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Top 25 Wholesale Vape Suppliers/Distributor in Canada

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More than just an alternative to traditional smoking, the vaping industry has grown substantially in the modern market. This sparked fierce competition among entrepreneurs who ventured into such a field. The most excellent wholesale distributor of vape items that will be a good deal for them is the pressure these enterprises encounter, whether big-time or small-time. We've compiled a list of some of Canada's best wholesale vape product distributors in this article.

Best Vape Wholesale Distributors in Canada 

  1. Pacific Smoke International

Pacific Smoke International is one of the leading vape wholesale distributors in Canada. It is a premium leading distributor based in Canada specializing in providing and selling the highest-quality vape devices, e-liquids, herbal vaporizers, and items. They want to help their clients handle the risk that comes with dealing with international vape key suppliers to focus on creating and expanding their vape retail business.

Pacific Smoke International is Aspire, Innokin, and Vaporesso's official wholesale distributor in Canada and distributes all of the leading vape makers and brand names, including Smok and Voopoo.

  1. Valiant Distribution

Valiant Distribution is a one-stop store for all of ones hemp, smoking, and vaping needs. Under the name RGR Canada Inc., Valiant Distributions began operations in 2010. Valiant Distributions is a wholesale/distribution company that serves smoke shops and other retailers around the country.

  1. DashVapes

DashVapes is also a top when it comes to the list of wholesale vape distributors in Canada. On their website's catalog, they provide a large selection of products. DashVapes offers free shipping in Canada on orders over C$35.00.

  1. New Level Distribution

New Level Distribution is a one-stop shop for all things related to vape wholesale in Canada. They take pride in offering same-day packing/shipping, overnight delivery, and free shipping on purchases over $1500, as well as no minimum order requirements.

  1. Horizon Distribution

Horizon Distribution is Canada's leading supplier of high-quality e-cigarettes, e-liquids, and vape supplies. They take great care as a wholesaler to construct a solid, dependable, and transparent supply chain and develop and maintain good customer relationships.

  1. NIBO Distribution

NIBO Distribution, based in Toronto, is one of the many vape wholesale distributors in Canada. They take pride on vape related merchandise they sell like vape and smoking supplies. They provide high-quality products at reasonable costs, with a focus on rapid and polite service. They ensure that their consumers' needs are met and that their product selection is expanded, resulting in a positive shopping experience for their clients.

  1. Pacific Vape Center

As one of the best vape shops and vape wholesale distributors in Canada, Pacific Vape Center is showing itself as a reliable partner when it comes to the distribution of top vape brands, vape pens and pods from influential brands like VVILD, RELX, JUUL, and STLTH.

  1. Canvape

Canvape is one of the well-known vape wholesale distributors in Canada that sells various vape accessories from various companies. They offer free domestic shipping if your cart total reaches C$99.00, as well as a 90-day extended guarantee on all orders.

  1. BC Vapor

BC Vapor is regarded as one of the most outstanding vaporizer companies in Canada and the United States. Their herbal vaporizers are clean and pure, and they take pride in them.

  1. ReCreation Marketing

ReCreation Marketing is a premium sales and distribution company specializing in developing brands in the Canadian cannabis accessories and vaping markets. In both the United States and Canada, they engage in wholesale trading.

  1. Genuine Vape & Smoke Company

Genuine Vape & Smoke Company is a Canadian vape distribution company specializing in Breeze Smoke, ZPods, Envi Boost, Allo 1500, and Allo Ultra vape and smoke goods.

Genuine Vape, based in Windsor, Ontario, was created to provide and distribute authentic items at the most competitive prices. Their goal is to supply quality products to our wholesale customers from a legitimate wholesaler, not offshore vape product suppliers that provide discounts on defective and fake goods.

  1. Tvape

Tvape is one of the vape wholesale distributors in Canada. The firm sells a wide range of vape-related products. As part of their vaporizer supplier wholesalers catalog, they pride themselves on selling only high-quality brands like Storz & Bickel, Arizer, Dynavap, Linx, Focus V, and others.

  1. Smoke Tokes

Smoke Tokes primarily deals in wholesale e-liquid, but it also sells various vaping accessories to its customers. Smoke Tokes has been active for roughly two years and is an exclusive Canadian wholesale distributor. Smoking accessories, bongs, pipes, and novelty goods such as hookahs are also available.

  1. com

The company was established in August 2018 and is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Sagavape.com is a reputable VAPE online store where customers can find and buy the most outstanding and most up-to-date E-cigs, Vape Kits, and E-juices at the best prices in Canada. SMOK, Naked 100, IJOY, Jam Monster, Twelve Monkeys, Illusions, ASPIRE, SKWEZED, STEEP HOUSE, Sorbae, and more well-known brands are all updated weekly.

Sagavape.com also carries the most popular smoke and vaping hardware brands, including mods, chargers, batteries, coils, tanks, e-cig vaporizers, herbal vaporizers, bongs, and rigs and pipes.

