WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Uncle Ike’s Vape Pen. A Complete Review of Uncle Ike’s Vaporizer

12th May 2021 | 246 | upends v

What is an Uncle Ike vape pen

If you know a little bit of Seattle history and vape shops, then you would not be wondering who Uncle Ike is. In simple terms, Ian Karl Eisenberg opened up a pot shop in Seattle, Washington, and the establishment has performed so well in selling pot and vaping products. It is not surprising to find a vape brand with the most famous man in the settles vaping scene.

This vape pen device is pretty much new to many people. But it turns out to be one fantastic vape device. Uncle Ike’s vape pen is laden with plenty of features meant to boost your vaping experience to the maximum. This vape pen has many adjustable features, compatible sub-ohm cartridges, and a mini-drilled LED display to indicate charge level and power output.

Uncle Ike’s vape pen could make a suitable footprint in the market if they choose to expand their brand and customer reach. One thing that sets this device unique from the rest is heat e-liquids, dry herbs, and waxes. This vape pen is cheaply available for even as low as $45 directly from the pot shop in Seattle.

Uncle Ike’s Starter kits for beginners

This device has been made with beginners in mind, many of them do not know how to go about the vaping experience, and they are just naïve and waiting to experience it.

When you purchase an Uncle Ike’s vape kit, you get a few personalized stuff such as vaporizers, juices, CBD, and THC waxes. You also get a sub-ohm e-juice cartridge with atomizers that can be reshuffled. You also get a USB charger to keep you on a constant supply of vape.

Uncle Ike’s vape pen appearance

By the looks and feel of this fantastic device, you cannot help but marvel at the sleek design that is portable, smooth, and easy to use. The newest technology added to this device includes a temperature control mechanism, variable voltage setting, and more that allow you to personalize the device to work on your terms.

You get a customized design that gives you a feeling of ownership and authenticity. The unique thing about the temperature setting is that it automatically resets its voltage according to the cartridge inserted into the battery.

Uncle Ike’s vape pen specs

13mm in diameter and 150.5 mm in height. The Wight is roughly 1.9 pounds and comes with a liquid cartridge capacity of 1.6 ml. a 750 mAh battery powers the pen.

The battery is strong enough because it can do up to 12 vaping sessions before it is recharged. The tank shaft design is lovely and incomparable to devices that leak. Users get to enjoy a warm vapor delivery instead of the vast clouds.

Uncle Ike’s vape has shown a revolutionary approach to how to do things. The product compatibility feature has been improved to include dry herbs, liquids, and wax—all in a single battery.


The most fantastic feature here is how you have a single button that commands and controls most aspects of the device. This is enabled by an intelligent chipset found inside the mod, and it can automatically identify the type of cartridge inserted and adjust accordingly.

Uncle Ike’s vape pen is unique in many ways. First, it allows the user to heat the wax, dry herbs, and juices. The pen comes in only one design that is a black branded shaft with the names Uncle Ike’s

The device is sufficiently customizable to the levels of preference of the user. You can set to temperatures that fit your vaping desires and ceramic cartridges that give a complete and consistent flavor.

Features of Uncle Ike’s vape pen

  • A magnetic cartridge chamber to hold the cartridges
  • LED lights for indicating activation and charge status
  • Available activation button to control the amount of vapor produced.
  • It has a LED screen that can display the temperature of the device

How to use Uncle Ike’s vape pen

Now that this device uses three different cartridges, you need to connect the device to its rightful attachment points appropriately.

The vape pen can detect the attachment being used and adjust to support the particular function accordingly. If you want to try the dry herb feature, you will hold the button for like three seconds and initiate preheating in the chamber to maintain a suitable temperature until the button is held to shut it off again.

When you purchase the vape pen, it comes pre-charged, but it is important to charge it again to make sure it is fully set before you start using it. This is also necessary to help you maintain the battery’s life.

When you connect your device to the charging port, you will see three lights flash simultaneously to indicate that power is going through the device.

To vape using Uncle Ike’s vape pen, you will push the powering button thrice, and you can start vaping right away by taking a draw. Make sure your finger is constantly pressing the activation button for you to get a puff out of the device.

Every vape user knows that it is essential to keep your device clean to maintain its flavor, taste, and authenticity. Clean the vape juice cartridge by using an absorbent towel and clean the threading to avoid dust buildup.

Pros of Uncle Ike’s vape pen

  • It has tried its best to meet the current market needs by choosing the right kind of technology
  • The threading makes it easily compatible with a multitude of mods that have the 510 threading
  • An elegant design with the brand name to display its black and white outlook

Cons of Uncle Ike’s vape pen

  • The design is so personalized to fit into a general market
  • A few negative reviews have been given about the device
  • Some of the cartridges are small, and filling them hour after hour is exhausting

Alternative vaping: UPENDS

UPENDS has emerged as a remarkable vendor of vaping products such as pods, mods, and disposable. They are offering an alternative to vaping by introducing their collection of UPENDS products.


Have you ever seen a vape pod that can vaporize with the first draw? Well, we introduce you to the UPENDS Uppen. The Etchip coil on the device adjusts itself to create a wider heating surface area to improve efficiency in heating of elements.

UPENDS has tested its coils with a wide range of mainstream e-liquids, and you are assured of getting a mod that is compatible with your Uppen. The versatility ensures that the device is protected from bacteria and dust, protecting both the user and the device.


The UPENDS UpOX features the best Etchip 2.0 flavor master coil, and it is designed to be compatible with many of the worldwide known and accepted vape juices. The mesh gives you a taste of the original vapor from the initial puff.

You can magnetically connect the battery inverted when it is not in use to prevent dust and fabric fibers from getting into the airway and causing blockages

It is also important to remember that the battery cover is made from aerospace-grade aluminum, lighter and tougher. 


Is it not astonishing when you see big people challenge the market by introducing their brands? It goes to who how a big name can sell and individual. Uncle Ike has been in the pot business for a while now, and the amount of influence he has created through his business is significant enough to push him to such outstanding heights of success.

The vape pen is okay for personal consumption pen, and with a bit of fine-tuning, the device will be a big seller in the market. You can walk into Uncle Ike’s pot shop and get to try the device yourself.