - nice subtle texture on the lid with some black parts that stand out against the pale tea-colored walls. In use, this was a delightful experience, the initial funny sensitivity going away after about fifteen seconds and the smooth flowing air between the layers of salt and paper creating an enjoyable experience.

The bottom of the box is translucent and shows you exactly what you're getting. There's nothing fancy about it; it's just a solid salt-coated brass ball that you push down into the glass jar. It's solid as a rock, and the product inside is just as exceptional as the outside.

Ease of Use of Uwell Tripod

Using an Uwell Tripod is easy and fun. Unlike other tripods reviewed here, the Classic Uwell has a removable arm, so you can position it however you want on your Tripod. Setting it this way allows for three different poses; standing, kneeling, and sitting. It's also easy to use as expected; tilt the boom side up or down while pulling down on the left and right levers to change the angle between shot and background

Performance of the Uwell Tripod

The Uwell has proved itself in the market as one of the top travel pods for a long time, and good reason. The metal body is well crafted with a pleasant weight and feels solidly made. The lid is made of anodized aluminum, which gives it a nice premium look and feel while also providing durability.

The unit itself is filled with pod-casting material, which acts as the medium in which flavors are accented in giving the taste buds what they desire while enjoying smoking tobacco products. This flavor/smell combo is excellent, as I am not a massive fan of cinnamon-flavored tobacco products.

The unique design of the Tripod High Speed operates at a top speed of 18W, which can fire up to 6 heated debris at once. Make sure you consider the environment when selecting your material and wiring harness for the pro-grade electronics. Uwell provides:

  • High-quality electronics assembly.
  • Supporting applications such as medical implants and Bluetooth devices.
  • Allowing users to enjoy rich material and sophisticated functionality.

The Uwell tripods flavors have always been spot on, and the draw on this one was as good as expected. It tastes like apple fritter, honestly; the taste is supposed to be like that but with an extra bit of sweet and tart apple. There is not much throat hit at all, even with the gigantic size, which was good as it dissipated any lingering harmful effects of my air draw from previous pods. Overall, a very nice solution for someone who likes it.

Pros and Cons of the Uwell Tripod


  • It is affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Fantastic flavor
  • It has a battery indicator
  • 3pods kit


One of the first drawbacks of the Uwell Tripod head is the fact that leaking can occur. While it is possible to get used to it and remain happy with the product, there comes the point when the design becomes problematic. Should you choose to use the leak-free Uwell Tripod head, you will need to be alert for any signs of leakage and make sure it is not present before using the fixed charge on your next trip.

Know how to keep your Uwell Tripod safe from leakage. The leaking of products is one of the most common problems among users. Such leakage may occur in many forms, like; flavorings leaking into drinks, water leaking into chambers during disassembly, or dirt getting inside while changing batteries.

Just being aware of these scenarios will help avoid any unnecessary problems with your product. Some leakers may find another source for their leaks, but this will be more difficult to spot as you can see what they are doing at all times.

Review and Instructions of the Uwell Tripod

If you are a new vaper, the Uwell is the device for you. Besides the mouthpiece and battery, it comes with generous-sized foam and an integrated pump which makes refilling as easy as topping off your water bottle.


It comes with several options that allow you to customize your experience from tank to the dripper, which is great if you're into advanced disabling features. Everything about the design—from the messaging on the user manual to the pump function—screams quality.



Uppor is an elegant system that allows you to take the best parts of both RDL and traditional vaping and combine them into one integrated, beautifully designed device. The device is available in blue, black, red, or silver.


How to charge the Uwell Tripod

The Uwell Tripod is a portable, handheld unit designed to attach to your NOS electronic cigarette. The unique design places the power source between the top of the team and the mouthpiece, eliminating the need for a second battery.

Within its half-inch cube, the Tripod has a capacity of 800mAh, which allows for an astounding 15 hours of playback on a single charge. Charging via micro USB takes less than a minute; it takes just over an hour via optional wireless charging.


The Uwell Tripod PCC Kit serves as your one-stop solution for all your mobile vaping needs. Whether you are looking for a replacement head for your RDA or a pod to provide a satisfying experience with your existing tank, we have what you need.

The four included pods offer the user a wide variety of adjustable temperature settings, flavor profiles, and cotton selections, allowing users to tailor their experience exactly how they want it.

The charging case is compact and sturdy and will not wobble even when carrying it around on your Tripod or using it in the camera bag.

If you are looking for a universal headrest for your tripods you can use everywhere; then the Uwell Tripod is worth a look. It has a lot of significant features and is very affordable while still providing solid measurements and comfort.