  1. Wholesale Cermaic Vaporizers

Wholesale Ceramic Vaporizers has a large assortment of high-quality Wholesale vape cartridges that are tailored to your specific clientele's needs. Their goods ensure a pleasurable experience without the need to reduce the viscosity of products or risk jeopardizing efficiency and flavor.

  1. Ace Vaper

Based in Ontario, Canada, Ace Vaper offers a wide choice of vape products and, despite being new to the vape market, has managed to establish a reputation as one of Canada's most efficient vape wholesalers.

  1. Vape Mall

Vape Mall is a Canadian vape wholesaler that emphasizes that filling shelves shouldn't be an unpleasant experience. Each team member has vast and varied expertise in both the vaping and cannabis businesses and has firsthand experienced some of the challenges connected with product sourcing and delivery.

  1. Ca

VapeVine.ca is one of the best vape wholesale distributors in Canada. It is your one-stop shop for the best e-juices, e-liquids, pods, Juul compatible pods, disposable vapes, and nic salt juice. They feature a vast range of vaporizers and mods for both beginners and advanced users, including SMOK, JUUL, STLTH, VUSE, Uwell, Breeze, Vaporesso, STIG, VooPoo, Aspire, Innokin, Suorin, Joyetech, iJoy, Vandy Vape, Eleaf, Sigelei, and Kangertech starting kits and pod device systems.

  1. eCigarettes Canada

Premium vape kits, vape juice, cartridges, coils, and merchandise are available in eCigarettes Canada. They have been supplying premium vaping materials to North America since 2008. They offer special promos once in a while.

  1. Vape4Change

Vape4Change is a Canadian vape wholesale distributor across the country. They offer products but are not limited to e-juices, e-liquids, pods, Juul compatible pods, disposable vapes, and nic salt juice.

  1. Vape North

Vape North specializes in e-liquids. It is a well-known Canadian brand that aspires to produce high-quality products.

  1. PGVG Labs

PGVG LABS is a full-scale maker of high-quality e-liquids that is synonymous with vaping. Their primary goal is to achieve growth from manufacture through distribution by providing excellent customer service, innovation, and quality.

  1. DHgate Canada

DHgate Canada has a wide range of items, including 130,000 electronic cigarettes and various accessories. Electronic cigarette and vaping basics are available from various brands, including DAB, SMOK, Aspire, Eleaf, VAPEN, G9, VAPORESSO, and hundreds more. This collection contains thousands of e-cigarette accessories, kits, atomizers, batteries, mods, pods, coils, and other items.

  1. Maple Craft

Maple Craft Inc. is a Calgary-based distribution company with over 11 years of experience. They work with smoke shops and sellers all around Canada. Bongs, pipes, grinders, vaporizers, and other smoking accessories are also distributed/wholesale.

  1. True North Vapor

True North Vapor, a Canadian wholesale vape distributor, offers the widest choice of brands and products on their official website.

Best Wholesale Vape Products Suppliers


UPENDS is an excellent option because it is sensitive to the needs of its clients. They pay attention to them when making their items. Above all, UPENDS places a high value on the health and well-being of its customers. To achieve this, they created their e-cigarettes with a basic design for ease of use and included a silver ion mouthpiece.

UPENDS has everything a vape fan is looking for, including disposables, pod systems, Pod Mods, and accessory vape items. In addition, they provide retail and wholesale purchasing to their customers. UPENDS is fair and caring for warranties, offering 6-month prefilled units and 12-month refillable devices. Furthermore, they are personally active in the success of their minor to large-scale clientele worldwide, and they offer a 60-day money-back guarantee on things that do not function well. A monitoring team has also been stationed in the market to check prices using tracking data and only supply goods to approved affiliates. As a result, UPENDS assures that its product pricing is both competitive and sustainable in the long run. As a result, UPENDS ensures that its product pricing is competitive and profitable for all its partners.

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  1. VEIIK

VEIIK is a Chinese firm with expert production capabilities and cutting-edge technology. They make e-liquid juice that passes national quality inspection standards and has a fine structure, consistent in performance, safety, and high quality. It also offers a wide range of tastes and specifications. They ship wholesale goods both domestically and internationally.

  1. Central Vapors

Central Vapors' wholesale system enables both new and experienced distributors to earn from stocking the company's e-liquid product line. Each bottle of e-juice is created in the United States by skilled professionals who have been trained to produce high-quality e-juice flavors that customers enjoy. Small vape businesses may expand, increase revenues over time, and save costs with bulk discounts thanks to their multi-level wholesale e-liquid and electronic cigarette pricing. They aid in the growth of e-liquid firms by producing private branded e-juice bottles with their clients' vapor store's name and logo.

How to find the Best Vape Wholesale Distributors in China?

Many of the vape distributors in Canada source a part of their products to vape companies in China. Why is this so? Because in terms of production, commerce, retailing, and even wholesale, China is unquestionably a goliath. China is a major player in everything that gains traction. As a result, China is a place for some of the largest Vape Wholesale Distributors. Choosing a decent one isn't difficult because they're all just a click away in every search engine. Furthermore, knowing your personal preferences are crucial while selecting a Vape Wholesale Distributor. Finally, before choosing a distributor, a business owner should understand the preferences of their target market.