WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

UNO Vape. All About UNO Vape Bar and Instructions

12th May 2021 | 714 | upends v

What is UNO vape

UNO vape is disposable pods manufactured by Skol, who has specialized in making disposable vape devices with cutting-edge technology. Disposable products such as UNO were developed to help people who vape enjoy a puff anywhere without carrying a pen everywhere.


How to use UNO vape

The UNO vape is non-refillable prefilled and disposable vapes. Instead of doing away with the whole device while disposing, you only do away with the attached pods. For a vape like the UNO vape, you get only two components: the vape battery and a small pod filled with e-juice and ready to use.

You get varied element strength in this UNO vape, and the selection depends on your personal preferences and taste.

Just like the other disposable vaping kits, you have starter packs that can be issued to people who are new to vaping and require less concentrated e-liquids. You get a variety of flavors to enhance your experience with the UNO disposable vape.



Such disposable vaping devices have been considered one of the most affordable forms of vaping accessible to people of all caliber.

A single-use non-refillable pod of UNO vape will last you through a day or woo, depending on how heavy you vape. You also do not get long-lasting battery life as you would on daily use pods.

But instead, you get to charge it once a day to keep you going. The good thing is that the battery capacity is not that big, so you get a full charge in less than 50 minutes.

Specifications of UNO vape

  • Disposable design
  • Requires no maintenance
  • Classic automatic style
  • A compact and super light design
  • Equipped with a 1.2 ml capacity non-refillable design
  • 60mg sold based nicotine flavors
  • You get close to 270 puffs

Pros of the UNO vape

Easy to use

There are no cartridges, tanks, and coils to fit in a UNO vape; all you have to do is provide your e-liquid pod in the battery and take your gentle puffs as you wish. You do not have a complicated menu to navigate through settings and power shifts, all that you need is already set up for you, and you only have one job, which is taking hits. If your mod runs out of liquid, take it out and place a new one

Consistent puffs

The UNO vape is filled with close to1200 puffs, so you have to check on how much you need for the day to avoid wastage. The temperature control systems are already in place to assist you in getting through your vaping session without worrying about overheating, evaporation, or dry puffs. One commendable thing about UNO vape is that it has saved people from getting burnt hits, as seen in the high-end brand vape.

The hits might feel like you are smoking a cigarette. This is because you get a direct mouth to lung draw, and it is relatively straightforward. This makes it perfect for people to stop smoking because it feels like they are smoking a cigarette.                                                    

It is small and discreet

The UNO vape is light, and you could feel the weight equal to that of a typical pen with a pod weighing slightly above 14 grams. When fixed, you can see that the UNO vape gets a little bit longer than usual. The small size and the weight feel good because most smokers do not want to walk around with bulky vape devices in their hands and pockets.

The small size of the UNO vape makes it also discreet while using because it favors those people who do not want to bring attention to themselves. This could be in open places or public places such as bars, restaurants, or any other places as long as vaping is allowed

Accurate flavors

The UNO vape offers you a long line of flavors that you might be spoilt of choice. It is not easy describing these flavors in simple terms, but they are working perfectly. Users get to feel what they requested, and there have been no complaints about that. The difference between the UNO flavors is that they are not too sweet as you would expect in a regular vape e-juice.

They are not messy

The UNO vape will not mess you up with issues of leakages and spills of liquid. The earlier versions of the vape had a few leakage issues, but since the issues were raised, there have been changes in the recent releases. The mouthpiece is now fitted with cotton pads that stop any liquid from getting into your mouth. And the bottom part is made to resist any leakage from your battery.

Product warranty

Warranty is an essential feature in every purchase. These products are delicate, and they may get damaged or even stop working because of some minor problems. The warranty gives you the room to get your products fixed or replaced, and UNO vape has done an excellent job in keeping their customers happy with a good warranty

Cons of the UNO vape

Limited flavor options

One central selling point of the UNO vape pens is the flavor selection, but there is a slight problem. Many users feel that the flavor sections are too limited or too familiar, which is nothing new to the market.

Hardly available outside the US

Vaping is a widely practiced activity worldwide, and many people would want to try the different types of vape products available. This is why there is a need for the UNO vape products to be distributed globally to reach their prospective customers. Such limitation may get a brand labeled as being discriminative.

Flavors of UNO vape                           

  • Cool mint to keep you energized with refreshing, smooth menthol hits
  • Tobacco switches up the taste with some fine blend tobacco flavor and a 6% salt-based nicotine
  • Iced mango; you get to enjoy a vape flavored with the most popular fruit
  • Cushman; this is made from pure mango for a rich sweet flavor
  • Grape; this flavor gives you a taste of delicious grapefruit
  • Iced blueberry; if you love some taste of blueberry, then grab one of these
  • Iced watermelon; a mixture of watermelon and icy menthol that gives you the summer vibe hit
  • Iced lychee; get a juicy punch flavor that is sweetened with a hit of icy menthol
  • Pinna colada; a cocktail flavor that puts you in the party mood
  • Lush ice; a combination of watermelon with strawberries and a smooth icy sensation
  • Strawberry yogurt; get this soft blend of strawberry and creamy yogurt for notable hits
  • Strawberry lemonade; this is your explosive taste of sweet and sour vape
  • Pink lemonade; get yourself the sour taste of lemon accompanied by a sweetness that gives

Fresh hits daily

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UNO vape has performed well in selling their disposable pods. This shows that many people have chosen to go the e-cigarette way. The UNO disposables have joined the companies that develop vape products for individuals who want to break their smoking habits.

We have seen many people stop smoking combustible cigarettes through such innovation and instead go ahead to seek pleasure in modern disposable systems. These systems come in handy, especially when an individual does not want to carry around a device that will keep reminding him to smoke.