WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Uwell Amulet (Vape watch, amulet pod system) Review. Design, Specs, Battery Life, Charging, and More

6th Aug 2021 | 142 | upends v

Uwell amulet pod system is one of the most popular vape products on the market right now. It is used as a vaping device. This is a portable device that comes with pods only.

You don't need to deal with those dirty coils and liquids regularly. The coil is self-contained and mechanical. It features a ceramic plate inside it, which vaporizes your e-liquid when you inhale it through the mouthpiece. 

That ceramic plate heats when you activate your pod device. The ceramic plate heats kind of like an electric stovetop element, but in this case, it warms your e-liquid and vaporizes it so that you can get the flavors from that e-liquid as you inhale it from the mouth.

If you are an old-school vaper, the pod system may be a familiar device for you. It is like the fit of a cigarette. This article will review Uwell Pod System (aka Amulet) to let you enjoy easier vaping life.

Design and specs of the Uwell Amulet

The Uwell Amulet is one of the unique and exciting pod systems in the market. That it's a pod system that is explicitly designed to fit within your vaping lifestyle and taste, not to mention that it comes in a tiny form factor. This makes for a highly compact and lightweight device that can fit into your pocket just about anywhere you go. The cord can be re-used repeatedly, and when it needs replacing, all you have to do is pop out the old pod and replace it with the new one.

The Amulet is made from stainless steel, so it is easy to carry around in one hand or easily attach to your car key ring without worrying about it sliding around or falling out of your pocket. It has two sections: one section that matches up with your Riz powdered nicotine treatment pod (sold separately) and another section that matches up with the tip of your e-cigarette.

The outside of the pod system is made of hard, rubbery plastic, with the Uwell logo tastefully etched into the side. Right above the battery door is a small square LED that glows various colors to show different device modes. The whole pod system feels durable and well-made as if it could take a beating and keep on chugging for years.

The system's main body has a highly smooth and rounded design that makes it easy to hold, and the slick metallic finish feels pleasant in hand. The pod cartridge slides into the body with ease, and you need to push it in until it "clicks." It's a delightful feeling, very satisfying.

Uwell Vape Watch

Uwell Vape Watch design is a device that monitors the time and vapes from your E-Cigarettes. You can now know the exact time without looking at a watch or mobile device. It can track what you vape and how much you have remained since last time.

The major component is a touch-sensitive screen that will allow you to place your finger on it to activate the start or end of the vape session. One can detect when they are close to running out of their e-cigarette.

The Uwell vape watch is a solid-looking and feeling device. The material that the look is made from is nice and smooth, which gives a good grip. The buttons and dock connector to the wrist nicely as well.

There aren't many shortcuts on the device, so it might take some getting used to, but it becomes quite enjoyable once you do. You need to charge it, though, which will take a bit of time, but you will enjoy long vaping sessions without worrying about recharging it once it is done.

Uwell Vape Watch is a next-generation advanced rechargeable box mod. Its unique design comes from combining modern technology with modern design and luxury elements. The Uwell Vape watch features a 1.3 inch OLED display screen and uses two 18650 batteries. Each watch is equipped with an interchangeable leather strap in different colors to match your style and mood.

Battery life and Charging

The Amulet pod system features a proprietary micro USB port for charging. It supports 2A charging, so if you have a charger supporting Quick Charge (like the QC3.0 chargers), it will be compatible with the Amulet. Be warned, though, that some of the cheaper, generic chargers might charge your Amulet at a much slower rate.

If you vape a lot, and if your daily schedule doesn't allow you to charge your pod regularly, the Uwell Amulet should not be your go-to. Try picking something a little more significant in terms of battery life.

Ease of Use of the Uwell Amulet

The Uwell Amulet e-cigarette has a unique pod-style device. This type of design is ideal for beginner vapers looking to reduce their time refilling their tanks and coils while still maintaining an extensive amount of Liquid capacity. This is because of the small size of the pods themselves, making it much easier to refill while on the go.

Performance of the Uwell Amulet

The Uwell Amulet is a pretty little thing. It has a nice matte finish and is pretty easy to grip. It has four levels of change, with more giant levers on the higher levels. There are two large magnets on the bottom side of the device that holds it in place when charging it (the other end of the cord has an extra terminal so that you can plug in via micro-USB).

The device itself is relatively light at 9.5 grams, which is on the smaller side for an e-cigarette. The voltage delivered by the battery is also on the lower side, at 2.5 volts. You can select between a recharged small lithium polymer battery or an included full-cell battery that provides an additional 90 minutes of runtimes.


Pros of the Uwell Amulet

The Uwell Amulet pod system is the latest and one of the most innovative pod systems on the market. There are three reasons it is worth a closer look: ease of use, compactness, and low price. These are all factors that make either it or some other pod system you may have used an appealing option to many vapers.

The Uwell Amulet is a pod system that affords users all the convenience of a cigalike without sacrificing the customization and power of vaping. The vaporizer has a rechargeable battery and can be assembled with pre-filled cartridges or its refillable pod.

The Uwell Amulet is an easy-to-fill pod system with an effortless tank to slide in and out, making refilling pods a breeze.

The Uwell Amulet pod system vape does just about everything you might expect from a pod system, including using the 1.2ohm pod coils with nicotine salts. It will not replace your high-end box mod vape, but it doesn't have to either. It's very convenient, has an attractive overall design, and works well.

Cons of the uwell amulet

Uwell amulet pod system vape mod isn't for everyone. It is one of those cheap vaping devices that are made for beginners and casual vapers. If you want more power, better aesthetics, and a larger display—you need to be prepared to pay more.

Review and Instructions

The Uwell amulet pod system is precisely what vape fans should be able to appreciate. It's a unique-looking device that works well enough and offers everything people expect in these sorts of pod systems.

The marketing implies rather strongly that this device can work both as a vape mod and a wristwatch, and while I wouldn't call it functional both ways, it works as both. 



The MTL airflow is made of high-quality materials and is matched with a high-quality glass mouthpiece. It provides a wide and uniform air path, even at high power settings.


The Uwell amulet pod system is a well-designed and an excellent option for people who want convenience from their nicotine intake. It comes with easy-to-fill pods, affordable replacement cartridges, and battery life to die for.

It is small enough to fit in your pocket or purse, making it ideal if you are constantly moving around.

Are you looking for a new way to vape? The Uwell Amulet pod system is the latest pod system to hit the market. It costs less than $50 for vapers on a budget who still want something simple and effective to carry with them.