Uwell Evdilo Review And Instructions. About Uwell Evdilo, Specs, Design, Features, and More

    Uwell Evdilo Review And Instructions. About Uwell Evdilo, Specs, Design, Features, and More

    The Uwell brand has grown roots reaching more excellent parts globally. Having made an excellent reputation for themselves, arguably, with new releases every day. Uwell evdilo is one device they have recently brought to the market.

    About Uwell Evdilo Vaporizer

    The kit comes with a compact of A 200W TC powerhouse, making a good ergonomic feel. The Evil can be used with several batteries, like dual 18650/ 201700 or 21700. It also comes with valyrian II tank, bringing home the required flavor to the user.

    In the box, come along with Evdilo mod which is a small dual-21700 box powered by dual 18650/20700/21700 batteries with a max output of 200W. Valyrian II atomizer and 2 batteries sleeves, on which can be compatible of 18650/20700 or 18650/21700. Two coils, 0.32 ohm single mesh coil and 0.14 ohm dual mesh coil.

     A micro USB cable for charging and one pack O-rings for replacement in case the ring made with the device gets damaged or worn out. A spare Glass bulb, silicon drip tip cover and two user manuals. The mod size of about 47.4 mm by 32.5 mm by 83.7 mm. A voltage range of 0.7v-8.0v.

    Instruction are as follows

    To fill the tank—close the airflow ring, press the flip cap button to open, add the e-liquid and finally close the top cap and allow the liquid to settle for some minutes.

    Glass changing or tank cleaning—hold the base to uninstall the top cap in an anticlockwise direction, reinstall the glass after changing or cleaning and reinstall the top cap.

    How to change the coil—Twist the base in an anticlockwise direction, remove the coil from the base in the clockwise direction still, ensure the O-rings are intact when installing a new coil and then install the coil at the base. Finally, twist the base back to its position in a clockwise motion.

    To power off/on—press the fire button five times in a rapid moment of 2 seconds. 

    Specs and Designs of Uwell Evdilo

    Uwell evdilo kit from Uwell has high-quality specs and is designed admirably according to the good taste and preference of the user. It’s powered by dual batteries of 18650/20700/21700 with a max power output of 200W.

    A voltage output of 0.7v-8.0v is crucial to prevent shocks and hold a high voltage power when charging. Have a LED screen to show the percentage of control. Have a variable wattage mode that ranges 0.1-3.0 hm; this prevents the battery from reversing the energy.

    Temperature control range of 0.1-10 mh to prevent over temperature degrees. Sliding battery door, changing the battery in case it gets damaged or fixing long lasting one. Single firing button and single operation button for the control of the whole device. A micro USB port for charging.

    It has a diameter base of 29 mm, enabling good stability. 6 ml vape juice capacity for the tank to contain the e-liquid. Have a top-fill system that only opens, no need to screw the whole device to refill—patented self-cleaning coil technology and Pro- FOCS flavour technology.

    Uwell valyrian II 2 FeCrAl coil compatible, meaning one can mix two e-liquids at the same time of vaping. Several coils, 0.15 ohm Quadruple coil, 0.32 ohm UN2 single mesh coil, 0.14 ohm UN2-2 Dual Meshed coil, 0.16 ohm UN2-3 triple meshed coil.

    Made by stainless steel and pyrex glass construction as the material. Have a gold-plated 810 connection. The well evdilo adopts ergonomic design that is of a compact structure, small size and a comfortable grip.

    Features of Uwell Evdilo

    • Device dimensions of 83.7 mm by 47.4 mm by 32.5 mm
    • Dual High- Amp battery of 18650/20700/21700
    • A wattage range output of 5W-200W
    • Two resistance ranges of VW mode and TC mode:
    •  Compatibility of Nickel, Titanium and stainless steel wire
    • Two adjustments button for full control of the device
    •  Sliding battery door
    • Reverse battery protection
    • Micro USB port
    • Connection of 510
    • Have temperature range of 200-600F/ 100-315 degree Celsius
    • Ultra firing speed of 0.008S

    Ease of use of Uwell Evdilo

    Uwell Evdilo device comes accompanied with three batteries of 18650, 20700 and 21700. You can swipe between the three batteries for a better life. Have two control buttons to control the device; for example, to put the device on or off, click the fire button five times quickly within 2 secs.

    The dual batteries give a maximum of 200 watts output to give massive clouds and the purest vaping experience. There is no doubt that the Uwell Evdilo box mod has crammed a lot of power into a tiny package, indeed to easy use.

    The Mod is made of zinc alloy and stainless steel, making the evdilo more durable and remarkable. In terms of battery, it’s highly recommended using an external charger for 18650 battery mods, as it helps with balanced charging and have a prolonged life.

    Performance of Uwell Evdilo

    Uwell evdilo device is efficient in terms of battery life. No matter how many batteries are used, the Mod gives a reliable performance. Have temperature control modes that bring no effect on the battery performance.

    To refill the fluid is easy since no more screw up the whole device, just press the top cap, and you will see a silicone seal.

    Press the nib and the bottle will automatically base itself to the required position. Have a valve for control of the circulation of the air and a condensation chamber that prevents leakage. The condensation chamber is based on the bottom base.


    When using 21700 mod, make sure you use pinch the micro USB port. There is a spare glass bulb in case the one made with the device gets damaged and spare coil. The device is compatible, which is an additional advantage to you two vape two e-liquid.

    Have adjustable coil to control the intact at the base to produce a good and large cloud of vapor. There is additional battery reverse protection to provide a long-life for the batteries.

    A bigger 6 ml capacity tank to contain the liquid and a good resistance range.

    Pros and Cons of Uwell Evdilo


    • Fires faster
    • It’s very comfortable to hold
    • A durable battery life
    • an excellent tank to hold the liquid which gives an interesting performance
    • Easy menu system to control the device
    • Form factor
    • Working temperature control
    • Have a small size 21700 batteries with an excellent design
    • Have a lovable curve overlook


    • Have a sliding battery door
    • Paint job may not hold up
    • Old-fashioned feel across the board
    • 21700s don’t seem to fit right when used


    How do you unlock evdilo vape?

    When the device is on, hold the fire button and click at a faster rate of 1 sec to 2 sec, to lock/ unlock the device.

    Is well evdilo good?

    The working of the device is more efficient, no matter which battery you use the Mod is going to work effectively

    Which is the best battery to use?

    I would highly recommend you to use 18650 since it gives a prolonged life performance

    Is the Uwell Evdilo for you?

    The Uwell Evdilo is the best package for you looking for an excellent device to vape, then Uwell Evdilo is available for you since it's cheap and will save you some bucks.



    The Upone is one of the most affordable luxury portable units on the market. It provides an exceptional vaping experience with long-lasting enjoyment. Upone comes with a simple vaping experience with long-lasting enjoyment and ease of use.


    I would highly recommend you to use Uwell evlido. This device comes with a much additional content that is helpful to you as the user. Have a bigger tank capacity to contain the E-liquid. The additional technology of self-cleaning and Pro-FOCS helps to prevent contamination.

    The size is impressive and a lovable form factor. A pronged life-lasting to serve you, and the batteries are of different preferences, giving you an option to select your taste.

    Have a fabulous performance, if you love Uwell, I would recommend you try this kit, it has a surprising vaping experience.


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