WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Uwell caliburn, Uwell Caliburn G, Uwell caliburn pods review and instructions

9th Aug 2021 | 10 | upends v

The caliburn is most probably the first pod system to be produced by Uwell. The devices are known to have the best sub ohm tanks. In addition to their vape pens line, the Uwell caliburn has added a pod system to their catalog.

The pods use a 2ml tank which can be refilled and they have 1.4 ohm parallel coils which can be filled with the top system.

The caliburn is equipped with the dual firing system which makes it a draw-activated system. But you can also use the battery with a firing button. The Uwell caliburn series have so many products in their line and we will be going through them to see how they perform 

Uwell caliburn

The Uwell caliburn looks somehow bigger than the juul and a bit short compared to the inifinix. The unit stands at 11cm tall and 2cm wide with a thickness of 1.16cm. The device looks like a pod vape and a vape pen at the same time. It feels very solid only that it has a weaker grip system. It can easily slip out and fall out of your hand more frequently than you can imagine. 

The exterior of the design is built using aluminum alloy and appears to be sturdy and lightweight. The total weight of the unit when the pod is inserted stands at 34 grams and when the pod is taken out it weighs roughly 25 grams. This makes the device feel like it is well constructed and it can easily survive a few falls.

The Uwell caliburn has a wide range of aesthetics but they do not appear to be so flashy. It has some linear engravings on the side but it neither looks sleek nor modern.

You will enjoy a side window that lets you track the levels of your liquid quicker, but you can also take out the pod and see what is left beneath. The device is a very good performer and you will probably like it. There are many color selections you can go with but the black and grey are the best options.

Features of the Uwell caliburn

  • Built from aluminum alloy which makes it stronger
  • The pods can hold a maximum of 2ml
  • The devices runs on  a 520mAh internal battery
  • It gives a maximum output of 11W
  • You can use the button for firing or an automatic draw system
  • The pods use a top fill system design


  • The flavors are warm and full of flavor
  • It can use a draw activated system and a firing button to activate
  • It has a quick ramp up time
  • The wicking on the device is very efficient
  • Device is lightweight and steady


  • It does not use a true mouth to lung draw
  • The mouthpiece is hard to remove
  • It uses a direct voltage system
  • There are no many coil options to choose from
  • Some coils do not work

Uwell Caliburn G

The Uwell Caliburn G does not have any structural differences compared to the initial Uwell caliburn. The size is almost the same as the Uwell caliburn. And if you have used the caliburn before, you will hardly tell the difference. The Uwell Caliburn G is still a compact device but very lightweight.

The ridges you saw in the caliburn are existent on the Caliburn G but now they have been added to the front and back. This makes the device tactile and very easy to grip. 

The firing button has a bronze accent and feels clicker without being mushy. The branding has also been moderated and they used a transparent print with the name ‘caliburn’ above the LED light.

This is different from the white font that was used in the original Uwell caliburn. The mouthpiece also went through the redesigning process and it looks much bigger. The only difference is that the airflow is much smaller. 

Battery and performance of the Uwell Caliburn G

The Uwell Caliburn G uses a 690mAh battery which can be recharged using a Type-c charging port. The charging port is located at the bottom of the device making it easy to operate. Each recharge can take you through one full pod or one and a half.

You could easily get two sessions on the original caliburn but the only difference is that the Caliburn G runs at 18W maximum output. When you inhale or press the firing button, the LED light will glow to show the battery percentage as follows.

  • Green 60-100%
  • Blue 30-60%
  • Red 0-30%

Charging a full battery can take a maximum of 45 minutes. But you do not have to worry about waiting because the Caliburn G can allow pass-through charging. You can use it as you charge.

Features of the Uwell Caliburn G

  • Built form aluminum alloy
  • The battery capacity is at 690mAh
  • Can hold pods with 2ml maximum capacity
  • The mesh coil resistance is at 0.8ohms


  • The unit is equally lightweight and compact
  • The build quality of the device is good
  • You can easily operate the unit
  • The top fill design is practical
  • There are no leaking issues or spitting
  • The coils can be replaced


  • The mouthpiece surface area is larger
  • The direct voltage system gets weaker after some time
  • The battery does not last long enough

Uwell caliburn pods

The Uwell caliburn pods appear to be carefully constructed and they are made of some tough plastic. The airflow is assisted by two air holes found on the sides of the pod. They flow from the bottom because of the recessed design. The pods are connected using a magnetic gold plated design.

The magnets used are very strong but after inserting the pods, you will see that they leave a small gap. You need to apply some more pressure to fully place them in the battery.


The pods have been fitted with parallel coils, but the general design of the coils look like the old design carton tanks. The device has properly used the modern and old school designs to come up with an ingenious product. 

The pods mostly come in twos, one is usually on the device, and the other is spare. The pods can be used with e-salts, e-liquids and CBD liquids even with higher VG levels up to 70%. The coils do not have any issue with wicking and they do not give dry hits. 

Refilling the Uwell caliburn pods

The pods are very easy to refill but the mouthpiece can give you a hard time when trying to refill. The original pods do come off easily so you need to watch out that they do not come off at random. After taking out the mouthpiece, it will expose two refill holes which are sized at 3.5mm. It uses top refill methods, and after filling the required amount of liquid, it easily snaps back in place clean and easy.

Uwell caliburn vs. SMOK Nord

The SMOK nord is a portable vape device that uses a 2ml pre-filled pod. The coils allow for mouth-to-lung vaping, with a 1.4ohm resistance and for direct lung at 0.6ohm coils. The tank is uniquely built you can remove the cartridge and replace the coils instead of having an already built head. The nord uses an 1100mAh battery which is different from the 690mAh battery on the caliburn. 



The Uppen is the first device on the UPENDS collection to use the flavor master etchip coil. The coil has an enlarged heating area which has improved the heating efficiency.

It has a mesh with high resistance which gives a more satisfactory and intense vapor with only one puff. The cap on the device can keep your liquids fresh for a very long time without losing its flavor.


The Uwell caliburn is a good pod series from the Uwell. The company has done its best to come up with the best innovations on every update they release. The original Uwell caliburn took the industry with a storm and ever since, people have been trying to buy these products all over again. There are a few notable improvements that set the Caliburn G from the Uwell caliburn and this is what every vape user expects.