Tsunami Vape Pens. A Review of the Tsunami Vape Pens in 2021

    Tsunami Vape Pens. A Review of the Tsunami Vape Pens in 2021

    The smoking scene has been bombarded with some significant innovations lately. From glass bongs to Vapes, one can easily drift from the traditional smoking of a joint or cigarette to these seemingly complex yet easy-to-use innovations.

    Tsunami is an American company that is hell bend to take your vaping to higher heights. Their vaping products are proudly made in America: They have been both designed and developed in the United States with utmost attention to details.

    Tsunami Express 350 mAh Wax Vaporizer pen Kit/silver

    This lean feeling vape is notably compatible with Wax; it has a lovely lightweight designed and will be a great fit in your palms.

    It comes in a subtle silver color that gives it a fancy stainless-steel aura. As a vaping enthusiast, you will also appreciate that this vape is very good with concentrates.

    Quartz Coil

    The dual quartz coil vape comes in a petite dimension of 14 inches in height by 5.7 inches. You will indeed have a laid-back vaping encounter as the dual quartz coil is designed to support rapid heat up once the vaporizer has been activated into action.


    The Tsunami Express Wax Vaporizer pen has a non-sticky glass cartridge, giving it a rather delicate feel. Don’t panic, though, as the glass has been hardened enough and can withstand some average rough handling.

    The vaporizer is also button activated, and the switch is essentially placed on the pen to aid you in customizing the vaporizer to your ultimate user mode specifications.

    Three Voltage Setting

     Another great feature of this pen includes a three-voltage setting. Using the button, you can seamlessly change between 3 voltage easily by clicking the button three times consecutively.  To activate this pen and start vaping, you only need to press the button twice to preheat the vaporizer.

    Additionally, the button is also a low-key safety feature. It prevents the pen from switching on when pressed accidentally in your pockets or bag. Also, it prevents your child from it on.


    The vape comes with a good 350 mAh variable voltage rechargeable battery that is fastened to a concentrate tank with a dual quartz coil. You will also like a LED display that is crucial in-display various colors which indicate the amount of voltage that the pen is operating on.

    The color green will tell you that the pen is now operating on a 3.4 voltage, blue on a 3.7 voltage, and finally, the color red indicates that the pen is working on a 4.0 voltage.

    Tsunami Express Wax Vaporizer Pen Kit comes as one piece in a pack. It also has a USB charger that can be screwed onto the cartridge. This highly portable pen is nice for indoor and outdoor vaping and will deliver a high vaping ordeal.

    How to use the Tsunami Express Wax Vaporizer Pen Kit

    This pen is a button-activated one. You have to press the button five times to switch it on or off. To vape, it is easy; all you have to do is place the mouthpiece between your lips, press the button twice to preheat and then draw to enjoy.


    • Compatible with Wax
    • It has three voltage selection options
    • It has a lifetime warranty
    • Minimalistic
    • Leakproof
    • Portable
    • Dual quartz coil
    • Works well with concentrates


    • It comes in one color
    • Button activated

    Tsunami V Power Vaporizer Pen Kit

    This pen has an aura of sophistication about it, but that is just designed to give you an excellent vaping experience. This vape is so easy to use. You will appreciate its portability and compactness too.

    Various Colors

    The vape pen comes in six nice colors for you to pick the most adorable. They include the colors black, red, orange, silver, green, and blue.  Apart from a great range of colors, the pen offers a very cleverly designed mouthpiece that has been epitomized to give comfort to your lips.

    Airflow Control

    The Tsunami V power vaporizer pen kit also brags of an airflow control that enhances every draw out of it, and so you will love the smoothness and tastiness of each hit from the first draw to the very last.

    Tank Capacity

    The vaporizer has a tremendous 2.5ml Protank capacity to hold your concentrates. The 1.8-ohm replaceable dual coil has an excellent preheating ability to give you nice and warm hits that are consistent all the way. This pen comes with a lifetime warranty as a hint of its efficiency and superiority.


