WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Uwell Ironfist 200W review and instructions. Packaging, Features, Design, Build, Pros, and Cons

9th Aug 2021 | 17 | upends v

What is Uwell Ironfist 200W?

The Uwell Iron Fist Kit includes their most recent mod, the Iron Fist, and their Crown 3 tank. The Iron Fist is a dual 18650 mod with a 200-watt output that is their first dual battery mod and their second overall, after the nunchaku. Uwell is well known for its tanks, particularly the Crown series, which is incredibly popular.

 The crown three tanks, which is included, is the best of the series and one of the greatest tanks that came out in 2017 and still hold up well to this day. The kit is available from Elementvape for 57.99 USD, which is a good deal considering the tank is roughly 20-25 USD and the mod costs around 35 USD.


The starter kit for the UWELL IRON FIST 200W TC comes in a typical black cardboard box. To be honest, we were a little disappointed because we adored the Crown 2 tank's cylindrical packing.

The gadget itself, the magnificent Crown 3 tank with a 0.25 Ohm coil pre-installed, a spare 0.4 Ohm coil, extra glass, spare parts bag, a tool to access the tank, and the user manual are all included inside.

The leather grip comes in three distinct textures and eight different colors. Purple, Black, and Blue are available for snakeskin texture; White, Green, and Red are available for crocodile skin texture; and Orange and Yellow are available for pearl texture.


Features of the tank

  • Superior Stainless Steel Construction 24.5mm Tank Diameter 5mL Juice Capacity
  • 0.25ohm SUS316 Parallel Coil - 80-90W rated
  • 0.5ohm SUS316 Parallel Coil - 70-80W rated
  • Precision Threaded Top-Fill Anti-Leak Method Adjustable Dual Auxiliary Airflow
  • 510 Connection Wide Bore Drip Tip - Vibrant Colorways

Features of the mod:                                   

  • Dual 18650 High-Amp Batteries (Not Included)
  • Wattage Voltage Output Range: 0.5-8.2V Minimum Atomizer Output Range: 5-210W 0.05 ohm resistance
  • Temperature Control Range: 200-600 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Crocodile, Snakeskin, and Pearl Textured Leather Inlay
  • Contour Grip Ergonomic
  • Intuitive Soft Curvature Contour Modernized Design Micro USB Port 0.91" OLED Display Oversized Firing Button Hinged Battery Door Cover
  • Micro USB Port

Design and build

Crown 3 Tank

Uwell has a long history in the vaping industry and has produced several great items. This kit is no different. Starting with the tank, it features the Crown design we've come to anticipate, but with a few tweaks.

Every tread and o-ring on the tank are flawless and function as expected. The manner the coils are installed differs slightly between the V1 and V2. All previous coils have been screwed into the tank's base, where the new coil will be installed under pressure.

Uwell Iron Fist Mod

The build quality of the Uwell IronFist mod 200W is outstanding, and it's easy to forget that this is their debut mod. The paint finish is a high-quality matt, and the grip is made of genuine leather, which you don't see very often from China.

The ergonomic design fits easily in both the left and right hands. It has a similar design to Smok's G320, although it is significantly smaller because it carries two 18650 batteries. 3rd Crown Tank


Uwell has built a name for itself in the field of performance. Their tanks have always delivered above-average performance, if not considerably better. The Uwell Crown 3's outstanding capacity to deliver intense flavor is the foundation of this kit's performance.


It also produces some nice-sized vapor clouds, but it soars when it comes to reproducing the flavor you anticipate from your e-liquid, and most of the time, it exceeds those expectations. The airflow is appropriate for a tank of this size, and it adds to the overall enjoyment.

Pros and cons


  • Tank with a large capacity
  • It's a fantastic setup
  • Very simple to use
  • Wattage is adjusted in one-point increments, plus the percentage of battery life.
  • Build quality is excellent.
  • nice leather
  • high amp limit


  • The green kit doesn’t match
  • Max tank size with no overhang on the mod is 25mm
  • On the heavy side of things
  • Not the smallest setup

Ease of use

Uwell may not have much expertise with box mods, but they know how to make them user-friendly. As companies understand what vapers enjoy, one would expect a first product to be a little awkward in terms of user experience.

Uwell has kept things basic and to the point, making it very easy to pick up quickly. The modes are simple to change, and the screen, despite its small size, provides a clear picture of everything.

The Uwell Crown 3 tank attaches simply to the Ironfist's 510 threading. Although the tank's filling procedure is a little old-fashioned, it is simply a winner. To fill the tank with e-liquid, you must unscrew the entire top.

Whereas other tanks allow you to slide the top to the side simply. It even comes with a Crown key, so you can take it apart to clean it or get the glass replaced. It's not tough by any means, but we're used to seasoned vape mod designers taking a more "plug and play" approach.

FAQS about Uwell Ironfist 200W

How much does uwell ironfist 200W cost?

The Uwell Ironfist 200W kit is a fantastic bargain at £49.99. This is a fantastic deal from one of our most reputable online businesses, including free UK shipping. This is an incredible value for a fantastic mod that comes with a fantastic tank. 

You won't get a box mod for this price anywhere else, so the fact that it comes with one of the best sub-ohm tanks on the market makes it a bargain. To put it another way, the cost isn't an issue here.

How do you charge the Uwell Ironfist 200W?

Using the included Micro-USB cable, connect the gadget to a PC or notebook. 2A is the maximum charge rate. The battery indicator light blinks during the charging process and then turns off when the gadget is fully charged.

If you press the fire button while the device is charging, it will not provide any output. If you're using a wall adapter, ensure sure it's capable of charging at 5V/2A.

Before the first usage, thoroughly charge the two identical, interchangeable 18650 batteries from a reputable manufacturer. In the battery compartment, take note of the positive and negative poles. Make that the battery cells' surfaces are free of apparent damage. 

How do you turn on the device?

Set the bottom-mounted on/off switch to "On." After around three seconds, UWELL shows on the screen, followed by the main menu. To turn the device off, turn the switch to "Off."

How to vape?

Inhale the vapor gently and continuously via the mouthpiece of your clearomizer while holding the fire button on your e-cigarette. While exhaling the vapor, release the fire button

Alternative vape: UPENDS


The Uppen pod system is a vape pen that gives you satisfying draws from the initial puff you take. The performance is enhanced by the Etchip coil that has a broader heating surface.  This feature is suitable for increasing the heating efficiency and giving the mesh a higher resistance.

All these factors combined give you a highly concentrated vapour, and you are assured of quality. The UPENDS products assure you of quality and reliability anytime you think of high performance. 


While the mod doesn't have all of the bells and whistles like a large color screen or watt curves, it's a terrific performing power mode mod with a well-built on/off button and an amazing tank. When you factor in the tank, I think it's a much better alternative than many of the other kits on the market, and at 58 bucks on element vape.

The mod is practically $30-35 bucks, which is a terrific deal. This device is definitely recommended for anyone who seeks to get some colorful device that does what it was designed to do.