Uwell crown Pod Kit Review and instructions. The Design, Specs, Ease of Use, Performance and More Details

    Uwell crown Pod Kit Review and instructions. The Design, Specs, Ease of Use, Performance and More Details

    You're an avid vaper, and you can't wait to get your hands on the latest pod kit from Uwell. This is going to be a significant change for you! You've seen nothing like it before because this innovative device comes with its proprietary pre-filled pods that give you all the flavor with none of the hassles.

    Plus, these pods are recyclable, so they won't end up in a landfill if you decide not to use them again after one vaping session. Now your search for the perfect vape has ended as this new pod system will provide everything that you need to enjoy vaping at its finest!

    Uwell crown pod kit is a set of two replacement heads for the Uwell technology-powered pod systems. These are simply two replacement air filters that fit into the top of one chamber in your uwell tank.

    They allow you to take your vaping experience to new heights while enabling you to enjoy endless rebuilds with ease. When replacing the units, they are fitted with a replacement silicone gasket, which ensures maximum protection against dirtying the housing and increases the unit's overall lifespan.

    Design and specs of the Uwell crown pod

    This Uwell Crown Pod Mod, also known as the TFV4 Mini, features an innovative design that improves airflow and reduces temperature build-up. With the new design, the device no longer has the 5-piece design and is more streamlined to perform at its maximum capacity.

    Using an all-glass and stainless steel construction, this device features a pulsing green LED light that shows the operation and functions as a cut-out for wiring protection.

    Featuring an output of up to 25 watts, this device will provide you with ample power for advanced technology features such as DNA 40 sensor technology, wireless processing of data through Bluetooth 4.2 Low Energy, and internal speaker output.

    The Uwell Crown Pod is the latest and most excellent temperature control pod for tank systems on the market. It features an integrated coil and auto draw feature that makes loading your e-liquid very simple. The pod also includes a window on the top that allows you to see the power levels while also displaying the time.

    In the end, these features make loading your e-liquid much more accessible than other pod-based units, while also providing a lot more versatility for the type of setup you have in mind.

    The Crown Pod features several safety features that will keep you and your devices safe using machines designed for closed-circuit use. These features include an open-circuit sign, a short-circuit indicator, a low-power mode, and an over vape sign.

    This means you can keep vaping even when the device detects that a battery is low on your gadget (this is very rare). The Crown Pod also features replaceable batteries that provide longer-lasting performance.

    Ease of use of the Uwell crown pod

    The Uwell crown is unique because it incorporates an electronic controlling mechanism into the existing uwell crown system. This provides an entirely new method for user interface configuration and control. It is a highly effective crown that offers beautiful results with little to no user effort.

    The Uwell pod is very easy to use. It has several air holes so that you can fine-tune the flow of air entering and exiting the unit. When filling the team, you push down on the button, which activates the filling mechanism, which takes about 2-3 seconds to load the unit.

    When finished using the pod, you push down on the button again to retract it into the base. It is fully rechargeable via micro USB, which I believe is the only negative thing I have to say about this product.

    The Uwell Crown is an advanced pod system, allowing for extremely easy refills. The design features a waterproof case that protects the cartridge and will enable you to change out the mouthpiece without taking it out of the pack. The filling port is on the top side of the cartridge, which allows for easy access when filling.

    There are two additional air holes on the bottom side of the cartridge, allowing for even more expansion options when vaping. The pod is also very easy to load with e-liquid, which gives the user a lot more options with flavor combinations.

    Performance of the Uwell Crown pod

    The Uwell crown is not just another pod- it's the first and only pod dispenser designed to work with pod filters. This means you can dispense your favorite e-liquid into your favorite pod and keep refilling as you would with any other pod.


    The crown also comes with a slotted insert, making pouring more accessible and more precise, while leaving the e-liquid inside the pod untouched for up to 2 hours (another first for pod refills).

    The crown itself is pretty hefty, which may seem counter-intuitive given its miniaturization capabilities. Still, I found it to be a very comfortable appliance once I got used to it. Overall, it's an excellent product.

    Pros and cons of Uwell crown pod


    • It is lightweight
    • Easy to use
    • Ease to fill
    • No leaks at all
    • Allows airflow


    • Replacement coils are more expensive
    • Ports not transparent enough
    • Base charge

    Review and instructions of Uwell crown pod

    Uwell Crown is a very different product from any other e-cigarette on the market. It's a branded gel pen that gives you an intense taste of tobacco and honey in just one hit. While other e-liquid offerings look like toys, Uwell Crown is highly functional and enjoyable to use.

    The design is very metallic, with slight curves to make it more appealing to hold. The taste is intense and does not fade even after multiple sessions in the fridge. The chew toy-like quality could turn some people off, but I found it quite pleasant and highly addictive.

    FAQs about Uwell crown pod

    How long do Uwell Crown pod coils last?

    Uwell Crown Pod Coil Clapton Mod is an inexpensive device with an innovative design. It offers the ability to get enormous clouds using high wattage airs while also allowing you to minimize in-air time.

    For those looking for a device that provides both performance and style at a very affordable price, the Uwell Crown Pod is just what you need.

    The device uses a 1250mAh battery which is said to deliver between 9-hours of continuous vaping time on a 0.6 Ω coil and up to 12 hours on a 1.0 Ω coil.

    How to use the Uwell crown pod?

    Uwell Crown is an intelligent air pump that allows you to pump fresh air into your home through two holes on top of the pod. Once filled, place the pod within the device and push the spring-loaded release button.

    The unit visually displays the remaining capacity of the air pump and the amount of air that needs to be pumped before the LED light turns red.

    Push the button once more to cycle through different modes: slow, fast, and burst. There's also an audible click when the crown is fully activated.

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    Wrapping Up

     The Uwell crown pod kit is an excellent value for money. The reason being that the pod itself is pretty basic, although it does the job of managing your dripping very well indeed.

    It comes with two different plastic drip tips and a small bag that contains the replacement material if you so run into any issues with scratching your pod.

    Everything else about this device is excellent, from the finish on the exterior, the fit and finish on the interior components, to the various tank sections that make up this very effective dripping device.

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