    It also has a powerful 1300 mAh Variable voltage rechargeable battery that holds many charges and will get you vaping for quite a while when fully charged. The pen also has a suitable USB charger accompanied with it, plus the pen itself is sleek and compact in your hands, as it is also leakproof.

    How to Use Tsunami V Power Vaporizer Pen Kit

    The pen is also button-activated, just like its other counterparts. As mentioned earlier, the button acts like a safety feature too and as a voltage selection switch apart from activating the vape pen.

    To select various voltage ranges, all you have to do is press the button thrice continuously. You will have to press the button five times consecutively to switch it on or off.

    Press the button twice to preheat it and then get a draw out of the pen so that you can wind down with those resounding hits.


    • It has a lifetime warranty
    • It has an LCD
    • Powerful battery
    • It has a lean design
    • Convenient
    • It comes in a variety of colors
    • High quality of materials
    • User friendly


    • Button activated

    Tsunami Shock Sub-ohm Vapor Kit

    Unlike the others Tsunami vaporizers I have taken you through, this three-in-one vape has a one-year warranty on it. It is a great little pen that pushes vaping to its limits. It is an e-liquid Vaporizer and only weighs about 9lbs.

    Two Colors

    The vape, however, comes in only two colors; you will either get the black or the red pen based on your preference. With dimensions of 4.75in by 3.375in by 2.75in the vape sure is portable and comfortable handling.

    Top Fill Method

    Another attractive feature that will entice you is the top-fill mini tank that comes with airflow. This, coupled up with airflow control capabilities, will make your vaporizer deliver smooth and pleasurable hits.


    The tsunami shock sub-ohm vapor kit has a top-of-the-line battery with a hefty 2200 mAh of power accompanied by a USB charger. When fully charged, you will appreciate how long it will take just for you to recharge it once again.

    Then again, the company went to great pains to ensure that it has three safety features that make this vape a genuine premium product.

    Safety Features

    One of these three safety features is a low voltage protection feature to protect the pen from low voltage incidents. The overheating protection is essential in preventing heat build-up in this fantastic vape while vaping. Lastly, it has a low resistance protection feature.

    Tank Capacity

    With an oil tank of about 1.6 ml capacity and a 0.5 sub-ohm, the pen is built to give you blended and mellow vapors when you indulge. This pen was engineered to gift you with a beautiful high and a genuinely premium vaporizer.

    How to use Tsunami shock sub-ohm vapor kit

    The pen is activated by pressing the button two times to preheat it and then get a friendly draw out.


    • It is an Eliquid vaporizer
    • It has an LCD
    • Premium quality materials used
    • A good battery capacity
    • Low voltage protection
    • Lean design
    • Overheating proof
    • Low resistance proof
    • Airflow control


    • Button activated
    • It comes in only two colors


    Why does my Tsunami V power Vaporizer kit pen keep on blinking even when the cartridge is in?

    This pen has been Incorporated with an OLED display that blinks and flickers to alert any malfunctions during use.

    It uses different color signals to pin pinpoint the actual possible problem. For example, the potential problem might be a loose battery or a stuck activation button.

    After charging it and hitting the button five times, my Tsunami vape pen has blinked several times without heating up; what could be the issue?

    One apparent reason could be that the pen has not charged to capacity. This usually happens when you change your pen using computer USB ports. Try plugging into a wall socket to charge it properly.

    Another cause could be that the coil has not connected well; if this is the actual cause, then try to screw it in all the way. Another possible reason could be that the coil is shorting.

    Will my vape pen overcharge when left for long during charging?

    Definitely, unlike phones which can be left charging long after they are fully charged, vapes are prone to overcharging and shouldn’t be gone for long after they are fully charged.

    Can I vape my Tsunami vape pen while t is charging?

    This phenomenon of charging and vaping at the same time is known as a passthrough. It depends solely on the battery model of the vape. Before you do it, check first if your battery model can sustain it.


    Generally, Tsunami vape pens are made of high-quality materials. They have been built to be vaped on your cozy couch in your house. Also, as you make your average commute, these made in USA vaporizer delivers reasonable satisfaction to you.

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